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Benefits of Custom Trays in Healthcare Market


Used for many different procedures and purposes, surgical trays can be customized and used by all medical care facilities. The sterilized instruments in these trays remain clean and in tact until they are ready to be used. With a variety of different custom tray options available, a facility can keep on hand what they will need. This convenient product can be very beneficial in the healthcare market and it is also typically very cost effective.


A custom tray can be ordered from most surgical tray manufacturers. Each tray will contain specific tools that are used for a specific procedure and these items can be chosen by each individual client. Just a few custom tray packs include items for the following:

  • Saline flush
  • C-section
  • Angiography
  • Laparoscopy
  • Pacemaker battery replacement
  • Tracheotomy


Depending on the medical setting, many times a surgical pack is needed in a very short amount of time. Someone’s life may be at risk and it would take precious seconds to stop and find specific tools that would be needed in order to complete some sort of procedure. With a custom tray, everything you need is in one location, sanitized, sterilized and ready to be used. You simply grab the pack and go.

Cost Effective

The cost for custom medical trays is of course, a bit higher than a standard pack. However, it is important to make sure you have all the right tools needed to get the job done. Some clients opt to purchase standard packs for common, non-life threatening procedures and then custom trays can be purchased for other, more intricate procedures.

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Prevent Airborne Contaminant From Entering Custom Trays


A lot of concentration has been placed on pathogenic microorganisms and especially those that have developed a resistance to antibiotics. This leads to physicians having a bad time when dealing with infectious diseases. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that custom procedure trays are not a vehicle for transferring these infections. In this article, we are going to deal with airborne infections and look at how they can be prevented.

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proven that the number of personnel in a room is directly proportional to the concentration of bacteria in a room. The amount of activity in a space can also increase airborne infections since microbes settle continuously.

Therefore, keeping custom procedure trays in rooms with little or less traffic is important. Medicine cabinets and storage spaces of commonly used tools should not be used to store the custom trays. This will play a big role in preventing unintentional contamination.

  • Pressurization

Pressurization protects spaces from cross contamination by other adjacent spaces. This has always been of importance in health care settings though very difficult to control. Corridors with constantly open doors provide a viable conduit for contaminated air to go around. This is the reason many ORs are designed to have positive pressure as compared to other external spaces. It would be quite useless to take care of the custom procedure trays only to contaminate them during the operation. Only open the custom trays in ORs that are properly disinfected and pressurized.

Other standard precautions to take during operation that will prevent air contamination of custom procedure trays include;

  • Hand hygiene- perform proper hygiene after touching anybody secretion before touching the custom procedure trays to avoid transferring microorganisms to them.
  • Gloves- gloves are important in handling custom procedure trays even when there are no medical procedures happening i.e. when storing or transporting them.
  • Appropriate device handling of the custom trays- never handle the custom procedure trays when soiled with secretions, excretions or any body fluids. Clean and disinfect surfaces that may be exposed to the tools.

Non-Sterile Custom Procedure Trays


Custom procedure trays are made up of various solutions, instruments, and dressings of which are disposable (one time use,) or some of the items and instruments in these kits are re-cleaned and re-sterilized for the next use.

Custom procedure trays contain all the elements for specific medical procedures of an endless list. These custom procedure trays are in use within all areas of the medical industry, including dental offices, and eye care centers.

Third Party Trays

Sometimes these custom procedure trays are put together by third party companies to save the facility from hiring teams to put together these kits and install an autoclave or sterilization room.

These trays save medical professional time when taking care of the patient. Custom procedure trays help to simplify any medical procedure no matter how complicated or simple the procedure.

Facility Specific Trays

Many medical facilities are doing what they did years ago to save money. Facilities are designed sterilization and packing rooms on site with a team of trained professionals who put all kinds of sterile and non-sterile custom trays together, thus saving money from middleman costs. The patient saves money in this process.

Custom procedure trays can be sterile set-up or non-sterile setups.

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  • Admission Kits
  • Isolation kits or toxic waste bags
  • Arm board covers
  • Straps
  • Waste bags
  • Surgical admissions
  • These non-sterile procedure trays contain the essential equipment. Custom procedure trays offer efficiency and ease for the patient and professional. Using these trays helps the facility to remain in compliance with policy and procedures, also abiding by Federal guidelines.

