Consistency. Efficiency. Reliability.

CPT Medical, Inc. is a medical manufacturer of surgical custom procedure trays, packs, and kits for surgery centers and hospitals since 2005. These products are assembled to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Combined technical, operational and clinical knowledge and experience of over 75 years

CPT Medical, Inc. has clinical staff available to assist with clinical product support and surgical tray review and analysis. Our clinical managers have over 50 years of experience of surgical management with GHS.

CPT Medical, Inc. specializes in joint relationships with IDN’s to establish a turnkey in-house surgical pack operation.

Provide the best cost value – Lower component unit costs through volume discounts offered by suppliers, and production proficiency and technology.

Establish Reprocessing Capabilities – work with selected customers to start reprocessing Class I (non invasive) devices to establish key systems and processes that can be used for reprocessing Class II (invasive) devices in 2016 and beyond.

Develop and meet quality and service standards – Develop, institute, and monitor quality control standards for every facet of the business.

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