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As a clinician, you know that you are going to need a custom surgical pack that contains single-use devices necessary for medical procedures. Most surgical packs contain:

  • Drapes
  • Surgical swabs
  • Sutures
  • Surgical blades
  • Wound dressing

If necessary, you can add specialized devices added to your kits such as implants and cardiac catheters. There are some labs and medical facilities that will set each item of separately and others who use custom trays. Of the two options, using custom trays has more benefits.

Saves Money

Custom trays make it possible for practitioners to carry out procedures faster. According to medical institutions who have switched to using custom trays, they have been able to increase their daily procedures by 30 to 40 percent. Custom trays also save money on the administrative side. Custom trays save time on keeping tabs on all of the inventory and ordering what is needed. Finally, custom trays will save money on deliveries. When custom trays are ordered, it can greatly reduce the number of deliveries necessary.

Saves Time

It can be very time-consuming for the staff to pick and prepare all of the tools necessary for procedures. When custom trays are used, picking and preparing won’t be necessary. Also, custom trays avoid the need to take inventory of various different instruments in stock. The time that is saved by using custom trays


Custom trays are the best option because all of the right equipment will be in the right place. There is nothing worse than a medical professional needing an instrument to find that it isn’t there. When medical facilities create their own trays, it is not uncommon for an item to be missing occasionally due to human error. This wouldn’t be an issue with custom trays. Also, because all of the instruments would be all in one pack, it would make it easier to trace the batch.

Environmental Benefits

Custom trays are environmentally friendly. The amount of waste generated by custom trays is 50 percent less than other tray set-ups.

Increased Efficiency

It doesn’t take long at all to set up a procedure when you are using a custom tray. It also doesn’t take much time to clean up after. This saves the medical facility a great deal of time both before and after the procedures. Thanks to this extra time, more patients can be seen and they can get in and out of the procedure room faster. When a medical facility works at its maximum efficiency, it will result in the facility making more money.

Setting up procedure trays is less expensive, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than setting up trays before each procedure. Also, there is no risk of forgetting anything before the procedure, which can delay the procedure. Considering all of the benefits of custom trays, more and more medical facilities are using them today.


Have you ever imagined how hectic medical procedures would be like today without custom surgical trays? Too long operations and confusions among other issues would be the case of the day. It could be chaotic in surgery rooms. Since the incorporation of custom surgical trays in the operation rooms, medical facilities have appreciated their contributions in health care. Their use has improved efficiency in medical services. Custom trays have enhanced professionalism especially among the clinicians.

Custom procedure trays have significantly improved operational efficiency and have tremendously impacted on both major and minor procedures in theatres. Some of the efficiencies custom surgical trays provide include the following.

Minimized preparation time

Custom trays bundle the work of many into one. They help cut the time needed to prepare for the operation. Besides, clean up time is minimized which directly translates to successful operations in theatres. Custom trays also increase the number of successful operations your theatre can do directing translating to improved profits.

Minimized errors

Custom trays enhance a reduction of the number of trays to be used during the procedure. For this reason, the critical minutes spend during swapping of trays is minimized. It, therefore, ensures things do not get messed up and reduce disruptions in the theatre. This, in turn, increases the credibility of your operation room.

Minimal component stock

With the introduction for custom operation trays, the traditional approach used for stocking a theatre has been rendered useless. With them, you can easily stock what you need for a more extended period plus some general use kits that might be required for emergencies.

Improved quality control

Custom trays have ensured that custom trays providers deliver customized trays that contains the required contents with minimal confusion. This addressed the loopholes that were being experienced by the providers and the medical facilities. Custom trays also enhance quality supply of required medical equipment. Also, product ordering is improved through the streamlined inventory processes,

Increased profits

People always want to associate with something that provides quality. When a medical facility has a well-organized custom tray, more patients keep coming in to seek the quality services. This, of course, translates to increased income for the medical facility. The revenue also helps the facility to improve their services by the purchase of other medical equipment. An increase in income is directly proportional to the increase of staff who will be needed to provide quality services to the increasing patient base.

Enhanced quality medical services

Custom procedure trays being used safeguards a patient’s safety regarding contaminations. Sterilization can be easily used for cleaning custom trays. This does not need any skills thus promoting proper maintenance of the surgical tools and equipment.