    Facility Policy and Procedures Regarding Non-Sterile Custom Trays

    It is the policy and procedure of each medical facility, office, or clinic to routinely evaluate the necessity of each non-sterile custom tray and reevaluate the need for additional or the deletion of equipment contained in each tray.

    Understanding Sterilization Facilities


    Custom procedure trays are customized to offer sterilized services and implements so as to fit the desires of the end users. This means custom procedure trays are composed of a package of items that are all disposable but are needed for every procedure. Custom procedures trays are either user-defined so that they directly match use in a specific environment or they can be tailor-made so that their uses are extended for a variety of departments in the hospital.

    Custom procedure trays give you a chance to develop your own group of equipment for the vital hospital procedures and then share them with the hospital staff. The hospital staff themselves can make custom procedure trays without involving the sales representative; this lowers much the pricing as you create and modify the pack.

    Custom procedure trays are put together to contain all the single items used in the hospital procedures such as minor surgeries e.g. wound dressing and major surgeries e.g. neurosurgery. This allows the time used for preparation for surgery to reduce by more than half.

    ProcedurePak® for example, has some procedure items assembled so that it contains all the components needed for precise medical and surgical interventions. Custom procedure trays, therefore, replace a significant number of individually packed items and render them useless – this is because custom procedure trays generates a relative time saving and cuts the overall costs for minor and major surgeries.

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    es, which is saving lives, achievable. Transformation and Transition into a technological health care are also making it necessary for every institution to adopt the use of such items in the departments. Patients have also identified more with hospitals that employ the use of these items. It is, therefore, a high recommendation from medical experts that you use them in your health facility.

    How To Customize Custom Procedure Trays


    Custom procedure trays are essential to you being able to do your job quickly and efficiently. Whether you know exactly what you need, or would like some help customizing your custom procedure trays, you can find exactly what you need.

    Importance of Custom Procedure Trays

    The operating room is one of the costliest areas of patient care. It’s also one of the most important. Lifesaving procedures are performed in operating rooms every day. Over 25% of all medical costs arise from the operating room, and labor costs account for 66% of all hospital expenses. Custom procedure trays can help to reduce these costs, but there are other advantages as well.

    Time Saving

    Custom procedure trays can reduce the set up and time it takes to perform a surgery by 40%. This makes the operating room much more efficient. This is particularly important for emergency procedures, where minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

    Increases Safety and Patient Care

    Custom procedure trays allow caregivers to spend more time with patients, instead of setting up operating rooms. The premade sterile trays also reduce the chances of contamination, because all of the components are prepackaged and sterile.

    Importance of Customization

    Packages can be custom layered to take up less space and make it easier for you to select the proper items. Custom labeling also makes it easy to select the right tray for the right procedure. Customization also allows you to choose tools that may not be commonly used for a particular procedure, allowing you to have exactly what you need.

    Common Tray Characteristics

    Custom trays are usually very easy to sterilize. This can be vital in an emergency situation. The trays should be sturdy enough to support the required equipment. They should also be effective at saving time in their dimensions, weight, and features. Disposable trays are the more popular option, because it saves time and effort when setting up the operating room. It also reduces the risk of contamination.

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    Keeping Pack Cost Low for Custom Trays


    Custom Procedure Trays Include Components for Wide Medical Services

    Today’s custom procedure trays in the surgery and regular medical services are representing a revolution of time and cost savings by providing large, professional custom procedure trays and kits for all of the following procedures:

    • Endovenous,
    • Ophthalmic procedures,
    • Oral treatments and procedures,
    • Tissue reserve banks
    • Plastic procedures,
    • OB/GYN,
    • and many other medical needs, such as:
      • smaller kits for wound care/dressing change,
      • IV start,
      • suture removal,
      • catheter/irrigation procedure,
      • emergency and regular trach care,

    Staff care is included more efficiently and therefore more cost effective in each procedure named above, and you are able to provide customers with a more extensive and proactive procedure of solutions for virtually every procedure performed within your facility.

    How Cost is Cut With Custom Procedure Trays and Components

    Your custom procedure trays have precisely manufactured components that are purchased and assembled into your unique tray requests, thereby keeping your pack costs lower. If you prefer other brand components you merely select the brands of your choice. There are many thousand components available to meet every one of your facility’s health care needs.

