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Time Is Of the Essence

Of course having all of the tools that you need in one place is convenient but it is important to keep in mind how much time is saved with this type of product and process. In many instances, especially in a medical setting, surgical packs are needed in a very short amount of time. If somebody is having a medical emergency and needs to receive medical attention, a custom surgical tray is ideal to provide the tools needed for the staff to assist. With these tools already being sterilized and ready for use, this saves additional time.

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an be taken care of with ease, reordered with ease whenever necessary and tools can be on hand ready to go whenever the need arises. Doctors, nurses and staff can focus on what is the most important part of their day and that happens to be the patients that are walking through their doors first thing in the morning.

Productivity benefits of CPT products


Custom Procedure Trays Optimize Your Practice

There are a number of reasons that use of custom procedure trays can optimize your healthcare operation. Several include:

  • Time Retention
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Customized Solutions

Time Retention

When you’ve got all the necessary implements gathered together and prepackaged by a professional provider of custom procedure trays, you don’t have to send a nurse, intern, or peer to collect implements. You don’t have to sterilize them–that’s already been done. Basically, you grab the tray, open it, and begin. If you perform ten operations a day, and custom procedure trays cut out five minutes per operation, you’ve conserved fifty minutes. In seven days, that’s 350 minutes, or five hours and fifty minutes. In a month, you’re looking at twenty-four hours and ten minutes. In a year, you save twelve days and two hours. And that’s not to mention the potentially life-saving possibilities. Depending on your area of practice, you may be able to actually save a life simply because you’ve got the tools you need when you need them.


If you’re saving twelve days and two hours every year, that’s a good chunk of change. What’s an hour worth to your operation? A hundred dollars, considering the cost of medicine, would likely be a very conservative estimate for virtually any medical practice. At that level, custom procedure trays could effectively save $29,000 annually in time alone. Then you’ve got the sterilization savings to consider. Certainly you should have on-site sterilization solutions available should all else fail. However, if you’ve got custom procedure trays, then you never really need to sterilize on-site except in emergency. Essentially, you can off-set the time and energy costs usually associated with such sterilization.


Custom procedure trays are put together to your specifications–hence the word “custom”. That means a surgeon can get exactly the tools he or she needs for any operation. Again, this can save time and money, as manually preparing surgery tools doesn’t happen instantaneously, and oftentimes those working with you will need a little assistance when it comes to determining the right tools. Again, you’ll have time losses here–and especially in some areas of operation, that could mean a patient is lost. Certainly it depends on the primary discipline of your medical practice. A dentistry facility is less likely to see life-and-death situations than an emergency room is. Still, with the right custom trays, you have an added layer of operational security–and that’s very important in medicine.

Custom Tray Considerations

There are several things you need to keep in mind if you decide to adopt the profit-conserving, productivity-enhancing auspices of custom procedure trays.

  • Assembly Of Custom Trays
  • Acquisition Of Proper Components
  • Methods Of Sterilization
  • Pre-delivery Storage
  • Transportation
  • On-Site Storage

You want custom procedure trays assembled by industry professionals, because otherwise components could get mixed up or compromise sterilization. Additionally, such professionals will be able to get the right kind of components. Medical equipment needs to be strong enough for the task at hand–you don’t want some cut-rate solution. Also, the way in which components of custom procedure trays are sterilized must be of the finest professional quality. As well, when trays are assembled, they must be safely stored before they are transported to you. Transportation itself definitely requires industry-professional acumen.

Finally, when you store your custom procedure trays, you’ve got to do it right for highest productivity. They shouldn’t be too near the ceilings or the walls. You may or may not be able to store them on top of one another, depending on the implements in the trays. But store them right and you’ll definitely increase productivity.


How Custom Surgery Trays Makes Surgeries More Time Efficient

We all know that when it comes to surgery, it’s very important to focus to get the procedure done right. Doctors and specified surgeons typically plan out their time accordingly when it comes to these events. However, there are times when an emergency arises from accidents that surgeons need to be prepared for anything that may come their way from fixing broken bones, to removing objects from vital organs.

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rocedures. If you had custom procedure trays ready for you, then you wouldn’t need to retain that staff for this purpose.