Easy Traceability

In cases where some tools experience some problems, it is easy to trace them back to the vendor. This is enhanced with the components used in the custom procedure trays can be easily located using the vendor’s batch number.

Waste reduction

Custom trays have contributed in safeguarding our environment since there is reduced packaging of its components and the fact that sterilization is also done. This not only minimizes costs but also enhances proper usage of the CPT.

Custom procedure trays have become a favorite tool for many medical professionals. They boost efficiency, improved service delivery, and also have enhanced safeguarding of patients’ lives. With the changing medical environments, it is acceptable for a medical facility to adopt the use of custom trays for more efficient, professional and successful operations.


Customized surgical trays are categorized by type, based on their utility in certain settings. They have substantially increased efficiency in operating rooms as the trays are already designed with the correct equipment. Custom surgical trays are all about convenience and adaptability. Categorization of surgical trays assists medical personnel in choosing the style of surgical tray that will be most helpful for a particular surgical procedure before surgery begins. Following, is a list and brief description of the different types of custom surgical trays commonly available.

Types of Custom Surgical Trays

  1. Single Use

Single use surgical trays are designed to be used once and then disposed of. They are often the best type of surgical tray for procedures that take place outside of the operating room.

  1. On the Go Kits

On the go kits are mobile and easily carried. They include the primary medical instruments which are guaranteed to be sanitary.

  1. Surgical Trays with Stands

Surgical trays with stands are ideal for the majority of surgeries that take place in the operating room. With the stand built into the tray itself, it is a simple procedure to set up and have the necessary tools within easy reach.

  1. Perforated Instrument Tray

Custom surgical trays are available that have perforations, allowing for drainage of any excess fluids. The perforations increase the exposure to steam during sterilization procedures.

  1. Covered and Stackable Trays

Custom surgical trays are designed for effective storage, and are easily stacked to make inventory and accessibility simple. Hospitals can determine the best trays for their staff, and can order surgical trays designed for immediate use, or choose trays made from metal, plastic, or stainless steel.

Components of Custom Surgical Trays

There are numerous types of surgeries, and depending on the type of operation, the components of custom surgery trays varies accordingly. Certain disposable components are considered essential for all custom trays, and include:

  • Dressings
  • Bowls
  • Suture
  • Disposable syringes
  • Surgical blades
  • Surgical swabs
  • Scalp vein-type needles
  • Forceps
  • Stitch cutter
  • Surgical drapes
  • Personal protection materials
  • Towels

Hospitals and physicians are free to choose additional components in their custom trays, even though that item is not normally required for certain procedures. Examples of custom trays that also contain specialized components, include:

  • Surgical skin staple which is used to close skin wounds during surgical procedures, or to connect or eliminate parts of the bowels or lungs
  • Cardiac catheter which is a tube used in a catheterization procedure when diagnosing and addressing cardiovascular problems
  • Nasal oxygen catheter used to evenly distribute oxygen through perforations
  • Litigation clip used to close off bleeding vessels

Some standard custom trays have been developed by many surgical tray companies that address the needs of a variety of facilities. The trays can be used as a starting point and modified according to the physician’

s requirements. Standard custom trays contain all procedure required surgical equipment and accessories. Special trays can be ordered to accommodate younger and smaller patients that contain appropriate gauge needles and customizable sized drapes. Standard custom trays, include:

  • Angiography Trays
  • Biopsy Trays
  • Interventional Radiology Drape Trays
  • Pacemaker Trays
  • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Insertion Trays
  • Combicath Trays

Every hospital, or health facility, that has physicians performing surgical procedures, requires essential surgery tools at the ready. Custom surgical trays allow facilities to order the selected, pre-sterilized trays in bulk, while being assured that they are ready for immediate use. Operational costs of the facility are reduced as less time is required for surgery preparation and application. The savings in time, increase the odds of a speedy operation, that could actually, save a life.


Custom surgical trays are a great investment for a number of reasons. They’re easier for staff to use, they save you time and money, they can be designed to fit your specific needs, and they can even save lives in emergencies.

