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CPT Medical


Working in the field of medicine is typically very fast paced and this is true for a number of different facilities. A doctor’s office, hospital or urgent care facility can get very hectic in just a matter of seconds. Utilizing custom surgical trays in a number of different situations can really help professionals focus on their work while utilizing high quality, sterilized tools in an efficient manner. A custom tray surgical pack can be used for stitching up a small wound or it can be used for something more complex like open heart surgery on a patient. Regardless of what the overall need may be, customized surgical trays are very convenient and fit into a facility’s budget nicely. The end result is a much more efficient level of work.


Professionals have found a number of different methods for customizing trays that tailors to their facility. Different doctors like to work with different tools and each one has a unique method for the procedures that they perform. A customized tray will ensure that the tools they need are on hand without having to gather them from different locations and professionals have endless options. This equates to much better efficiency and better patient care.

Efficiency Benefits

Custom surgical trays allow for increased efficiency in a number of different medical facilities due to:

  • Tools being included in one complete pack. This pack can be stored somewhere safe and convenient. When the procedure is going to be performed, a staff member can quickly and easily access this item instead of searching for a number of different items.
  • Surgical packages come clearly labeled with what items are inside, making it easy to find what is needed.
  • Customized trays allow for creativity. A doctor can include items in his or her tray that someone else might not use but they feel it will make things more efficient.

Where These Trays Are Used In The Field

Sterilized tools are very necessary in any medical facility or surgical suite. This level of sterilization helps prevent infection among patients. Each pack will be opened when the procedure is beginning and this can include:

  • Pacemaker battery replacement
  • Open heart surgery
  • C-section
  • Herniated disc repair
  • Wound cleaning
  • ENT procedures
  • Biopsies

What in put into each individual custom surgical tray is really up to each facility that is placing the order. Each professional can have their own trays packed and labeled according to what they need in order to efficiently do their job if they wish. Additional items can be added to these surgical trays whenever somebody requests. Professionals who utilize these customized products see the difference customization makes as far as increased efficiency goes, for very little increased cost.