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Are There Cost Benefits for Using Custom Procedure Trays?

There are many challenges facing hospitals nowadays. Among them is cutting cost and enhancing efficiency. The needs as mentioned above prompted the National Health Service to come up with Custom Procedure Trays. A custom procedure tray entails of single sterile consumables to be used by the clinicians and everyone in an operation setting. The tray contains a range of packaged appliances convenient for in-house sterilization and emergencies. Individuals in need of surgery can directly commission a customized procedure tray. The tray can be made up in any way the surgeon deems fit it contains surgical drapes, cannulas, scalpels, surgical wipes, wound dressing, tubing, and stitching gut. After the order is complete, the set tray can be sent to other medical facilities in need of them in a bulk shipment. In this occasion, there will be minimal time and cost wastage since there will always be a convenient readily available supply in case of an emergency.

The following are ways in which the custom procedure trays have benefited the health industry in matters regarding costs;

Health Act demands can Easily Be Met

The 2006 Health Act, emphasizes on preventing any health care interrelated infections. Infections can be caused by sharing contaminated equipment. As a result, there are some set codes of practice and any practitioner that defies the dubbed directives risks to lose their reputation and can suffer possible lawsuits which may result in losses of funds to a tune of millions especially where wrong deaths occur. The most effective way to get rid of infections is by using the procedure tray since it is easy to sterilize the surgical tools.


Using custom procedure trays leaves adequate time to perform more procedures and retain customers hence maximize returns. Sterilizing equipment the traditional way demands more time. The time will be spent unwrapping and conducting detailed sterilization procedures. However, there is no need for sterilization while using the procedure trays. It is vital to ensure that the trays come from a reliable, trusted and responsible provider.

Improved Efficiency

Usually, the custom procedure tray is arranged to cater for the operation procedure on set. The tools are stacked up according to the clinician’s orders which means that they won’t struggle to locate the tools they need during the procedure. As a result, there are higher chances of reduced malpractices and lower chances of soiled reputation. That could generate numerous return clients.

Release of Stock Funds

The custom trays are arranged in an easy to rack way hence there is no need of stocking. It is unnecessary to place bulk orders since you can order the trays when you require them. The custom trays come with all the necessary equipment for the particular procedure. You could use the money you set aside for stocking to invest in other income-generating projects.

Less Wastage

Earlier on, before the invention of custom procedure trays, a lot of time was wasted in preparation of the equipment. There were sterile and super clean rooms designed as storage for the equipment in each health facilities. Currently, with the use of custom trays, the storage can be used for other things and minimize related costs.

Custom procedure trays are the ideal tools every clinician in the health industry needs. Clinicians will be able to cut cost and enhance efficiency. The quality of services won’t be compromised since the custom trays rarely lose their sterility. Using the procedure trays ensures that the practitioners deliver quality services on time thus win the hearts of clientele.