Other added benefits include:

  • Equipment will always be ready and sterilized for use
  • Low-Cost, and customized to what you want
  • Highest quality materials used for your custom procedure trays
  • Easy Storage as it doesn’t take time to store the custom procedure trays


As a medical professional your life is largely scheduled out allowing you to move from one procedure to the next. You need to focus your professional medical abilities in the craft of surgery, whether that surgery is planned or is an emergency.

Saving time is always a critical matter and when you can cut down on your logistics to have the right custom procedure trays ready for surgery, why hassle with anything else? Your time is the most precious commodity and having custom procedure trays just ensures you optimize your time correctly.


Cost Benefits of Custom Surgery Trays


Good custom procedure trays give clinicians and everyone in a operation setting a single sterile consumables specifically geared towards the procedure in question. The custom procedure trays contained a variety of packaged instruments on a single tray that is not only convenient but also an excellent way to save you on in-house sterilization.

Typical custom procedure trays will have anything from tubing, surgical drapes, scalpels, cannulas and even stitching gut if you need it in the procedure. While most practitioners see convenience, managers and business owners who work on a budget to procure supplies see impressive ways to cut down on costs without watering down quality of service or putting patients at risk.

Makes It Easier to Meet HCAI Standards

The 2006 Health Act demands that all health care providers have in place some code of practice geared towards preventing and controlling any health care related infections. These infections could be due to operations and surgical procedures using contaminated equipment. Dubbed the HCAI directive, any practitioner who contravenes the directive stands to lose a lot in reputation and potential lawsuits. Using custom procedure trays is a sure way to ensure that each and every tool you use for a surgical procedure is sterile and safe.

Saving Time Means More Procedures

Normally, nurses or practitioners using traditional surgical tools will spend some time unwrapping and sterilizing the equipment they need. This means that they not only have to spend time going through elaborate sterilization procedures but also have to invest in the right equipment to handle the sterilization. Using custom procedure trays eliminates the need for sterilization

Improved Efficiency Reduces Malpractices and Boosts Reputation

In all cases, you will find the custom tray arranged for maximum efficiency depending on the operation procedure in mind. The preparation team stacks the tools and equipment up depending on the order and the frequency the clinicians might need it during the operation procedures. This means that a practitioner can almost blindly reach to custom procedure trays and come up with the tool he or she needed without having to turn an eye.

No Holding Up Funds in Stocks

Stocking is no longer an issue since the custom surgery trays are designed in a compact easy to rack way. This not only means that you can order your custom surgery trays just when you need them but also ensure that you don’t place bulk orders on something you don’t really need.

Each of the custom procedure trays come in a balance structure that contains all the equipment needed for a specific procedure. This balances out the money you spend on stocking your storage area hence affording you more money to invest in other important aspects of the business.

Less Wastage

Before surgical trays came around, there was an estimated 30 percent more time wastage in preparation and a considerable wastage in storage space. Couple this with the fact that health institutions had to invest in dedicated storage rooms maintained sterile and super clean meant that there were more wasted resources in each institution.

Apart from this, non custom procedure trays equipment easily loses its sterility hence prompting many institutions to name many batches contaminated long before they could use them. The wastage always put an extra strain on the inventory.

Custom procedure trays will give clinical officers a chance to increase efficiency and cut down on costs. Trying them out will not only cut down on expenses but also potentially improve on the number of successful procedures you can carry in a day without compromising on the quality.


What Are Standard Packs?


Many medical clinics, surgeons’ offices, doctors’ offices, hospitals (patient floors, emergency rooms, operating room suite,) ophthalmic offices, dental offices, perform surgical procedures or specific treatments no matter how small the setting tends to use standardized surgical trays.

Different surgeries require different tools, the doctor may designate the number and type of instruments they need to do the procedure correctly.

Why Use Standardized or Custom-Made Surgical Packs?

Standard and custom procedure trays save time and money for the facility. The facility does not need to hire additional staff and purchase sterilization ovens and equipment to assemble packages for procedures and treatments on site.

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procedure tray. A list of items contained in standard packs is sent to third party companies who arrange and sterilize these standard kits.