Cutting Costs

With custom trays, you’ll avoid the hidden costs of on-site preparation. Custom trays are prepared off-site, in a professional facility, without any lost time for your medical practice. This type of preparation typically requires hours of sterilization and arrangement. By purchasing custom trays, you won’t lose time or money. And purchasing these trays in bulk will provide you with additional discounts.

Additionally, your custom trays are immediately available for use whenever you need them. Since they come pre-sterilized, there is no prep time for you. If your medical facility has a sterilization process, some custom trays reused, meaning you’ll save even more money.

Customize Trays to Fit Your Needs

Since all surgical practices are not the same, custom trays can be directly commissioned for your practice. The word “custom” implies personalization, which is something you need in your operating room. You may specialize in a procedure which isn’t offered anywhere else. Custom trays can be made to fit the individual idiosyncrasies a surgeon may have. Once your order has been made, the company will create bulk shipments of trays for you. This means you will always have a convenient supply of equipment on hand.

Quality Control

Human error happens. Error is more likely to occur when you prepare trays on-site. Custom tray providers will rarely have errors in delivery. If there are mistakes, providers will replace the trays with the right ones without any additional cost.

Customized Trays Save Lives

Custom trays can help you save more lives. Having conveniently-arranged operation equipment readily available means your staff won’t have to spend time preparing procedure trays. If your staff loses time prepping trays, lives can hang in the balance. Thankfully, customized procedure trays save your staff that time.

Modern and Customized

Customized trays not only save you time and money, but they can also save lives. These trays will increase efficiency, as your chosen sterilized instruments are packed into safe containers that will stay clean and intact until they are needed. Because they are customized, your facility gets exactly what it needs for its procedures. They are convenient and beneficial for a variety of medical practices. Customizing your own medical trays can be more cost-effective than buying standard items.

Order customized trays from a provider with a responsible reputation and you’ll enjoy wonderful customer service, quality control and bulk savings.


Working in the field of medicine is typically very fast paced and this is true for a number of different facilities. A doctor’s office, hospital or urgent care facility can get very hectic in just a matter of seconds. Utilizing custom surgical trays in a number of different situations can really help professionals focus on their work while utilizing high quality, sterilized tools in an efficient manner. A custom tray surgical pack can be used for stitching up a small wound or it can be used for something more complex like open heart surgery on a patient. Regardless of what the overall need may be, customized surgical trays are very convenient and fit into a facility’s budget nicely. The end result is a much more efficient level of work.


Professionals have found a number of different methods for customizing trays that tailors to their facility. Different doctors like to work with different tools and each one has a unique method for the procedures that they perform. A customized tray will ensure that the tools they need are on hand without having to gather them from different locations and professionals have endless options. This equates to much better efficiency and better patient care.

Efficiency Benefits

Custom surgical trays allow for increased efficiency in a number of different medical facilities due to:

  • Tools being included in one complete pack. This pack can be stored somewhere safe and convenient. When the procedure is going to be performed, a staff member can quickly and easily access this item instead of searching for a number of different items.
  • Surgical packages come clearly labeled with what items are inside, making it easy to find what is needed.
  • Customized trays allow for creativity. A doctor can include items in his or her tray that someone else might not use but they feel it will make things more efficient.

Where These Trays Are Used In The Field

Sterilized tools are very necessary in any medical facility or surgical suite. This level of sterilization helps prevent infection among patients. Each pack will be opened when the procedure is beginning and this can include:

  • Pacemaker battery replacement
  • Open heart surgery
  • C-section
  • Herniated disc repair
  • Wound cleaning
  • ENT procedures
  • Biopsies

What in put into each individual custom surgical tray is really up to each facility that is placing the order. Each professional can have their own trays packed and labeled according to what they need in order to efficiently do their job if they wish. Additional items can be added to these surgical trays whenever somebody requests. Professionals who utilize these customized products see the difference customization makes as far as increased efficiency goes, for very little increased cost.


When it comes to medical facilities, there are sometimes unnecessary expenses that could be optimized if you only took the time to promote cost savings within your facility. You don’t have to cut corners to become cost-efficient; you just have to adopt new methodology when it comes to management.

One of the best ways to help save on costs is through that of custom surgical trays. Experts in the medical field agree that these trays are time-saving and cost-efficient.

Today, we will go into further detail of how your medical practice can utilize savings with custom surgical trays.

