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Benefits of CPT for Patients


Custom Procedure Trays, or CPTs, are becoming increasingly popular in medical facilities across the country. These trays include all the necessary tools the surgeon may need for a specific type of medical procedure. Since these trays are custom-made, each medical center can determine exactly what medical tools to include on the tray and how to specifically place these items on the trays to best meet the needs of the surgeon.

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Lower Risk of Infection

As any medical professional can tell you, sterilization is key when it comes to a successful surgery. This is because a patient’s immune system is often lower right after surgery, which means the patient is even more susceptible to infection. Even the smallest bacteria can cause major problems both during and after surgery. Surgical custom trays help to lower the risk of infection by ensuring that every single medical tool used during the surgery is sterile. Each tool on the tray is professionally sterilized before placing it. The tray is then securely wrapped to eliminate the risk of de-sterilization over time.

Decreased Costs

Another major benefit is the cost savings CPT custom trays provide. This reduction of costs to the medical facility is then passed down to the patient to help keep their medical costs as low as possible.

The truth is that many patients may not even realize the great benefits CPT custom trays provide. However, they will know the quality of the services provided by the medical team and CPT trays will help to improve the quality of services your team can provide. Learn more about how CPT custom trays can benefit not just your medical practice, but your patients as well.



CPT Benefits


Being told by your doctor you need surgery brings forth all kinds of worries as it is. The last thing you need to have on your mind is will their surgical trays with the medical tools and equipment necessary to operate on you cause an infection. After all, you are there with a team of medical doctors having the surgical procedure so you end up feeling better.

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als preparing the kits for use in the medical rooms do need to take precautions.

Why do medical professionals performing the surgery need to take precaution when preparing custom procedure trays for use during surgery?

Medical professionals performing surgery on a patient need to take precaution when preparing custom procedure trays for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being if any of the instruments inside the kit are exposed to the air too long after being opened, they can become contaminated. This means the kits should only be opened right as the surgery is about to happen. Another thing is for the one in charge of opening the kit in the surgical room to make sure their medical team mates and themselves have washed and sterilized their hands and arms thoroughly before handling any of the tools within the kit. If the washing of the hands and arms do not happen, any bacteria and fungus that may be on a medical team mate can contaminate the tools, which puts a patient at risk for infection. These reasons alone are not the only reasons custom procedure trays needed to be handled with care. Doctors and nurses that are sick should never touch custom procedure trays or patients, doing so could lead to serious infection of a patient. In fact, medical members that do become sick should stay at home to get well and prevent the spread of their infection.

What are some end thoughts to keep in mind for custom procedure trays?

If your surgeon or doctor isn’t using custom procedure trays on you during your operation it is wise to visit another surgeon or doctor for the surgical procedure. Once again, surgery alone is enough to go through, worrying about getting an infection from medical instruments should be weighing on your mind. All you should be focusing on is recovering.

CPT Effect on the Community


Custom procedure trays, or CPT, are integral to any medical procedure performed in any type of medical environment, including surgical rooms, emergency rooms, various kinds of medical clinics, and dental offices. Custom trays improve efficiency, promote convenience in performing medical procedures, and most importantly, help to reduce costs in medical facilities. This is beneficial to not only the medical fraternity but the community as well.

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In order to save time, money, and improve productivity, the medical fraternity adopted the concept of CPT. Custom trays are normally produced qualitatively. This ensures that you can conduct your procedures faster while reducing the cost of operation. Namely, you won’t waste time preparing your tools before the operation. Likewise, you won’t spend a dime to get the tools cleaned after the operation. Furthermore, you will have a reduction of inventory. This saves costs over time.

In all these, custom trays promote resource consolidation. With proper resource consolidation, more medical practitioners could be hired over time, and this means more jobs for the community. The money saved from reduced costs could also be put to other economic development projects to benefit the community.

Final Thoughts

Custom trays save time and operational costs. They also play an integral role in saving lives. Namely, more time for surgical procedures, as well as more money for proper equipment and training, results in more successful operations. The end result is a healthier community.

