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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Understanding Affordable Care Act


Image is from HHS.gov

The question is,

“Do you understand the Affordable Care Act?”

“Does anyone understand this health care act?”

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  • You can keep your doctor
  • The ACA signed into law so that you could get low-cost health care coverage. You may never find a plan that fits your needs or budget, so you do not buy anything.

    The biggest drawback to this plan is if you do not purchase a plan you pay a penalty of up to at least $600.00. If you cannot afford this health care coverage, you certainly cannot afford the penalty.

    Originally, each state had to complete the Affordable Care Act process. Some states were confused, and many lacked the understanding of the law forcing the government to step in and complete their process.

    The Affordable Care Act is not uniform across all states. While this scheme helps some Medicaid recipients in some states, it does not help Medicaid recipients in other states.

    For businesses everywhere who offer health care plans it meant,

    • Lots of new rules
    • Possible benefits?
    • Lot of reporting requirements
    • Higher cost to employers and employees
    • Higher drug costs
    • Cutting the cost of custom procedure trays

    Lots of Facts and Myths

    • Doctors are confused
    • Patients are confused and anxious
    • Doctors must deliver care differently
    • Doctors receive reimbursement differently
    • Rises in the cost of medicine
    • Rising cost of custom procedure trays
    • Businesses are worse off
    • Develop innovations such as customizing and sterilization of custom procedure trays on site

    Will Things be Worse or Better in 2017?

    You can only hope that an Obama Care replacement as promised by the new 2017 Government happens.

    The Trump promise is,

    • Make health care simple and easy to understand
    • Affordable for everyone
    • Easy to understand
    • Acceptance of pre-existing conditions
    • Cheaper medicines
    • You can keep your doctor

    Even Custom Procedure Trays are Affected

    The medical community strives to improve patient care, lower facility costs, and increase the quality of care. For instance, developing on-site custom procedure trays and cut the cost from a middleman.

    These new rules affect everyone in the health care field, from doctors to hospitals, to clinics, dentists, eye care, medicine, medical equipment such as custom procedure trays, essential to quality patient care.

    President Elect Trump promises to make health care simpler, easier to read, and genuinely affordable for everyone, lowering costs for medical supplies like custom procedure trays, and medicine, by replacing this hard to understand ACA.

    Three Levels for Storing Custom Trays


    It is always important to ensure that the custom procedure trays are stored in the right conditions so that they can always be available when required for use. As a general rule, it will involve maintaining the sterility of the products, proper arrangement of the products and keeping track of the product.

    Custom procedure trays are mostly stored at the point of use, may it be a clinic or operating theater. However, regardless of the location, there should be a designated storage area which is always monitored to ensure that all custom procedure trays are maintained properly. There are three levels for storing this equipment.

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    at is mandated to regulate such equipment. The manufacturer is also required to ensure that the recommended safety and quality assurance tests are carried out for all the custom procedure trays. They should also clearly state the correct use of each tool. The medical practitioners should also ensure that the product is sterile by checking that;

    • the packaging is intact
    • the product is within the expiry date
    • the product has a sterilization indicator that confirms that it has undergone the right sterilization process.

    As a rule of thumbs, custom procedure trays that have stayed for long without being used should be considered a product of overstocking and a proper assessment undertaken on its future. Other ways in which the product quality may be maintained include;

    • Designing the storage area in such a way that the packs are not damaged and still allow for flexible rotation of stock
    • Shelving should allow for easy access when cleaning. It should also be airy.
    • The products being stored should be at least above the floor level away from water and direct sunlight.

    Lack of proper management of this areas may have an adverse effect on the integrity of the custom procedure trays and may render them unsuitable for use.

    Benefits of Custom Trays in Healthcare Market


    Used for many different procedures and purposes, surgical trays can be customized and used by all medical care facilities. The sterilized instruments in these trays remain clean and in tact until they are ready to be used. With a variety of different custom tray options available, a facility can keep on hand what they will need. This convenient product can be very beneficial in the healthcare market and it is also typically very cost effective.