A standard, custom procedure trays contain a minimum of the following. If the medical team wants customized procedure trays, a list of additional items is sent to the company.

These other elements are added to kits. Thus the packages are tailored for certain procedures. These sterilized packages are then delivered to customers.

The Standard Pack may contain,

  • 9 X 10 three tray compartments
  • 9 X 4 two tray compartments
  • 8 X 5 1/2 tray foam
  • A blue absorbent towel
  • Dry sponge prep Wing
  • Dry sponge prep stick
  • Plastic cotton tip applicator
  • Wood, cotton tip applicator
  • Poly drape paper towel (20 X 20)
  • Poly drape paper towel (23 X 38)
  • Drape towel wrap
  • Gel PVP 4-ounces screw top
  • Nitrile exam gloves
  • Scrub PVP 4-ounce bottle
  • Paint PVP 4-ounce bottle

In Conclusion

Gone are the days where medical facilities had a responsibility to set aside a special autoclave room to package and sterilize standard custom procedure trays.

Many third party companies have set up business to supply different medical services with custom procedure trays and customized packing for specific operations, procedures, and treatments according to an individualized list of components in each package.

Facilities realized long ago that contracting this service out to companies saved them time, money, and decreased errors in packaging. Pre packaged custom procedure trays save time, money, and increases patient quality of care.


Benefits of CPT Med


Currently, medicine is developing every year thanks to researchers and advanced technologies that deliver better quality care and safer surgeries. Part of letting doctors and surgeons being prepared is having the right tools and this comes through having planned out procedures ahead of time. Furthermore, when a doctor is getting ready to perform their operations, it’s critical to have all the right medicines and tools ready for their specifications.

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Other benefits include:

  • Allows a client to take advantage of products in a crowded market.
  • Allows a client to build a strong marketing relationship
  • Allows client to lock in long-term prices on high-quality custom kits
  • Allows a client to save time, money, and lives in times of emergency

When these kits are put together there is no room for error and all kits being assembled are checked repeatedly. Take that against staff who might have errors when you need a specific instrument in an emergency situation where the seconds count.

Working in a time-efficient world has become the standard for most of us. Being properly prepared will not only help save time and money, but will save lives when it matters the most. With custom procedure trays, you will always be prepared no matter what comes your way.

What is your biggest concern when it comes to custom procedure trays?


Sterilization of Custom Surgery Trays


What may have been the true silent killer in the Black Death plague? A noted lack of due diligence. The spread of harmful bacteria can attack the most vulnerable. In the healthcare profession, sterile or germ infested environments can literally heal or kill any chance at survival. Weak immune systems, cancer sufferers, infants, the elderly, they are all easy targets for viruses that can shut down the body’s will to fight. Sterilization is the ultimatum for completing successful surgeries in health care facilities.

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3. Sealing for Safety- How do some viruses spread? They go airborne. It’s a frightening prospect. That’s why properly sealed packaged custom procedure trays mean so much to health care professionals. During surgery, a patient’s vital organs can be exposed to what seems to be seemingly harmless germs, when in fact, more intrusive types of exposure can lead to life-threatening outcomes. Tested manufacturers understand why properly sealed, toxic-free and durable protective packaging is such a necessity. One small puncture can undo a sterile and trustworthy product.

3. Low-cost Sterilization- A sterile setting creates the most successful scenario for surgical or clinical appointments. Custom procedure trays that are sterilized properly with no added cost or time expended by the health care professional utilizing the tray is cost-effective and brings an added relief. Successful surgeries have time management at the top of their list. High-quality custom procedure trays stop prep time from deterring the best possible results. When sterilization is the priority, convenience, and functionality promoted in make and custom procedure trays creating compact no-guess “helpmates” for a surgeon’s various procedures, doctor, and patient benefit.

Investing in Efficiency

Are custom procedure trays an investment that interests you? For any health care facility: consistency, efficiency, and precision are characteristics that give every surgical procedure the greatest chance of success. Being able to pick and choose the type of custom procedure trays that are not only sterile but provide tool organization in a way to effectively manage your time is a commodity that pays dividends in the end. Keep clients and health care providers succeeding at the highest level when custom procedure trays are an integral and expected addition to any medical setting.