Moreover, custom trays promote consolidation of resources. The personnel involved in arranging medical tools can be deployed to other areas to improve service delivery. Moreover, it leads towards the creation of jobs as more medical practitioners can be hired to provide more services. This can be a source of economic empowerment within the community.

When it comes to acquiring custom trays, it is imperative that you understand the needs of your facility, so you can get the right equipment for your medical procedures.



Different Components Of A Custom Surgery Tray


A custom surgery tray is a set of single-use medical devices, which are essential when doctors are carrying out medical procedures. Custom trays are ideal for various medical facilities, including surgical centers, hospitals, ambulatory centers, health systems, and medical offices.

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  • Scalp vein-type needles
  • Stitch Cutter
  • Forceps
  • Towels
  • Personal protection materials
  • Some custom trays contain specialized components such as:

    • Cardiac Catheter: This is a tube used during catheterization, which is a procedure for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular issues.
    • Surgical Skin Stapler: This specialized stapler is used in surgical procedures to close skin wounds. It can also be used to connect or eliminate parts of the lungs or bowels.
    • Nasal Oxygen Catheter: This specialized tube is used to uniformly distribute oxygen. It has perforations known as lateral eyes, which evenly diffuse oxygen.
    • Aortic Punch: This device is primarily used in a bypass grafting surgery. Heart surgeons use it to make a hole in the aorta wall to attach another blood vessel.
    • Ligation Clip: This is a small V-shaped clip used to ligate bleeding vessels. A ligation clip normally serves both as a remover and an applicator. It is made of stainless steel or disposable material.

    What Should You Consider When Choosing Custom Trays?

    The good thing about custom trays is that you can choose every component that goes into your tray. Hence, if there is a component that is normally not used for a certain procedure, but you would like to incorporate it, you can do so. Before acquiring custom trays, however, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

    • What kind of surgeries is the tray for?
    • What kinds of tools do you need?
    • What is your budget?
    • What sterilization measures are required?
    • How comfortable is the custom tray? Can it delay important action?

    Final Thoughts

    Custom trays have been used in surgical procedures for quite a while now. They are sets of essential operation tools that can be purchased in bulk, already-sterilized, and ready for use. Custom trays are effective in saving time and energy in surgery preparation and performance. They promote speedy operations that could save lives. In the end, they save overall operational costs. It is imperative that you understand the tools you need for your surgical procedures, so you can get custom trays with the right components.

    What does CPT have to offer?


    Millions of medical procedures are performed annually by those in the healthcare industry. For those dedicated people entrenched in their field, time is of the essence and organization is pivotal in providing their clients with the best of care. The quality of a service is often supported by utilizing high-quality tools that ensure procedures or processes are applied efficiently. How do health professionals create an experience that assures their patients of their competence in efficiency? When you employ tools that take the guesswork out of endless procedures, you’ll feel relieved and clients will be thankful your efficiency keeps their appointment in a manageable time frame.

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    edure trays, providing quick answers relies on superior tool sorting. Room for blood tests, vaccination syringes, even a decent clean space to lay a stethoscope on goes quite a long way to presenting accurate, speedy results. No contaminates means no costly or ill-timed re-test.

    Sorting it out

    Most doctors see upwards of 30 patients daily. Medical processes vary in type, in need, and ofttimes in scope. Custom procedure trays let healthcare employees complete their important tasks without interruption or confusion. Having a repertoire of the exact tools you need withing arms reach offers confidence and peace of mind to you and/or the health care workers you work or associate with.

    There is nothing so disheartening as seeing a medical professional struggling to find what they need. Ensure you look professional, efficient and assured with custom procedure trays that place the control and the precision into your capable and steady hands!


    Efficiency benefits of custom procedure trays

    Since the introduction of custom procedure trays, there has been increased efficiency in medical services. Custom procedure trays are fully assembled trays that have all the equipment needed for a surgical procedure in the order and the amount they are used. The use of the trays increases patient safety and also ensures there is professional service delivery and efficient disposal of medical waste among other things.

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    of your facility. They reduce the amount of packaging material used in packing individual instruments. It goes a long way in protecting the environment since you have one less waste bag to worry about.