Perform an Itemized Audit

When there is a procedure at your facility, many times the staff will use items they need. A lot of time many items are taken from different procedural kits, but aren’t utilized correctly, and excessive items are discarded.

If you think about how much waste happens in your facility, then maybe it’s time you do an itemized audit. You will be able to tell which items are being properly utilized and which ones are not. You can also utilize supply data within the audit.

Supply data helps determine the overall cost per surgical procedure, and you may be able to influence the decision for the implementation of surgical custom trays. For instance, you can use the data to:

  • Explain the expenses incurred in ordering, stocking, maintaining, and picking regular supplies.
  • Demonstrate the impact custom procedure trays would have on operation room setup as well as turnover time.
  • Explain the impact of staff getting in and out of the theatre suite in search of supplies.

You’ll also be able to compare the cost of purchasing each individual product for a procedure against the savings that would be made if the products were bundled into a custom surgical tray. Likewise, you will be in a position to demonstrate the costs saved between every procedure when custom surgical trays are used.

Custom Surgical Tray Analytics

Thanks to technology and data analytics you will be able to implement the proper implementation of custom surgical trays, after all a surgical tray can contain around 50 items.

When you use data analytics, you will be able to customize according to what you deem necessary. You will also be able to identify opportunities to what to include and exclude to cut waste out of these trays to save time without compromising the quality of the health care you provide.

With the data analytics you can adjust according to the levels of surgeries you performed. Likewise, you can capitalize on technology to replace surgical components with cost-efficient, but clinically high-quality equivalent products. This gives you an accurate baseline of overall supply cost of every procedure.

Adapting a Custom Surgical Trays Benefit Strategy

Some of the key benefits when it comes to custom surgical trays include:

  • Save Time – As they say time is the most precious commodity, and the traditional surgical tray takes time to prepare. You’ll cut down on employee waste, and this translates to reduced operating costs.
  • Bulk Ordering – Ordering the custom surgical trays you want cuts down significant costs and reduces waste.
  • Efficiency for Your Facility– Custom surgical trays promote efficiency in your medical facility, which means you can see more patients. Patients will also appreciate this as their time is important as well.

Final Thoughts

Medical waste needs to be addressed, and by proper use of both audits and data supply is helping achieve the optimization in the health care profession. Custom surgical trays help utilize this optimization by keeping costs low and making medial facilities more efficient.


What to Include on Your Custom Tray

Customized trays play an integral role within your medical office. These tools are important for a variety of purposes from standard checkups to surgeries.

It’s important to know what considerations to take into effect along with tray characteristics, and then the most important factor of all being what you can include on your custom tray. All of these will be covered today as we go in depth about the subject. Let’s get started!

Questions and Considerations

When it comes to custom medical trays, there are a variety of questions you should ask yourself. These questions include:

  • What operation is this tray used for?
  • What tools are required?
  • Does the tray need to be supported?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is there sterilization measures available?

Characteristics You Should Consider for Your Tray

All of these characteristics are essential when it comes to your custom medical tray.

  • Sterilization – Everything within a customized kit should be sterilized, so there is no delay when time counts the most for a procedure. Most custom medical trays have sterilized parts.
  • Time Effective – The whole purpose to have a customized tray is for time efficiency along with having the right tools to get the procedure done right.
  • Bulk Options – Can this customized tray be bought in bulk and always ready for operation? If you can buy in bulk, this will save both time and money so you don’t have to worry about running out of these supplies at any given time.
  • Dependable Manufacturer – You should always order from a trusted manufacturer who has a history of successful on-time deliveries. Most of these manufacturers will have online reviews of which ones are the best and which ones are not.

Custom Trays Specialties & Equipment

Custom trays are for a variety of surgical specialties that include:

  • General Surgery
  • Plastics
  • Neurology
  • Gastric
  • Cardiology
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Orthopedics
  • Robotics

If you don’t see your medical profession here you can most likely get a custom procedure tray prepared with the items you need.

In fact, a lot of medical professionals ask what they can include in their custom trays, and this can include just about anything within reason from scalpels, scissors, gauze, syringes, disinfectant, needles, stiches, specialized instruments. A typical custom kit can hold around 50 to 60 items, so it is totally plausible to ask for the items you need in your customized tray kit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to custom medical trays for your operations, it makes sense on so many levels. It is cost efficient, and all the tools are ready and sterilized for when you need them. Customized kits will have everything you need while not wasting extra costs associated with items you don’t need.