    • Sterilization
    • Custom procedure trays arrive fully sterilized in professional sterilization facilities operated by experienced sterilization professionals to ensure high quality.
    • Perioperative Specialists
    • Custom surgical trays supplying companies give you the time and resources to enable yo your staff to concentrate 100% on taking care of patients. Professional specialists assess and reveal innovative ways to reduce waste while upping efficiency and financial savings.
    • Utilization Reviews
    • Maximizing surgical pack performance should be the understood pack company priority, with every tray reviewed for the optimum utilization for your practice.This guarantees your medical facility greater efficiency, cost savings and satisfied patients.

    Vascular Access Enabled

    Your custom surgical packs for vascular intervention includes everything you need for fluid management in your heart catheterization lab. You will have manifold kits and enhanced custom procedure tray packs and the consults of vascular specialists working with you so that you can tailor unique procedural efficiency.

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    How To Clean Custom Surgical Tools


    Custom tray, surgical tools used in some different situations and for various reasons must be cleaned and sterilized before reuse. There are established protocols you must follow as set by the CDC to decrease substantially any infection risk to the patient.

    What is Sterilization of Custom Tray Surgical Tools?

    Sterilization of custom tray, surgical tools is the process by which these tools go through to make them safely ready for the next patient. Custom tray, surgical tools is the process by which these tools go through to make them safely ready for the next patient.

    There are six steps in the final process for surgical instrument sterilization as follows.

    • Cleaning
    • Inspection
    • Packaging
    • Sterilization
    • Sterile storage
    • Quality Assurance

    Void Any Sterilization Process Without First Cleaning

    The first and most important step in this process is the cleaning of the tools. This first step is vital so you can remove any soil and bacteria from the tool.

    If this is not done, residue on the tools can survive a sterilization process, thus infecting the next patient. Proper cleaning and disinfecting of a tool are essential to the whole sterilization process.

    Dirty surgical instruments are considered contaminated and toxic, so if you are completing this first step you must protect yourself from being contaminated.

    You must wear a variety of protective gear such as masks, face guard, gown, non-penetrating gloves, or protective eyeglasses, as outlined in your company’s protocol for cleaning custom surgical tools. This protects your body from contamination.

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    Understanding Affordable Care Act


    Image is from HHS.gov

    The question is,

    “Do you understand the Affordable Care Act?”

    “Does anyone understand this health care act?”

    This law is one of the least understood legislation in Government history. Government officials do not understand this law.

    The Affordable Care Act or Obama Care was signed into law before anyone even reads this law in full. While Obama Care was a promise of a better health care system, it has not proved true.

    This law has been complicated and confusing to all who try to understand what it says. You probably found this law confusing and frustrating, found costs rising, and in the end decided not to buy into a plan at all and go without health care coverage risking a penalty of at least $600.00

    Every part of the medical community is affected by the Affordable Care Act in negative ways. Thousands of custom procedure trays used every day see rising costs.

    One thing is for certain, and that is this law significantly and negatively impacts all medical supplies, like custom procedure trays.

    There is an incredible mound of paperwork, making up this law. This hard to understand law affects everything and everyone medical, including custom procedure trays.

    Two Bright spots to the ACA

    1. Preexisting conditions do not impact your coverage or ability to gain health coverage.
    2. You can keep your doctor

    The ACA signed into law so that you could get low-cost health care coverage. You may never find a plan that fits your needs or budget, so you do not buy anything.

    The biggest drawback to this plan is if you do not purchase a plan you pay a penalty of up to at least $600.00. If you cannot afford this health care coverage, you certainly cannot afford the penalty.

    Originally, each state had to complete the Affordable Care Act process. Some states were confused, and many lacked the understanding of the law forcing the government to step in and complete their process.

    The Affordable Care Act is not uniform across all states. While this scheme helps some Medicaid recipients in some states, it does not help Medicaid recipients in other states.

    For businesses everywhere who offer health care plans it meant,

    • Lots of new rules
    • Possible benefits?
    • Lot of reporting requirements
    • Higher cost to employers and employees
    • Higher drug costs
    • Cutting the cost of custom procedure trays

    Lots of Facts and Myths

    • Doctors are confused
    • Patients are confused and anxious
    • Doctors must deliver care differently
    • Doctors receive reimbursement differently
    • Rises in the cost of medicine
    • Rising cost of custom procedure trays
    • Businesses are worse off
    • Develop innovations such as customizing and sterilization of custom procedure trays on site

    Will Things be Worse or Better in 2017?

