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What is the process of sterilization for surgical trays

The surgical tray is the most important piece of equipment the surgeon needs, and the surgical team uses to hold, sort, and distribute the surgical instruments the surgeon will need during a surgical procedure. The surgical tray must be sterilized; meaning free from germs, debris and other contaminants.

Sterilization Methods Used

Bacterial spores live in the environment and can survive under unfavorable conditions. Hospitals use proven chemicals to destroy bacteria, which in some cases, all bacteria are not completely destroyed. The effectiveness of sterilization is dependent upon the effects of the sterilizing agent.


Since heat destroys most if not all microorganisms, steam, along with added moisture is the most effective, since steam alone is not adequate. Above normal atmospheric pressure is needed for temperature increase to destroy microbial life. No living organism can survive moisturized saturated steam for 15 minutes or longer, at 250 Fahrenheit. At the end of the heat and moisture process, the re-evaporation cycle must be sufficient in drying the trays in order to maintain sterility.


This process is used to sterilize equipment and tools which are sensitive to heat and moisture. This chemical agent destroys microorganisms, by interrupting its normal reproductive cycle. However, it must be in direct contact with the microorganism or with the items that needs to be sterilized. This sterilization process takes 16 to 18 hours, which is longer than the steam sterilization process. Once surgical trays are compromised, contaminated air enters into the sterile environment, creating a safety issue.

5 Reasons to have a custom surgical pack

A custom surgical pack contains single-use devices that are necessary when medical clinicians are carrying out procedures. All these devices are packaged in a sterile pack that is delivered into surgeries. The medical device industry works with doctors and other medical clinicians in designing and delivering surgical pack in a timely and efficient manner. A surgical pack has a selection of components that includes; drapes, surgical swabs, sutures, surgical blades and wound dressing. Specialized devices such as cardiac catheters and implants can also be included. There are many benefits that come with using customized surgical packs, below are five reasons why you should consider a customized surgical pack.

1. Cost

  • By enabling health practitioners to work more efficiently and therefore carry out more procedures, surgical packs are essential when it comes to generating cost effective measures. Most studies have shown that medical institutions that have switched to using surgical packs have increased their daily operations by 30-40%.
  • The management of cost is also made easier since hospitals do not have to keep a large stock of medical equipment which may lead to the expiry of slow moving lines. This helps managers calculate delivery costs more accurately.
  • Surgical packs reduce administrative costs by minimizing the time required in ordering and keeping tabs on the inventory.
  • When departments switch to surgical packs, they negate the need to carry out requisitions and standardization of stock.
  • Surgical packs also reduce the number of deliveries and therefore the costs associated with delivery are also reduced.


  • The time taken by staff in preparing and picking medical devices for surgery is significantly reduced and setting up a clinical becomes less stressful and time-consuming.
  • By reducing the supply base i.e. having many suppliers providing different vendors, healthcare providers can save time used for administration
  • The time saved can be used constructively in patient care.

3. Quality

  • Surgical packs deliver the right equipment, at the right time, in the right configuration and to the right place.
  • Surgical packs provide all the components in one sterile pack that provides proper aseptic control leaving patients less vulnerable to Healthcare Associated Infections.
  • By increasing the patients’ throughput and reducing response time, surgical packs improve the quality of service.
  • Since all the components are in one pack, they simplify batch traceability.
  • Due to the broad uptake of surgical packs, many procedures have been standardized across several institutions that use them, therefore, driving up quality.
  • Guidelines can be easily formulated by healthcare providers to properly assess themselves against set standards that may be deemed too rigid.

4. Environmental

The amount of waste generated by units can be reduced by up to 50%.

5. Improves Efficiency

The increased efficiency means that more procedures can be done in one day since the time for preparation is considerable. The waiting time for patients can be reduced, and their procedures carried out earlier.

Benefits to a custom surgical pack

A custom surgical pack presents clinicians with an opportunity to use a onetime selection of sterile, surgical consumable items that are presented in a pre-configured pack for all sorts of surgical procedures. The packaged instruments negate the need for you to stock individual components in bulk and these results in better inventory management are consequently improving the quality of service to your clients by making it flexible. The trays provided can have components such as cannulas, tubing, surgical drapes, equipment covers, and formed trays all to your specifications. Below are some of the benefits that you rip from having a custom surgical pack.