    A custom tray can be ordered from most surgical tray manufacturers. Each tray will contain specific tools that are used for a specific procedure and these items can be chosen by each individual client. Just a few custom tray packs include items for the following:

    • Saline flush
    • C-section
    • Angiography
    • Laparoscopy
    • Pacemaker battery replacement
    • Tracheotomy


    Depending on the medical setting, many times a surgical pack is needed in a very short amount of time. Someone’s life may be at risk and it would take precious seconds to stop and find specific tools that would be needed in order to complete some sort of procedure. With a custom tray, everything you need is in one location, sanitized, sterilized and ready to be used. You simply grab the pack and go.

    Cost Effective

    The cost for custom medical trays is of course, a bit higher than a standard pack. However, it is important to make sure you have all the right tools needed to get the job done. Some clients opt to purchase standard packs for common, non-life threatening procedures and then custom trays can be purchased for other, more intricate procedures.

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    How to Manage Custom Trays


    Custom procedure trays provide an allowance for you to design your own tray to make sure it’s filled with surgical supplies and equipment you will require throughout your medical operations. Custom procedure trays are necessary since surgery methods may differ in particular scenarios. However, custom procedure trays are instruments that pose a danger not only to humans but also to the environment because they are not biodegradable. You must, therefore, be careful how you manage custom procedure trays s they can turn out to be detrimental to the patients, health facility staff and the hospital environment at large.

    Custom procedure trays, like other hospital equipment, if not properly managed, can be highly infectious and hazardous for human health through their ability to spread diseases. Nevertheless, this infectious attribute of custom procedure trays can always be prevented through indulging carefully in hospital waste management. Here is a brief overview of how custom procedure trays can be effectively managed.

    • Microwave treatment

    Microwave treatment is one of the numerous medical waste disposal techniques that could result in achieving the best possible results in matters regarding proper management of custom trays. This method uses heat to decontaminate waste such as an old custom procedure tray before disposal. The waste management system can only work with custom procedure trays and other solid medical equipment since the moisture in the microwave works wonders in ensuring deep penetration. Therefore, most types of waste required to be managed in this manner, including custom trays, should be shredded and mixed with water so as to achieve the best results.

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    What is Chemical Sterilization?


    All laboratories and hospitals are required to sterilize their custom procedure trays, this is because viruses, fungi, bacteria and other disease causing agents cannot be eliminated totally by just disinfecting the area where medical procedures are carried out. What disinfection does is to remove the agents and does not kill them.

    Sterilization is the most effective way of cleaning all equipment including custom procedure trays. There are several contagious diseases that can be transmitted through custom procedure trays since this tools are also prone to armful agents.

    What is chemical sterilization?

    Chemical sterilization is mostly used when there are tools in the custom procedure trays that may be affected by heat when using steam sterilization. It can also be used on tools that can be damaged by irradiation. Any tool that has rubber or plastics on it can be made brittle after irradiation.

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    al halogens that are currently in use, they include iodine, chlorine and their derivatives. They are used to kill spores and have a general microbicidal effect. Chlorine works by binding itself to free amino acids and hence disinfecting the custom procedure trays. Iodine on the hand has effects that resemble those of chlorine and is mostly used to disinfect wounds and skin.

  • Oxidants- Oxidants that are used in disinfection include hydrogen peroxide, ozone, peracetic acid, and potassium permanganate. Their mode of action is based on splitting off of oxygen. They are used in mild antiseptics to disinfect custom procedure trays or skin before an operation.
  • Surfactants- These are surface-active agents whose efficacy is good with Gram-positive bacteria therefore making their bactericidal only moderate. The advantage that comes with using surfactants on custom procedure trays is their lack of odor and their good skin tolerance.
  • How to Save Time with Customized Procedure Trays

    When it comes to surgical procedures, there is normally a lot of time lost in equipment preparation, which include acquisition, sterilization, and arrangement of surgical trays. This time lost could translate to higher operational costs, and even loss of lives.