In Past Years

Sterilization of surgical devices is a vital process in the field of medicine. Years ago in the 1970’s and before medical facilities had sterilization rooms, autoclave rooms, or central supply rooms, equipped with the needed devices to sterilize medical tools and equipment.

After this highly trained person purifies and repackages the tool trays, they deliver the packages to each department where they are ready for the next sterile procedure for the doctor or nurse.

Non-sterile versus Sterile

Non-sterile equipment is for noninvasive procedures. Tools and equipment needed for invasive body procedures where the doctor must break the patient’s skin are known as sterile procedures requiring the use of sterile tools.

Third-Party Companies

Gradually, many medical facilities began to hire third-party sterilization businesses to collect tools and equipment from medical facilities to clean or sterilize and repackage these trays and deliver them back to facilities. These companies, contracted by medical facilities arrange specific times and days to pick up contaminated tools and equipment.

By hiring third-party companies, medical facilities no longer have to designate unique autoclaving rooms and continually train staff to work the autoclaves and learn how to package up sterile tool trays.

Third-party companies clean non-sterile tools and equipment as well as tools and equipment that they must sterilize. These supplies are medical and surgical supplies and machines.

Companies clean, prepare, process, store, and redeliver. Medical facilities find that they save thousands of dollars a year by hiring a third company.

Sterilization Process

The process these companies clean or sterilize tools and equipment are as follows.

All tools and equipment are cleaned to remove debris, including blood from the items. The technician cleans tools by using a soft brush, and an FDA approved detergent. The technician cleans the inside, outside, locks, hinges, and every inch of the item.

The technician thoroughly rinses each item with warm water only.

The technician cleans the tool again by putting in warm water, and a mild FDA approved detergent. Appropriate tools for specific procedures are laid out on a cloth on a tray and wrapped specially for the autoclaving process.

An autoclaving machine uses steam as a gas sanitizer. The pressure inside the device increases when the temperature increases. The steam sends off droplets of energized water that goes through the item and when autoclaving completes the items (s) inside is sterilized and ready for use. Autoclaving medical tools are the most used and trusted and reliable way to remove all bacteria and germs.

Methods Used in Sterilization of Medical Tools

There are several different ways in which the technician sterilizes items. They are as follows.

A steam heated autoclave machine comes in many different sizes and is similar to a pressure cooker canister and can sterilize instruments of all sizes and shapes, hollows, solids, and liquids. Autoclave steam kills all germs, bacteria, and spores. Hot water alone does not kill any germs or bacteria, but steam does the job of sterilizing.

There are some objects in which boiling hot water does kill surface germs and bacteria such as rubber, some plastics, and metal tools.

Most of the tools and equipment found in medical facilities are metal. The technician uses boiling water to sterilize metal tools, rubber or plastic when water starts to boil the item go in for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, the technician carefully removes the items with sterilized tongs. The items are immediately moved to a sterilized container.

Companies may also use sterilization techniques that utilize chemicals, such as filtration, ionizing radiation, hydrogen peroxide, gas plasma, ethylene gas, or dry heat


Millions of medical procedures are performed annually by those in the healthcare industry. For those dedicated people entrenched in their field, time is of the essence and organization is pivotal in providing their clients with the best of care. The quality of a service is often supported by utilizing high-quality tools that ensure procedures or processes are applied efficiently. How do health professionals create an experience that assures their patients of their competence in efficiency? When you employ tools that take the guesswork out of endless procedures, you’ll feel relieved and clients will be thankful your efficiency keeps their appointment in a manageable time frame.

Customizing the Work Space

One of the number one qualities patients hope for from their healthcare providers is proficiency. A steady hand, an organized workspace, and a calm demeanor allow for those sometimes dreaded meetings to run smoothly. without interruption. Here are some other top characteristics great doctors are said to display on a regular basis:

  • They are current. Their understanding of the latest treatments and tendency to employ premium quality medical products brings respect from clientele and peers.
  • They see a patient’s time as just as important as their own. Thoughtful doctors examine and diagnose in a timely manner.
  • Health care professionals strive to have test results readily available. No matter what type of test is given, a doctor should provide results as time-efficient as possible.