Prevention of HCAI in standardized procedures

According to the Health Act of 2006, it is a legal requirement for all health care providers to implement the Code of Practice for Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections. This means that the control of HCAI is made into an everyday practice and applied to everyone consistently.

Adoption of customized a surgical pack is a step towards this objective. All similar procedures receive the same surgical pack which is packaged in a way that facilitates a consistent way of laying out the surgical pack.

Time Saving 

The time used by nurses unwrapping and sterilizing these items can be used more constructively in caring for the patients. Most studies have shown that surgical packs can save up to 30% of the time used in the preselection of the surgical pack and 36% of the time used in setting up the operating room. These time-saving benefit can uplift the nurse’s morale and give them sufficient time to care for the patient.

Improves Efficiency

The increased efficiency means that more procedures can be done in one day since the time for preparation is considerable. The waiting time for patients can be reduced, and their procedures carried out earlier.

Cost of procurement and administration is reduced

Since one tray contains all the necessary equipment, the hospital is saved the time and money of contacting many suppliers since they can get the surgical pack from one supplier.

Funds tied up in component stocks is released.

Before customized surgical packs were introduced, a theater used to store up a huge supply of surgical equipment which would cost up to $50,000. With procedure packs being delivered just-in-time, the theater can use the storage space for other things and release most of the stock value for other purposes.

Reduce wastage

The use of surgical packs can reduce the number of clinical waste bags by half since only the required instruments are provided.

Quick Tips on Custom Surgical Trays


Customized for a number of different purposes and procedures, surgical trays are basically utilized at medical care facilities as a way to carry sterilized surgical instruments. These rectangular shaped tray packs are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable when it comes to being moved around and remaining clean and sterilized. When needed for a procedure, the appropriate surgical tray can be selected and then opened inside of the operating room or location of the procedure. Custom surgical trays can be very convenient for medical facilities as it allows you to select a customized pack of tools that will not only be convenient but also cost effective.

Custom Trays

There are a number of surgical tray companies that allow you to completely customize the surgical trays that you buy for your facility. These custom tailored packages allow you to accomplish a number of things:

    • Custom layering inside each of the packages will provide specific tools needed in a compact space.
    • Custom labeling makes it easy to select the necessary surgical tray and know what is in it when a patient is in need of care.
    • Customizing surgical trays means you can select every last item that goes into your pack. This means if there is a tool that typically isn’t used for a certain procedure but your facility likes to incorporate it, you can include it.
    • Each clinician at the facility can create their own custom surgical trays that will work well for them and their technicians.

Ideally, finding a great company for this use will ensure you see a fast turnaround time and great customer service.
Once you have created your customized packs you can reorder with ease, reducing the time staff members spend on administrative duties.

Surgical Tray Packs

There are a number of customizable surgical trays that you can choose from to get you started. These include the following but are not limited to:

  • Biopsy packs
  • ENT packs
  • Vascular packs
  • Emergency first aid packs
  • Cysto packs
  • Cath Lab packs

Custom surgical trays are ideal for a number of medical facilities. This includes hospitals, surgical centers, ambulatory centers, medical offices, health systems and much more. Rather than needing to order separate and specific products; stocking and organizing your items yourself, custom trays keeps everything safe, clean and in one convenient spot. In turn your staff can focus more on patient care and serving the community without having to worry about restocking items.

Why Are Custom Surgical Trays Important?

The operating room is one of the costliest areas of patient care, yet it is also one of the most important.  According to researchers, more than 25 percent of overall medical costs are incurred in the operating room. How can you reduce costs and save time in the operating room? One way is through the use of custom surgical trays. Here are some of the reasons that custom surgical trays are advantageous in the operating room.

Save Time

A customized surgical tray can reduce operating room time expenditures by more than 40 percent, according to research. With a custom surgical tray, everything that is needed is easily accessible, reducing the need for medical personnel to spend time organizing their materials and supplies. This also helps lower emergency response times, as well as routine set-up times.

Increase the Quality of Care

A custom surgical tray eradicates the need for in-house staff to assemble surgical trays. This allows caregivers to improve the quality of care by focusing on the patient, rather than spending time setting up surgical trays.

Reduces the Chance of Contamination

Using custom surgical trays in the operating room helps reduce the risk of contamination. All of the items needed for surgery are meticulously packaged together and available in one sterile package.

Utilizing a custom surgical tray is an easy way to reduce contamination, obtain cost savings and streamline operating room procedures.