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    hance of human error in the collection process.

    Given the fact that custom surgical trays are pre-packaged and sterilized, your staff don’t need to assemble. This improves infection prevention, thanks to fewer touch points.

    Other Benefits of Custom Procedure Trays

    Besides saving time, there are other benefits that come from the implementation of custom surgical trays. They include:

    • Improved Efficiency

    With increased efficiency, you can perform more procedures in a day, since the time for preparation is substantial. Moreover, the waiting time for patients can be significantly reduced, and their procedures performed earlier.

    • Reduced Cost of Procurement and Administration

    Since one custom surgical tray contains all the equipment you need you’ll save the money that would otherwise be spent on contacting many suppliers, as you can get the surgical kit from one supplier.

    • Reduced Wastage

    The use of custom surgical trays can reduce the number of clinical waste bags by about 50% since only the necessary instruments are provided.

    • Funds tied up in component stocks are released.

    Before the introduction of custom procedure trays, a theatre used to store up a massive supply of surgical equipment. Today, with procedure trays being delivered just-in-time, you can utilize the storage space in your theatre for other purposes.

    Customized surgical trays save time and money, and because of these two factors, they can also save lives. This translates to more time for a surgical procedure and more money for equipment and training. This in turn leads to successful operations, which build your reputation as a medical practitioner. However, you need to always use top-notch medical equipment, and hence you have to ensure that your customized procedure trays are from a supplier with a responsible repute.


    Reducing Airborne Diseases in Custom Trays


    In hospitals and in laboratories, medical professionals are required to follow certain standards to ensure that diseases will not be accidentally transmitted to any person. The use of custom procedure trays is one of these standards. It prevents medical instruments from getting exposed to contaminated surfaces. Moreover, custom procedure trays can also protect health workers and patients from germs and bacteria.

    However, custom procedure trays are not free from exposure to contaminants and other disease-causing agents as they are directly in contact with surfaces that may have germs and viruses. This is why it is important that custom procedure trays also free from disease-causing agents. The proper use and maintenance of custom procedure trays must be observed.

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    ied for many different reasons. However, this is also important in many cases as some airborne diseases can be eliminated by diluting them with natural air. The dilution method works like an air-conditioning system in order to dilute air contaminants with outside air.


    Disinfection is a very common method to prevent and remove airborne infections. There is no question that cleaning the surroundings can greatly reduce the risk of many disease’s, particularly airborne diseases. This is why medical tools and items must be organized and stored accordingly.

    Custom procedure trays must not be stored along with other tools that are constantly used. They should be stored in separate medicine cabinets in order to avoid contaminating the whole area. It is recommended to disinfect the storage rooms and custom trays regularly.


    Pressurization, on the other hand, is a process of making the airflow tight and thick in certain areas in order to contain some airborne diseases. When sensitive areas such as operating rooms are exposed to constant air flow coming from many directions, the probability that the air carries airborne diseases is high.

    This is why most operating rooms (OR) are pressurized. This method does not actually remove the infections and contaminants in the air, but it stops them from spreading and infecting other areas. Only open the custom trays in a pressurized place such as the OR.

    Custom procedure trays are not ordinary trays. Although they seem to have similar looks with other trays, custom procedure trays must be used in differently. They are also not cleaned the way we clean other trays. Custom procedure trays are maintained in a strictly controlled environment such as hospitals and laboratories.


    5 Reasons to have a custom surgical pack

    A custom surgical pack contains single-use devices that are necessary when medical clinicians are carrying out procedures. All these devices are packaged in a sterile pack that is delivered into surgeries. The medical device industry works with doctors and other medical clinicians in designing and delivering surgical pack in a timely and efficient manner. A surgical pack has a selection of components that includes; drapes, surgical swabs, sutures, surgical blades and wound dressing. Specialized devices such as cardiac catheters and implants can also be included. There are many benefits that come with using customized surgical packs, below are five reasons why you should consider a customized surgical pack.