    Hospice, nursing and home care use

    It is important to have medical tools at hand in nursing homes and hospices. In case of a medical emergency, these tools come in handy and increase the efficiency of the nursing staff.

    Minimized costs

    The purchase of custom procedure trays has reduced the cost of medical equipment. It is cheaper to buy the set than individual medical supplies. It is also possible to prevent the purchase of unnecessary tools. Purchasing in bulk has made medical facilities save money that is redirected to other projects.

    Efficient supply of medical equipment

    There is nothing worse than medical physicians not having the instruments needed for a surgical procedure, and it is also dangerous. Having custom procedure trays ensures all the operating rooms have adequate supply of the tools needed for surgical procedures that make it easier to react in emergencies.

    Efficient medical services

    Medical personnel can perform their duties more efficiently since they have all the tools needed for the surgery. They can now perform surgical procedures freely without feeling limited due to availability of resources. It will boost their morale when you get them custom procedure trays to conduct surgeries with.

    Better services from medical personnel lead to increased number of patients. Patients will have confidence in your facility since they know that all the necessary tools are available. More patients mean increased revenue that can be directed to improving other aspects of the facility.

    The use of custom procedure trays has greatly improved the delivery of health services in medical facilities and should be adopted in other facilities.


    Different Types of Surgical Trays


    Surgical trays are often categorized depending on their classes of functions. This categorization, for instance, helps you to determine the type of surgical trays you might need for a particular surgery before it is attempted. You can use these categorized custom procedure trays for a particular procedure and practice as an alternative to medical stock models.

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    adding-left: 30px;”>Surgical Trays with Stands

    Some custom procedure trays have stands built with it. Even though you can use any surgical tray available for you as you see fit, but one of the best options is having a surgical tray accompanied with a stand. For instance, if you are about to operate on the ground and in an obstinate position, then you have to think about using the surgical trays with stands. Moreover, when you are conducting operating procedure in a laboratory or any operating room, then it is obvious that the custom procedure trays you will be using have to be supported by the stand.

    Perforated Instrument Tray

    This is a kind of custom procedure trays that are not only promptly available but also have some rips in it to allow air into the instruments. This perforation enables you to drain fluids out of the customs procedure tray. No medics or folk would want a wet surgical tool; the pores would, therefore, allow the air to breathe in and dry up the instruments. Likewise, if you want to clean the tray, you require a place or equipment where the water the cleaning solution will run into to avoid messing the laboratory or the operation room.

    Covered and Stackable Trays

    These are customs procedure trays that are strong and durable. This is a perfect characteristic since you will need a tray long before the procedure is overdue. This strength in the customs procedure tray will help you protect the instruments from contamination and staining. Also, it will protect the custom procedure trays before any given procedure by allowing you to hoard the customs procedure trays.




    Supply Data Reflect Improving Efficiency In CPT


    If you work in a particular medical service, you no doubt utilize specific custom procedure trays for various procedures. Facilities vary widely, such as a dental office is not going to use the same instruments and medical accessories that a hospital emergency room or a hospital operating room requires.

    Gone are the Days of Old

    Each facility years ago, did their custom procedure trays. The idea for medical facilities to send out this work was not in existence. Facilities had to create an autoclave room to carry out the process of sterilizing medical equipment. Facilities had to hire and train staff to the sterilization process and how to pre-packaged custom procedure trays.

    Disappearing are the days of using Enterprise Resource Planning, and systems such as Supply Chain Management systems. These systems are outdated and no longer meeting the challenges of current day needs in the medical field. These supply companies realize to keep up with the demand for rapid products, accuracy, delivering, shipping, and data processing systems needed to change with the times.

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    dure trays provided by supply companies increases the quality of care for you when you are the patient.

    These supply companies show an increase in the accuracy of trays because each company networks their services among other businesses offering the same service through computer technology. Computers have long taken over the supplying of data and the use of the Cloud to store extensive data for companies worldwide.

    In Conclusion

    Supply companies must change with the technologies of our time to grow and prosper. Changing systems of yesterday assure that supply companies stay ahead of the game. The analytics from shared data helps Supply businesses to gain new insights.