Amazingly, custom procedure trays share many similar characteristics with quality doctors who strive to better the lives of their patients. Modified to fit your needs in terms of placement and organization, custom procedure trays employ modern straight-forward solutions to keep medical tools as at the ready and available to their users as possible. With technological advances in their internal make-up, custom procedure trays epitomize up-to-date solutions to age-old problems.

How can a professional accurately diagnose? It’s all in the tools. High-quality custom procedure trays make diagnosis simple. You can customize your custom procedure trays to fit each individual procedure. A sterile surface to create a safe environment gives patients peace of mind and ensures that less time is wasted on the process rather than the diagnosis.

For those who use custom procedure trays, providing quick answers relies on superior tool sorting. Room for blood tests, vaccination syringes, even a decent clean space to lay a stethoscope on goes quite a long way to presenting accurate, speedy results. No contaminates means no costly or ill-timed re-test.

Sorting it out

Most doctors see upwards of 30 patients daily. Medical processes vary in type, in need, and ofttimes in scope. Custom procedure trays let healthcare employees complete their important tasks without interruption or confusion. Having a repertoire of the exact tools you need withing arms reach offers confidence and peace of mind to you and/or the health care workers you work or associate with.

There is nothing so disheartening as seeing a medical professional struggling to find what they need. Ensure you look professional, efficient and assured with custom procedure trays that place the control and the precision into your capable and steady hands!


Equipment on a Surgical Tray


The Flexibility of Custom Trays

Any kind of medical operation, be it closing a minor wound or doing a major kidney transplant, needs a sterile environment. That is why theaters, surgeons and other practicing medical experts spend hours trying to sterilize equipment and the entire operating room.

Creating a sterile environment consumes time, and so does cleaning and disinfecting any equipment you use for in any procedure. The invention of custom surgical trays changes the playing ground, giving medical practitioners the opportunity to reach out to a sterile and ready to go pack of equipment on demand.

How do Custom Surgical Trays Work?

Custom surgical trays give you a complete set of equipment relevant to a specific procedure. The equipment on a surgical tray comes sterilized and ready for use hence you don’t have to spend extra time preparing your tools for the job.

Types of Custom Surgical Trays

Since the whole idea behind surgical trays is to provide versatile and ready to use equipment on demand, the market is awash with a wide variety of kits each of which addresses a specific need.

Single Use Surgical Trays

If you are a paramedic or someone who is ever out on the field, you’ll appreciate the convenience of custom trays you can use once and dispose them once you’re done. Single use surgical trays give you all the emergency equipment you need arranged in a neat easy to carry case that doubles up as the safe disposal unit once you are done. They make your procedures easier and reduce the time you spend handling responsible waste disposal.

Surgical Trays with Stands

If you are going to operate in an actual operating room, you will definitely have some even ground next to the operation table. Instead of having an orderly organizing and passing the equipment, a well-organized custom tray with stands might be all you need by your side. The surgical tray with stands is not only convenient but a perfect way to reduce the staff needed per operation procedure hence cutting down on staff redundancy and improving on the number of safe procedures your institution can handle in a day.

Coverable and Stackable Trays – Perfect for Storage

Most hospitals and health facilities like having a decent stack of equipment lying around to ensure smooth operation. Having an easily accessible stockpile of surgical equipment is not only good for your daily activities but also great at saving costs.

If you are walking down this path, you will have to order covered and stackable custom trays that are strong and durable. The structural strength comes in handy when protecting the surgical equipment from contamination. Their frames also form an inbuilt stacking mechanism that lets you store more equipment in a given location at a go.

Stackable custom trays will reduce the number of contaminated equipment and also cut down on the costs you incur maintaining a perfectly sterile environment for conventional operation equipment.

Custom surgical trays are making operation procedures in the theater or out in the field more convenient. They are doing away with the extra sterilization procedures conventional equipment requires and even doing away with confusion by creating a conventional equipment-on-tray organization that any surgeon, paramedic, doctor or any practicing expert can learn to expect when using a specific tray. This has led to safer and faster operations that are a good way to save lives while improving on clinical productivity.