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Tips on Managing Custom Surgical Trays

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Custom Surgical Trays: Know What You Need

Custom trays allow you to design your own tray to ensure it’s filled with surgical equipment and supplies you definitely need throughout operations. Custom surgical trays are necessary because methods of surgery may differ in certain scenarios. If they didn’t, new procedures wouldn’t be discovered on a regular basis. If you’ve never ordered a custom surgical tray before, take stock of what you use before you make your order. Following is a brief checklist to go through before you make your order.

  • Tabulate Necessary Equipment and Supplies
  • Consider Tray Arrangement
  • Tabulate Costs of Necessary Equipment and Supplies
  • Figure Monthly Needs And Triple Them

Equipment and Supplies Needs

This seems like a no-brainer, but it needs to be stressed. What kind of equipment and supplies you need should be figured and noted. Custom trays are put together by an organization that is remote from your location. If you want your custom trays to include that which you need, you’ll have to have an exact record of just what that is.

Consider/Specify Tray Arrangement

You’ll need your equipment and supplies arranged in a certain way in your custom trays. Some things may end up damaging other things on the tray, and shouldn’t be sterilized-and-stored together. Additionally, how your trays are stored will determine their proximity to one another. It may be that your custom trays can be stacked one atop the other, but this might also not be the case. Be sure to consider this aspect of custom trays before you purchase.

Tabulate Piecemeal Cost of Equipment and Supplies

How much would it cost you to put together a custom tray by yourself? What is the equipment tab? When you’re putting together custom trays, the organization you use should ultimately be saving you money. There is time saved in custom trays. Nurses or their aides do not have to put them together for you–and you don’t have to “get the job done right” by doing it yourself so often. Finally, you’re going to want to order enough trays to meet your needs. Look at your regular equipment needs for the year, and the cost of putting together trays and purchasing that equipment and supplies. You should be able to find custom trays that cost less in the long run.

Triple Your Expenditure Estimate Initially

You’re going to want to be secure in the custom trays you’ve purchased, but you also want to be secure in the case of contamination or shortage. 99.9 times out of 100, you’ll get the right trays–but what about that one time when the wrong shipment arrives at your office and you’ve got a miniature pandemic on your hands? In such scenarios, you’re going to need backups. What is advisable is tabulating the cost of equipment, supplies and energy used every month on trays. After that you’re going to want to triple it–you want a bevy of backups, and you want backups for your backups in the event the worst comes to the worst.

Proper Management of Custom Trays

Properly managing custom trays will save you money over time and increase the effectiveness of your practice or hospital. By always having a ready option available, surgery can be performed immediately while costs are consolidated and prep time is more than decimated. If you haven’t worked with custom trays before, giving it a shot could save you money, effort, and provide medical treatment to restore health. Manage custom trays correctly.

How to increase quality care on custom surgical trays


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Customized Trays Benefit From Close Attention

When putting together custom surgical trays, you need to make sure that the organization you’re going with is known for accurately delivering them. They shouldn’t have problems with an order, and if they do, they should be the ones to take care of it. Surgical trays can help save a life. Tangentially, what this indicates is that you should make custom surgical tray orders well before you need them. Granted, the better companies will have little or no issues, but human errors exist wherever there are people, so that fact would be ignorant to discount. Ordering custom surgical trays beforehand is very wise to ensure you have the correct tray and sufficient quantity available in the operating theatre. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that is literally demonstrated in this arena of medicine.

Quality Care On Custom Trays Reduces Cost

Trays that are produced qualitatively will make it so that you can operate more quickly and simultaneously reduce the expenses of operation. You won’t have to pay for any cleaning costs on-site, and the complexity of arranging your own trays goes away with the breeze. Additionally, you have a reduction of inventory which will save costs over time.

More Productivity

When you can set up more quickly and reduce the time it takes for emergency response through surgical trays, you can afford to be more productive. Consider a five minute preparation time per tray, if such a thing were even possible. If a hundred trays are made in a day, that’s 500 minutes, or 8 hours and 20 minutes. Hopefully that will be enough trays for the month, but how often do you go into surgery? You should have at least three times the available surgical trays in storage than you need. Surgical trays could be destroyed accidentally, and there could also be an epidemic of some variety which requires regular access to surgical equipment. With medicine, contingency plans are very important. Custom surgical trays prepared beforehand provide such a contingency.

