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Changing Methods to Decrease Waste


Custom procedure trays are medical trays that are made up of different instruments, tools, and medical supplies needed for specific procedures. There are hundreds of different procedure trays to reflect the particular process intended.

Years ago, facilities made up custom procedure trays which proved to be a waste of time and money.

  • Staff had to locate the missing item.
  • The doctor had to halt his procedure until the employee delivered the needed item.
  • Missing procedure instruments equals poor quality of care to you the patient.
  • If the doctor and you, the patient must wait for a needed tool for your procedure, this could affect your outcome.
  • Facilities constructed an Autoclave Room or Sterilization room and had to train staff to sterilize instruments, packaging them for specific procedures.
  • Sometimes the person making up custom procedure trays for their institution put too many of one item in the tray and was wasteful spending for the facility.

Relying on Vendors for Prepackaged Trays

When facilities hire a vendor to pick up and deliver sterile and nonsterile equipment these trays come wrapped and are ready for the employee to grab and give to the doctor. In the end, this saves a lot of money, frustration, and time for you, the patient, the physician, nurses, staff, and facility.

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How to Reduce the Preparation Time?

Reducing the preparation time is possible with the use of custom procedure trays. If you are a doctor or a nurse, you are probably familiar with the surgical tool’s you usually put in a tray every now and then. Your only problem is you want to skip that preparation and wish that everything you keep on preparing has already been prepared for you.

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what to bundle or include in them. You can order and include some forceps and the like depending on your need.

Moreover, you don’t have to order in bulk. You can order only what you need, thus we call them custom procedure trays. Ordering custom procedure trays is like preparing what you need in the operating room or emergency room ahead of time without compromising much time.

What About Maintaining Them?

Perhaps, you may wonder how you can clean and store custom procedure trays, and how much time it would take to do so. It would take much time as their size and shapes can also be customized and optimized for the process of disinfecting and sanitizing them. They can be stored together with the surgical tools, so they can be reused without preparing them again on the spot.

CPT Generate Significant Savings in Time



Custom procedure trays have been around for quite some time already. As time goes by, they continue to become more and more popular for hospitals and dental clinics. This is because of the many advantages they offer, and the most significant of which is that custom procedure trays are time saving. In every hospital setup, time is of the essence, so this benefit is what makes custom procedure trays the most preferred.

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On the other hand, custom procedure trays are delivered according to the preferences and needs of the hospitals or dental clinics that ordered them. If you are the one assigned to make such purchases, you will be allowed to customize your orders depending on your need.

Because of this, custom procedure trays are delivered to you based on your daily needs. During emergency or surgical operation, you won’t have to prepare the trays on the spot as custom procedure trays are prearranged upon your order based on your preferences.

Therefore, all you have to do is to open a pack of one tray and pick it up along with the surgical tools that are already bundled with it. This will save you much time as you are now able to skip the preparation process.

Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is simple. The trays do not require any special process of disinfection or sanitation, which usually takes time, especially when a particular tool is too sensitive.

Although these trays must be maintained carefully, simple sanitation process is enough to make the trays free from contaminants. What is important is you disinfect and sanitize them right after using them. Some trays are metals. Others are plastic or vinyl. Based on the materials they are made of, you easily determine which type of sanitation fits them.


Custom procedure trays are usually small, so they may not consume much space. Conventional ones require larger space, even if they are empty, so you will have to consume much time organizing them.


Custom procedure trays are designed to help you save time and money. Moreover, they offer convenience for hospital workers and safety for patients because you are able to reduce the time opening and preparing them, so there is less risk of prolonged exposure to air contaminants.

CPT Tailor to Your Exact Needs


Above image is a Pacemaker kit.

There are many different specialties within the healthcare field, such as but not limited to the few mentioned as follows.

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Doctors’ Office
  • All types of medical clinics
  • Operating Rooms
  • Patient care units in hospitals
  • Rehabilitation facilities and much more
  • Each of the above mentioned may carry out a few to hundreds of procedures every day requires the staff to produce custom procedure trays for specified procedures.

Any one medical specialty is not going to use the same tools and equipment for you, the patient. Medical procedures are geared to the area of expertise in their settings.

Long Gone are the Days

Years ago the nurse may schedule certain procedures the next day for the doctor. The nurse’s responsibility was to put together a procedure tray and have it ready for the next day’s scheduled procedure. Most times these procedure trays were sterile, (without any bacteria or germs on the contents.)

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liver new Sterilized custom procedure trays

  • Increased facility efficiency
  • Decreased stress on staff and doctors
  • Increases Quality of Care
  • Steps Towards Better Ways to Offer Custom Procedure Trays
  • In Conclusion

    These contracted companies create custom procedure trays according to formulary guides, offering excellent brands, a high-quality sterilization process, an abundance of stored needed supplies, with a pickup and delivery service.

    Consults with a clinic knowledge works to cut costs even further, and tailor specific needs for specific custom procedure trays.