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    rol leaving patients less vulnerable to Healthcare Associated Infections.

  • By increasing the patients’ throughput and reducing response time, surgical packs improve the quality of service.
  • Since all the components are in one pack, they simplify batch traceability.
  • Due to the broad uptake of surgical packs, many procedures have been standardized across several institutions that use them, therefore, driving up quality.
  • Guidelines can be easily formulated by healthcare providers to properly assess themselves against set standards that may be deemed too rigid.
  • 4. Environmental

    The amount of waste generated by units can be reduced by up to 50%.

    5. Improves Efficiency

    The increased efficiency means that more procedures can be done in one day since the time for preparation is considerable. The waiting time for patients can be reduced, and their procedures carried out earlier.

    Custom Procedure Trays Improve Productivity


    Custom trays are not only important for medical practitioners, but they are also important for anyone who needs to perform a medical role. The most important thing with your medical custom trays is understanding that if at any time someone actually does need something, they need to have what works the best and they need to have what is going to be the most efficient from every step of the way. With custom trays medical professionals can have just that, however, you need to be aware of a few of the following items.

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    ine regardless of who delivers them and who packs them, you also have to consider the general service you receive. When there are questions you need answered, changes in the order and packing preferences, or even just contact that you need to have in order to retain a strong relationship with your supplier, there are more than enough reasons why any business relationship needs to have strong communication. There are more than enough reasons to ensure you have strong communication and a great reputation with your suppliers, but at the end of the day you want to make sure you are simply receiving a quality product with the service that actually backs it up as well with your custom trays.

    Certifications and Partners

    Not only do you need to be aware of the product in general, but when it comes to custom trays you also have to understand you are getting a product certified by the professionals. There are more than enough players in the medical community, but there are absolutely more than enough ways to get checked out as well. When it comes to having top quality custom trays in the medical and surgical community as well, there are reasons you want to be known and one of those reasons is by the partnerships you have and the endorsements you have earned for your product.


    Does the Surgical Pack Reduce Costs


    Image is from ROi

    Qualified experts in cost management for Operating Rooms agree that the most cost effective innovation within the medical arena that has also been most productive in increasing quality of treatments plus eliminating waste is the implementation of surgical custom trays. Waste reduction is achieved by reducing overstocking, a custom trays improvement that also saves in personnel duties. The consequent reduction of medical hazard waste improves minimalizing of our carbon footprint while simultaneously increasing the treatment success for individual procedures and the more complicated surgical procedures.

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    cedure that is undertaken.

    • Single Use Products

    Sterile materials which are required for single use are packed in efficiency boosting single use individual custom trays. Compact custom trays save time and prevent unnecessary waste in performing those specific single use Operating Room procedures, and the custom trays are also quickly available for any repetitive procedures performed.

    Summary of Custom Tray Cost Reduction

    Your facility’s carbon footprint reduction and securing sustainable environmental practices without undermining any and all safety factors represents both a local and global importance. Custom surgical tray implementation always will drastically reduce the amount of packaging material and waste issues when compared to the use of individually packed and arranged instruments for your procedures. Packaging material weight due to the Operating Room’s implementaton of custom trays alone is reduced by 58%, usually resulting in one less waste bag in the Operating Room’s larger medical procedures. That reduction of one waste bag results in a reduction of the hospital’s global carbon footprint as well as your facility’s operating costs.

    The combined and assessed impact of custom trays’ utilization in reducing excess procurement stocking while effectively diminishing the carbon impact of medical waste can only be estimated, but the estimation suggests that the green earth improvement caused by this one professional innovation of custom trays in the Operating Room is of monumental global importance.