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5 Best Reasons for Using Custom Procedure Trays

Medical practitioners use essential one-time custom surgical packs while carrying out their procedures. The pieces of equipment are delivered to the surgery room on sterile packs. Custom trays are packed with all the materials the practitioner will require while in the operating room. The packs are designed and delivered by medical clinicians in a timely and well-organized manner. The items are well sterilized and germ-free to avoid further contamination. Custom procedure tray contains surgical blades, drips, wound dressing, drapes, sutures and surgical swabs. Catheters and implants are included on doctor’s orders. Using custom procedure trays is beneficial in so many ways as stated below.

Here are the top five reasons why the health industry should use tailored surgical packs.

  • Cost

Surgical packs enable the practitioners to complete more procedures efficiently which means that less money will be used to generate more high-quality services. According to research, health facilities using surgical packs to boost their daily operation by 30-40%. Health facilities won’t have to keep therapeutic tools in bulk while using the custom packs, therefore, simplifying the management of cost. The managers will have an easy time calculating the delivery costs. Storing medical equipment for long could lead to expiry of some which means loss or possible contamination. There will be reduced administrative costs since less time will be spent ordering and filling in the inventory. The need to perform requisitions and stock standardization is negated with the use of surgical packs. Delivery costs will subside since the number of surgical packs needed will be minimal.

  • Time

The clinicians will use less time when picking and organizing medical appliances for surgery. The entire process uses less effort and energy due to custom procedure packs. The clinicians can save the amount of time used in administration by reducing on the supply base. More time will now be directed to patient care.

  • Quality

You could never go wrong with custom packs; they have the right tools at the right time. They compose of all the necessary equipment in a single sterile pack ensuring that the patients do not contract infections. The custom packs are a lifesaver. Practitioners should ensure that they position the pack at an easily accessible location. The custom packs have been standardized in most health facilities thus enhancing quality. It is essential always to check the expiration date. All the equipments have a best before date indicated. The items that have passed the expiration date should be discarded with immediate effect. Use of expired tools could lead to disaster and closure of the facility. In most cases the sterile fluid in the custom packs may be compromised but the tools remain intact. However, this will take a long time. It is therefore imperative to keep checking the medical equipment to deliver maximum results.

  • Environmental

There is a possibility of reducing the waste generated by 50%. Custom trays can decrease the carbon print of your industry. The trays require less packing materials compared to packing each item on its own. At the end of the day, less bags will be wasted.

  • Improves Efficiency

It is possible to carry out as many procedures as possible since less time will be used in the preparation. The patients won’t have to queue for long, therefore reducing the risks of preventable complications.

All the tips mentioned above are useful to every health facility that is looking forward to using custom procedure trays. Every point elaborates on the reasons clinicians or medical practitioners should use custom procedure trays.