Custom Trays Positively Effect The Community

Consolidation of resources through custom trays that have been subject to quality care from the surgeons and those in professional medical facilities that arrange said trays will ultimately cut costs and expand service. More practitioners may be hired over time with proper cost consolidation, and more services can definitely be applied. Options are available now that allow for rather extensive customization. The idea is that the highest possible quality be brought to bear in this field where quality is an absolute must. When you’re selective in who you choose to buy surgical trays from, this helps increase their quality, and the quality with which you can approach the operating theatre. Surgical trays are an integral portion of any operation, and must be both entirely clean from foreign pathogens, and neatly arranged for ease of use. Going the custom route saves enough to recommend it over others, and this is a positive upward spiral for everybody.

How to reduce cost on custom surgical trays


How to Reduce Cost with Custom Surgical Trays

In the eyes of ordinary patients, surgical trays are simple pieces of metal that hold and carry some items needed for a specific medical preparation such as surgical operation. Little did they know that most surgical trays are delivered in bulk along with other medical equipment.

The problems with generic surgical trays can be summarized into one major problem, which is cost. This is why a lot of medical practitioners are shifting to custom surgical trays in order to reduce costs.

Bulk Orders for Custom Surgical Trays

Bulk orders for custom surgical trays are delivered according to what is only needed as opposed to generic surgical trays in which they are purchased and delivered through multiple orders. It’s like ordering boxes of coffee whereas you only need is just to a cup of coffee for your morning breakfast.

Meanwhile, custom surgical trays are predetermined by clients. This means that clients can ask for the removal of unnecessary items or for the reduction of the number of items to be included. They can also ask for specific sizes thereby avoiding larger trays that are not necessary to be large in their own clinical setup.

Reduction of Waste

Generic surgical trays have fixed and uniform packaging with required minimum orders. When they are unpacked, it’s necessary for the unused items to be sterilized for a while but not for long. Sooner or later, there may be contamination that will require them to be put into waste. In big hospitals, this could mean huge costs.

Generic packs may contain items that are unnecessary for a certain clinic or hospital. With custom surgical trays, there is an option whether to add only the items needed or to order in bulk but with variations in packaging.

Reduction in Labor Cost

Usually, unpacking generic trays in emergency situation is not only daunting. but it also takes time. Because of this, some clinics and hospitals hire people whose task is only to unpack, sterilize, and store such items. This is a labor cost that is not necessary.

With custom surgical trays, items are ready to use based on preferences made by clients. Because of this, there is no more need to segregate and organize the trays after unpacking. The only task to be done is to unpack them and that will not consume much time in emergency situation.

The Domino Effect of Cost Reduction through Custom Trays

Companies that offer custom surgical trays can maximize their sales instead of losing certain clients simply because they don’t want to purchase beyond their need. On the other hand, hospitals and clinics that are able to reduce costs may also be able to reduce the cost of their service, too, so that their patients can also save some money for their medical expenses.

Some hospitals and clinics are even more aggressive in raising the salaries of their clinical staff when they find opportunities to reduce operational costs. Apparently, any cost-saving measure can give them more benefits.

Generic surgical trays are not actually costly if they are too short for the need of clients such as big hospitals. However, not all clients can afford to order what is beyond their need, so they purchase only what is necessary. In a nutshell, there is no need for manufacturers or distributors to offer uniform packages since clients can even make bulk orders in varied items.

Product diversification such as customization is now a trend that must be followed. The health care industry is not an exemption. Therefore, custom surgical trays are now gaining momentum.


How to reduce set up time with custom procedure trays


Time Consolidation

Custom trays designed to surgeon specifications are time savers as well as money savers. Groups like 3M have access to some 20,000+ components, and commit to an assurance of quality. The right trays will reach you; and if they do not, it’s not going to cost you. When it’s time for surgery, all you’ve got to do is grab the pre-prepared tray and start doing your thing. The time saved in this way could very well save lives.

Advantages of Custom Trays

There are quite a few positives to consider if your division is thinking about making the move to custom trays. First, the operating costs of the theatre suite in which surgeries are performed can be substantively diminished. There’s no need for on-site sterilization. Components on trays can be sent back for re-packaging/re-sterilization in some scenarios; while in others, you can keep the equipment and send it through to be used again; though if you’re going the right route with custom trays, this likely won’t be your aim. With custom trays, you can reduce inventory–and that’s a huge savings to consider. Additionally, custom trays curtail unnecessary waste and have been substantively shown to reduce cross contamination risk.