    You can only hope that an Obama Care replacement as promised by the new 2017 Government happens.

    The Trump promise is,

    • Make health care simple and easy to understand
    • Affordable for everyone
    • Easy to understand
    • Acceptance of pre-existing conditions
    • Cheaper medicines
    • You can keep your doctor

    Even Custom Procedure Trays are Affected

    The medical community strives to improve patient care, lower facility costs, and increase the quality of care. For instance, developing on-site custom procedure trays and cut the cost from a middleman.

    These new rules affect everyone in the health care field, from doctors to hospitals, to clinics, dentists, eye care, medicine, medical equipment such as custom procedure trays, essential to quality patient care.

    President Elect Trump promises to make health care simpler, easier to read, and genuinely affordable for everyone, lowering costs for medical supplies like custom procedure trays, and medicine, by replacing this hard to understand ACA.

    Ways to Disinfect Custom Trays

    surgical tools


    A custom tray is one of the necessary instruments you will find in a hospital setup. There are used in a myriad of ways, especially during surgeries. Due to its importance, a custom tray should be disinfected or sterilized each time it wants to be used and before it is stored to keep away from germs. Until recently, the most advanced of technologies were only available in big, established hospitals. Nevertheless, currently, there is a growing demand for high-tech disinfection techniques in a plethora of professions. By simply following the following simple steps, you will have achieved disinfection for your custom tray, and it will, therefore, be safe for use in a medical situation.

    • Prepare the custom tray for disinfection

    Move the custom tray from the area where it was being used to another area where you are going to start the procedure. This should be the area where you disinfect other medical equipment like a contamination area. This move will help to curb the chances of contamination of the other parts in the room or surfaces within the workplace. When moving the custom tray, ensure they are covered and moved in plastic bags, containers or carts.

    • Wear the right clothes

    Before handling any contaminated custom tray, you need to dress up appropriately. Workers in areas where decontamination and sterilization are done should always be in protective clothing including scrubs and other moisture resisting clothing. As well, do not forget the shower covers rubber or plastic gloves and not forgetting a hair net and other covering.

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    Custom Trays Increase Operational Efficiency


    A great deal of the surgical procedures waste precious time on equipment preparation. There’s acquisition, sterilization, arrangement and finally the actual handing over of the surgical trays during the operation. This translates to more employees, less operations per unit time and eventually a strain on both the operational costs and patient’s life.

    The solution? A custom tray that unifies all your needs onto one single procedure tray. Also known as CPTs, these trays are not only wieldy but also a great improvement that has profound efficiency impacts on any surgical procedures.

    Less Time Wasted Preparing the Custom Tray

    By sticking to custom trays that bundle the work of tens into one, you not only cut down on the number of man hours needed to prepare and hand over the equipment but also reduce the cleaning up times. This will translate into more successful operations per unit time without any direct impact on quality. The increased throughput improves on profits and increases the number of lifesaving operations your theater can handle in a day.

    Less Room for Error

    Reducing the number of trays exchanged during a procedure, you are cutting down on those crucial minutes spent swapping the wrong tray for the right one. Even though the most effective coordination in the theater might weed such confusion out, there’s still the chance of messing things up and disrupting the overall flow and efficiency of the procedure as opposed to what you get with a custom tray.

    Prepackaged and Pre-Sterilized

    If you are dealing with single use pre-sterilized custom tray, you actually won’t spend any time or amenities sterilizing equipment for the next use. In most cases, prepackaged custom tray vendors will also have a disposal plan somewhere in the contract meaning that your facility can focus on doing more efficient operations as the third party handles all the low level but important cleanups.

    The custom tray, in this case, increases the operation room’s credibility while letting you market yourself as a safe and ecofriendly facility. This is ultimately good for your business.

    Less Component Stocks

    The traditional approach to stocking a theater focused on hoarding surgical supplies and repurposing them for each procedure on the rooster. With a custom tray plan, you can stock what you need for a week plus a few general use kits for emergencies.

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