    Custom Procedure Trays Cut Costs


    Image is from Naseba

    Custom procedure trays are critical to any medical procedure performed in any type of medical setting such as,

    • Emergency Rooms
    • Operating Rooms
    • Floors with patients
    • All types of medical clinics
    • Dental offices and more

    Old Methods a Thing of the Past

    As a medical professional you can gather all your needed supplies before the procedure, but this takes an enormous amount of time and energy. Not all medical tools are disposable, so after the procedure, it takes time and money to adequately clean and sterilize these instruments and have them ready for the next procedure.

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    hospital emergency rooms respond to patient injuries faster, with a more rapid discharge of the patient with less waste.

    Hospital operating rooms saw a great increase in theater turnaround. Operations started on time and length of surgeries shortened with all equipment at the doctor’s or nurse’s fingertips and most importantly saved facilities money.

    To further cut waste, medical facilities use a medical supplier who targets saving money and decreasing waste by picking up contaminated equipment and tools, sterilizing them, and delivering the customized procedure trays back to the medical facility in record time.

    In Conclusion

    The current global economy is always looking for ways to improve techniques and methods, and save time. Custom procedure trays also cut costs in medical facilities worldwide. Custom procedure trays benefit you, the patient, the medical staff.

    Companies refer to the specific facility formulary for custom procedure trays, and the approved items are included on specific trays and delivered back to the facility. Standardizing these trays for particular procedures dramatically reduces costs and improves the medical service and efficiency to you the patient.


    Key to Optimizing CPT


    Custom procedure trays have now become widely used in hospitals and dental offices. This is due to the fact that they provide convenience to medical professionals, especially when used in emergency rooms and operating rooms. When dealing with several cases of surgical operations, it’s necessary to have a tray that can carry some special surgical tools with ease and convenience, so as not to compromise the safety of patients against contaminants.

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    at to deliver unless you state your case clearly in order to avoid wrong orders or future complaints.

    Sales staff may also suggest some customization options. Be sure to check if the options are optimum. Your budget may also be a factor, so it is best if you ask the sales staff to help you calculate the cost before completing your order.

    Check Your Storage Areas

    While waiting for the items to be delivered, you should check your storage areas, whether or not they are ready when the trays have arrived. Make sure the space is enough to accommodate the volume of your orders.

    It is recommended that the trays are directly brought to the storage areas in order to avoid exposing the items to air contaminants. Furthermore, never forget to disinfect and sanitize the storage areas, so that the trays will immediately be placed in a clean and germ-free area.

    Disinfect and Sanitize Your Custom Procedure Trays After Use

    It is actually a general practice to disinfect and sanitize surgical trays and tools after use, so this practice must also be observed with these trays. After using them, disinfect them with running regular cleaning chemicals. Then, sanitize them with whatever sanitation method you are currently using.


    The key to optimizing your custom procedure trays is to organize your process and make the trays fit that process instead of the other way around. When there are some changes in the way you work with surgical tools along the way, you can adjust your orders and customize the trays again based in your new routine. Therefore, only order what you need to avoid excess items in case of sudden changes.


    The Advantage Of The Custom Tray

    A custom tray is going to provide a number of advantages for your practice; especially when it comes to arenas of operation that have a high degree of frenetic activity. You’re going to experience days–and sometimes weeks, or even months–at your practice where the workload never seems to end. As a matter of fact, it becomes rather constant. That constant, busy atmosphere will be replete with mistakes even in the best operations; these can’t be entirely avoided. But you can plan for them.

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    Save Time & Reduce Costs?

    Time is money

    Image is from Clinical Leader

    Surgical procedures may be carried out in a number of different facilities and in all these scenarios, a sterile environment is needed.  The concept of supply standardization is applied to a variety of organizations and as a result gives each location cost-reduction principle. Standardization saves time, which contributes to saving money as well.

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    Storage and Monitoring Custom Trays


    Facilitating Storage

    Find an open room where trays can be stored without being too near the walls or the ceiling. Walls are going to have varying microbial and insect life near them, the ceiling may leak. Even in secure environments, both areas are weak points to a room’s sterility. Consider tray idiosyncrasies as well. There are certain trays that cannot be stacked one atop the other, as they’ll end up compromising each other’s sterility. The last thing to consider is how accessible said packages are. You’re going to need to monitor them before they go to surgery.

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    Quality Care On Custom Trays Reduces Cost


    Trays that are produced qualitatively will make it so you can operate more quickly and simultaneously reduce the expenses of operation. You won’t have to pay for any cleaning costs on-site, and the complexity of arranging your own trays goes away with the breeze. Additionally, you have a reduction of inventory which will save costs over time. Finally, you’ll cut down on your waste. While there are components of custom trays that can be reused, there are also options which allow the tray-producers to reuse what you’ve already used after it’s been sterilized again. So the option of recycling can be taken from your institution and put on the hands of the custom tray producers.

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