Produce More

When you can set up for operation simply by grabbing a tray, that ultimately may save hours a week. If it only takes ten minutes to set up a tray yourself, then that’s 70 minutes a week, or 280 minutes a month–which translates to 4 hours and 40 minutes. In a year, that’s 49 hours and 20 minutes wasted setting up trays. How much money is a surgeon’s time worth? If it is only a hundred dollars, then that’s $4,933.33 wasted on a yearly basis preparing trays. These are not very productive numbers! By introducing custom trays, you can save nearly $5k a year in time alone. That is conducive to productivity. Additionally, this is good for patients. In emergency situations, there may not be time to collect the proper items for surgery and see that they are properly disinfected. It may be a case where operation needs to happen immediately, and with equipment that can be trusted not to further harm that individual requiring assistance.

A Backup Plan

Getting custom trays is a very wise option. Considering the savings in time alone, it’s an option worth pursuing immediately. Should this option be pursued, several “generations” of tray should be purchased. One group will be for immediate operations. One group is for backups in the event your lose normal operational trays. The third group is for extreme emergencies like some kind of pandemic affecting your clinic’s services, or something of that ilk. Having three families of tray continuously available per surgery department, and simply recycling the first wave of trays as they pass, is a great way to keep secure and dependable operational equipment available at all times.

Save Time In Tear down

Depending on the proclivities of your office, custom trays can be thrown away after they’ve been used, or tossed in a recycle bin; but if you’re not in the practice of regularly disinfecting items immediately upon their need for surgery, then either way you can just toss the tray and its contents where they can be cleaned/disposed of as fits your clinic’s procedures. There’s no no need to hassle with any cleanup if you’re using custom trays. Think of it like a meal which comes in its own pre-packaged plastic plate. You can keep it if you want, or toss it out with the other plastic plates; but either way, you don’t have to do dishes.


How to Save Time with Customized Procedure Trays

When it comes to surgical procedures, there is normally a lot of time lost in equipment preparation, which include acquisition, sterilization, and arrangement of surgical trays. This time lost could translate to higher operational costs, and even loss of lives.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution for this, which is to unify all the issues in a single solution in the name of a customized procedure tray, otherwise known as CPT. In this article, we look at how you can save time using customized surgical trays:

How to Save Time with Customized Surgical Trays

Every medical practitioner requires solutions that assure sterility, minimize risk of error during medical procedures, and minimize waste, while saving as much time as possible, so that no life hangs in the balance. The ideal way to achieve this is through the implementation of customized procedure trays, surgical trays in this case.

The concept of custom surgical trays is to bring together all the instruments and supplies that you need to perform the procedure, in most cases without the assistance of an aide or a nurse. The components are normally packaged in order of use, to allow you to progress efficiently through the surgical procedure.

Custom surgical tray sets reduce the overall need for singular component packaging by bringing together all the prerequisite elements in one kit. You can store this kit in a single location, thereby lowering storage demands as a result of elimination of unnecessary packaging. Consequently, hunting and gathering of equipment and supplies from multiple locations are eliminated. This saves time and also lowers the chance of human error in the collection process.

Given the fact that custom surgical trays are pre-packaged and sterilized, your staff don’t need to assemble. This improves infection prevention, thanks to fewer touch points.

Other Benefits of Custom Procedure Trays

Besides saving time, there are other benefits that come from the implementation of custom surgical trays. They include:

  • Improved Efficiency

With increased efficiency, you can perform more procedures in a day, since the time for preparation is substantial. Moreover, the waiting time for patients can be significantly reduced, and their procedures performed earlier.

  • Reduced Cost of Procurement and Administration

Since one custom surgical tray contains all the equipment you need you’ll save the money that would otherwise be spent on contacting many suppliers, as you can get the surgical kit from one supplier.

  • Reduced Wastage

The use of custom surgical trays can reduce the number of clinical waste bags by about 50% since only the necessary instruments are provided.

  • Funds tied up in component stocks are released.

Before the introduction of custom procedure trays, a theatre used to store up a massive supply of surgical equipment. Today, with procedure trays being delivered just-in-time, you can utilize the storage space in your theatre for other purposes.

Customized surgical trays save time and money, and because of these two factors, they can also save lives. This translates to more time for a surgical procedure and more money for equipment and training. This in turn leads to successful operations, which build your reputation as a medical practitioner. However, you need to always use top-notch medical equipment, and hence you have to ensure that your customized procedure trays are from a supplier with a responsible repute.


