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What is the advantage of custom procedure trays


Save Time, Money, And Lives

How long does it take for the staff at your facility to prepare a regular procedure tray? A minute? Five minutes? How many trays are needed a day? If there are, in your facility, twenty-four operations a day, and it takes a minute per operation for the preparation of a tray, that’s 24 minutes a day. If it takes five minutes, that’s 120 minutes a day. Are the operations being done in your facility lax enough that this is affordable? Are lives not hanging in the balance? Too, is the expense which goes to preparing those trays a cost that’s worthwhile? If the lowest-paid nurse’s aide on staff is getting fifteen dollars an hour, then it costs $6 to $30 a day for her to prepare trays. That’s $42 to $210 a week, or $168 to $840 a month. Can your clinic really afford between $168 and $840 on a monthly basis just for the arrangement of surgical equipment on a tray? And how about the time involved? 208 to 840 minutes a week, gone. So much lost time in equipment preparation could end up losing lives as well. Thankfully, there is an option which unifies all these issues into a single solution: the customized procedure tray.

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Customized trays save time and money, and they can also save lives because of those two factors. More time for operation and more money for equipment and training develop more successful operations and a healthier community. Just be sure to use customized trays from a provider with a responsible reputation.