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Benefits of Buying Custom Surgical Trays


Custom surgical trays are a beneficial way to increase efficiency at a number of medical facilities. Specifically chosen sterilized instruments are packed into safe containers that will stay clean and in tact until the point that they are ready to be used for a number of medical procedures. There are a number of standard surgical trays available or you can opt for something more customized that gives your facility exactly what is needed for certain procedures. This convenient product is beneficial for hospitals, medical offices, surgical suites, urgent care facilities and many other locations. Not to mention, customizing your own medical trays can be more cost effective than buying standard items.

Customized Items

Custom surgical trays can be ordered from manufacturers that specifically focus on the instruments that professionals need in order to do their job each day. Each client can choose what they need to get the job done in an efficient manner. Some of the procedures that can utilize these customized surgical trays include:
-Wound Stitching

-Wound cleaning
-Pacemaker battery replacement


Depending on what medical facility these custom trays are used in, a custom tray can mean life or death. A few short seconds is sometimes all that is needed in order to save a patient’s life and having to stop to find specific tools that aren’t in the right spot isn’t something a professional wants to have to do. When you use a custom surgical tray, everything that is needed is right in one location, sterilized and ready to go. If the packs are kept in an easy to access location you simply grab that pack that you need and get to work.

The Cost

You will find that the overall cost for producing a custom surgical tray is a bit higher than just standardized packs or separate tools. However, many facilities find that they are able to more efficiently use tools when they have these customized items and in the long run this will save money. You have the option to purchase whatever your facility needs. You can save a great deal of money by purchasing standard trays for non-emergency procedures while more urgent matters can utilize these custom packs.


When each customized tray is produced it is given an expiration date by which the package must be used or discarded. This date is determined considering what tools are inside of each pack and the method of sterilization used. While the tools themselves may be in tact, the sterile fluid surrounding certain items may be compromised at a certain point. For the most part, these packages will last quite some time before needing to be replaced. It is important for your location to adhere to this date however. It is made with the safety of everyone involved in mind. Nobody likes losing money on unused items but the integrity of these packs is very important.

The uses of custom surgical trays vary and are beneficial for a number of different medical facilities and locations. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgical centers, medical offices and pediatric facilities have all utilized this service and these items thanks to their convenience. It saves a lot of time and resources not having to sort, organize and purchase separate tools for separate procedures. Once a custom tray has been selected, reordering is extremely easy and can often be done online and by phone in just a matter of minutes. Focusing on patients and their health and well-being is what is most important and using these custom trays can help put the focus back on the patients.