How do custom surgical trays maximize efficiency

Custom surgical trays are every clinical staff’s favorite because they help get the job efficiently done. Medical facilities have appreciated the use of such surgical trays because they have noticed a great positive difference in their own medical service delivery. Patients’ lives have been saved, staff have become more efficient and the general environment around the hospital has adopted a more professional and efficient air. How do custom surgical trays maximize such efficiency within a medical facility?

Further outlined below is how this happens.

Efficient Supply of Required Medical Equipment

Customized surgical trays are ordered in advance for surgical procedures. When the bulk order of these trays is delivered to a medical facility, this makes the work of the medical professionals who require them easy. Both the staff and the patients will have a convenient supply of the required medical supplies in these trays always readily available, in the event of the need for an emergency procedure. This will save time and the costs that will have been incurred in making orders and in the preparation of the equipment.

More Efficient Medical Services

There is nothing as satisfying for a medical professional as working in a medical facility with all the required equipment readily available. The medical staff is able to perform procedures on their patients without feeling limited or hampered in any way. In such cases, the patients benefit greatly because they are administered to using the right tools and with a professional who is in a supportive environment. More patients’ lives get saved and effective medical solutions are given. There is no better way of boosting a clinical staff’s morale than getting them customized surgical trays to conduct their surgical procedures with.

Minimized Costs

Custom trays have been known to minimize costs within a medical facility. Overall pricing costs of surgical equipment have reduced thanks to bulk ordering of these procedure trays. Wastage of time and unneeded medical items has been eliminated and many other costs. This has resulted to many medical facilities saving good amounts of money and spending it on other aspects that promote more efficiency in medical service delivery.

More Income Generated

Medical facilities have also had more patients seeking their services thanks to well organized staff with all the necessary equipment required. This of course translates to more income for medical facilities, something that makes the facility improve the quality of their services. With more income a medical facility will also hire more medical staff to cater for an increasing number of patients.

More Quality Control

Many providers of custom surgical trays will hardly have delivery errors. However, in the event such an error occurs, the providers tend to make up for their mistake and deliver the correct procedure trays on time without passing on the expense to the medical facility. Because of that, many of the providers always ensure that all customized trays contain the exact content ordered and in the best quality.

Efficiency in the Operating Theatre

Customized procedure trays have been known to help in reducing complexity and costs, save time and contribute to maximum efficiency in the operating theatres. Most theatre staff absolutely love the simplicity, the convenience and most of all the efficiency associated with the customized trays. These kinds of procedure trays make their work easier; it is actually a way of “working smart” for the medical professionals.

It is evident that customized trays promote efficiency in most medical facilities. Service delivery in the end is what counts and with the right surgical equipment, it is easier for the medical professionals using them to carry out their duties.

How do custom procedure trays create cost savings?


Clinical staff in many medical facilities has been heard complaining many times of the disadvantages of the generic procedure trays. Medical facilities have turned to custom trays because they have seen how cost effective they are. No medical institution in the whole world likes to spend more than it should on expenses, and the use of custom trays is one way to make sure that costs are saved. But how do custom procedure trays create cost savings?

Initial Bulk Custom Order Trays Costs Less

When clinical personnel orders the right custom procedures trays with everything they require in it, they save on costs. This is because the whole upfront order costs less compared to when they have to make multiple orders because they got the generic trays which lacked a few things they required. Multiple orders incur additional costs of transport and shipping on top of the costs incurred on the unneeded items in the generic procedure trays ordered in the first place. When the clinical staff orders custom procedure trays, they get exactly what they need, and this saves the institution from spending more than it should.

Wastage Reduction Saves Cost

Since a custom procedure tray will contain only what the clinical personnel requires, the chances of wastage are significantly reduced. This is because the clinical personnel will utilize whatever they ordered and in the manner that they should, lest they risk being noticed as wasteful. Generic packs also tend to have unnecessary items which are not required and these items end up being waste despite having cost money.

Saves Time Which Is Money

Just think how long it would take for staff in a medical facility to prepare the regular surgical procedure tray. Consider the time they use to prepare which they would use to save lives of more clients and make more money for the facility. This time used to prepare regular trays could be used to attend to patients whose lives perhaps are hanging in the balance. If someone is employed to prepare these trays to save medical personnel’s time, they will still have to be paid, and that is an extra expense for the facility. Having a custom procedure tray available within the facility will eliminate the wastage of time in equipment preparation and the additional costs of paying a nurse aide’s a salary to prepare the trays every day.

Saves Advertising Costs

When a medical facility staff operates thanks to customized procedure trays efficiently, the clients will be very happy with the medical services. This will eliminate the need to pay for advertising because the medical facility’s services will speak for the facility. Happy patients will no doubt spread the word to other patients who would love to get similar great quality services. In the end, there will be a great influx of patients which translates to more income for the medical facility and a lesser budget for marketing and advertising in the years to come.

Saves Costs for the Patients Too

When many patients are administered to, and they get better quickly in an efficiently run medical facility, they incur lower medical expenses. They tend to spend less on admission and medication since they have discharged quickly thanks to their quickly progressing recovery. Their quick recovery is of course courtesy of happy clinical personnel who have their customized procedure trays within reach and on time.

There is no doubt that custom trays create cost saving in a medical facility. Many clinical professionals who have aired their opinions, have expressed their preference to the custom trays compared to the generic ones.


How efficient are custom procedure trays?


For over a decade, the use of customized procedure trays has helped clinics and hospitals reduce costs, save emergency time and increase the professional quality of care treatments to patients. The custom trays comprise full-service solution trays delivered fully assembled and efficiently combine procedure-specific surgical supplies in the amount and order they are most often utilized. This innovation of OR custom trays ensures patients of the highest safety, professional delivery, efficient disposal of medical waste and many logistical options, continuing support and personnel training.

Proof is in the Results

The proof of the vital expediency which is served along with precise and vital procedure operation due to the custom trays is found in the overall state of the OR management and procurement changes, plus the diminishing of unnecessary waste.

  • Stress Relief and Efficiency

Administrative costs, time and stress endured by professional personnel are greatly diminished by the custom trays and OR procedure trays because of the accomplishments of having supplies stocked and at hand on custom trays with safety and correct procedures.

  • Pre-Op

In your hospital’s pre-operative theater, it is vitally important for you and your staff to have purpose-fit custom trays and products always immediately available so your staff can quickly prepare for surgery safely and without any errors.

  • Start and Finish in Timely Schedule

Surgical procedures having benefit of the custom trays and OR procedure trays for the conducting of their medical interventions and treatments are able to begin and end as scheduled with products supporting all aspects of safe efficient surgery. The entire sterile surgical work up is provided on prepared customized surgical trays which provide the professionals with immediate access to tools your medical skills require for each procedure undertaken.

  • Single Use Products

Sterile materials required for single uses are packed in an efficient single use tray. This compact tray saves time and prevents unnecessary waste in performing those specific single use procedures.

  • Clean Up

Your facility’s carbon footprint reduction and securing sustainable environmental practices without undermining any safety factor is both a local and global importance. Custom surgical tray implementation always will drastically reduce the amount of packaging material and waste issues when compared to the use of individually packed and arranged instruments for your procedures. Packaging material weight alone is reduced by 58%, usually resulting in one less waste bag in large medical procedures.

The combined and assessed impact of custom tray utilization in reducing excess procurement stocking and diminishing the carbon impact of medical waste can only be estimated, but that estimation suggests that the green earth improvement caused by this one professional innovation of custom trays is of monumental importance.

Nursing, Hospice and Home Care Uses

The advantages of having procedural custom trays on hand for the intervention and treatment of wounds, falls and patient injuries associated with daily nursing care are also noteworthy. The personnel stress is reduced and the professional efficiency greatly increased when the nursing staff has the advantages of custom procedure packages on hand for such an emergency. The immediate treatment can also forestall any lowering of auditing records due to injuries incurred as well.

Innovation with Most Efficiency Impact

Any expert would be hard pressed to list any innovation within the medical arena that has proven to be more productive in increasing treatment successes and eliminating waste that the implementation of custom procedure trays. Waste reduction by reducing overstocking and reducing medical hazard waste production has greatly affected our carbon footprint and also, most importantly, increased the successful treatment for single procedures and more complicated surgical procedures for the patients.



Distinguish between processed and unprocessed medical devices

Medical Devices

Medical devices refer to a list of equipment used by doctors, nurses, and licensed technicians every day, in countless numbers medical fields, and in a countless number of situations.

Medical devices can be simple, such as disposable, simple test strips, tongue blades, bedpans, or custom trays, to a complicated and complex heart/lung machine, pacemakers, and everything in between including but not limited to,

  • Electrical Equipment
  • Instruments
  • Appliances made of soft or hard material
  • Custom Trays designed for any number of purposes
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Life Sustaining Equipment

Medical devices are necessary tools professionals use on patients every day, such as in the following examples,

  • Performing Countless Tests
  • Diagnosing an Illness or Disease
  • Therapy Sessions
  • Prevention of Diseases
  • Custom Trays for many sterile and nonsterile procedures
  • Treating Conditions and Injuries
  • Compensatory Equipment
  • Surgeries

According to the FDA, medical devices are categorized into three divisions Class I, II, and III, (low to high risk.) Each class offers risks and FDA regulations, in regards to safety and the effectiveness each display.

For example, the scope of custom trays in the medical arena number to nearly 2,000 types and designs, in all sizes for sterile and nonsterile procedures.

These custom trays make up specific items used in specific procedures. Each item on these custom trays must have an FDA number and be registered.

Processed Medical Devices

For example, you are a manufacturer and want to introduce new custom trays on America’s marketplace; you must adhere to a series of steps to attain clearance for the medical device to be sold in the United States. The FDA gives you this permission to sell your custom trays in the United States.

Processed medical devices are devices cleared by the FDA for use on patients. These processed medical devices include proper instructions, labeling, corresponding therapeutic product, generic equivalents, and similar equivalents. The FDA has a comprehensive list of all processed medical devices including custom trays.

Each of these processed medical devices met a stringent definition of that medical tool, no matter its use or branch of medicine.

Unprocessed Medical Devices

The FDA considers any medical device that has not gone through the stringent process for registration certification as being an unprocessed medical device, including various types of custom trays.

Medical devices that have not passed through the FDA’s systematic series of actions for certification nor passed a safety test for patient use are considered unprocessed.

Before you put a medical device on the United States marketplace, there are detailed steps you must go through.

When you want to sell a medical device new to the market, you the manufacturer must go through stringent steps to process your their medical device.

These devices can be Class I, II, or III categories. You must file a Premarket Notification with the FDA. While the FDA may not approve this device, the FDA may give you clearance to sell the device in the United States.

If you change a current product such as custom trays, on the market, you must follow this process especially if it changes the way in which the device operates and it’s safety issues.

You must propose the device’s intention for use, design of the instrument, and it’s suitability for the intended purposes as stated. This process helps to categorize the device in the class of I, II, or III. The device receives a specific code and number.

You receive your registration certificate in the form of an FDA post on their government website, for example, your custom trays. This post is your only registration and is now cleared to sell your custom trays.


Custom Procedure Trays Improve Productivity


Custom trays are not only important for medical practitioners, but they are also important for anyone who needs to perform a medical role. The most important thing with your medical custom trays is understanding that if at any time someone actually does need something, they need to have what works the best and they need to have what is going to be the most efficient from every step of the way. With custom trays medical professionals can have just that, however, you need to be aware of a few of the following items.

Custom Means Preference

Custom trays are not just important in general because they can add a simple amount of convenience to any medical professional’s repertoire, but they are also something that can make the entire process that much more simple to do. When you consider the role of a physician or a surgeon in any capacity, there are more than enough things that need to be done in general. When you consider the overall possibilities of a doctor that is able to save just a few seconds here and there by having their own tools, their own placement, and their own strategy all coming together in one, then there are more than enough reasons why you can think that seconds can even add up.

Experience and Thought Process

Not only are there considerable reasons why anyone would want to have a specific custom trays containing their goods in general, but you also have to consider the overall experience and planning that goes into packing the custom trays as well. There are a significant amount of items that anyone with experience is able to deal with, and when you start to consider each and every procedure, there are reasons why you should have someone with experience giving you the tools you need in your custom trays in order to have the best experience. Besides the fact that you don’t want to have things packed out of order or in the wrong way, there are also small tricks of the trade that can only come with experience and knowledge. Novice packers aren’t able to help in the same way that experience can.


Even though some custom trays are going to be just fine regardless of who delivers them and who packs them, you also have to consider the general service you receive. When there are questions you need answered, changes in the order and packing preferences, or even just contact that you need to have in order to retain a strong relationship with your supplier, there are more than enough reasons why any business relationship needs to have strong communication. There are more than enough reasons to ensure you have strong communication and a great reputation with your suppliers, but at the end of the day you want to make sure you are simply receiving a quality product with the service that actually backs it up as well with your custom trays.

Certifications and Partners

Not only do you need to be aware of the product in general, but when it comes to custom trays you also have to understand you are getting a product certified by the professionals. There are more than enough players in the medical community, but there are absolutely more than enough ways to get checked out as well. When it comes to having top quality custom trays in the medical and surgical community as well, there are reasons you want to be known and one of those reasons is by the partnerships you have and the endorsements you have earned for your product.