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Benefits of CPT Custom Surgical Trays for Patients

Custom Procedure Trays, or CPTs, are becoming increasingly popular in medical facilities across the country. These trays include all the necessary tools the surgeon may need for a specific type of medical procedure. Since these trays are custom-made, each medical center can determine exactly what medical tools to include on the tray and how to specifically place these items on the trays to best meet the needs of the surgeon.

Medical facilities receive a wide range of benefits from using these CPT custom trays, such as cost and time efficiency. However, it is important to also note the numerous benefits of CPT surgical trays for patients. Here’s a look at the top four benefits.

  1. Reduced Surgical Time

CPT custom trays can save both prep and procedural time for the patient. Since these tools are prepared ahead of time, the medical team will not have to waste valuable time on surgery day to ensure these vital tools are in place. Instead, it is as easy as grabbing the right tray and placing it in the operating room. These custom trays are all designed the exact same way, which will help to save the surgeon time during the operation because he will know exactly where each tool he needs is located on the tray.

  1. Quality of Surgery

Operating rooms can be extremely chaotic and stressful. Unfortunately, this type of environment can increase the risk of human error. Even the smallest mistake, like a missing medical instrument, can literally mean the difference between life and death. This can be a very scary process for the patient. CPT custom surgical trays can give the patient peace of mind knowing that all the tools needed for the surgery will be in one customized location. These custom trays also can help to reduce the risk of human error.

  1. Lower Risk of Infection

As any medical professional can tell you, sterilization is key when it comes to a successful surgery. This is because a patient’s immune system is often lower right after surgery, which means the patient is even more susceptible to infection. Even the smallest bacteria can cause major problems both during and after surgery. Surgical custom trays help to lower the risk of infection by ensuring that every single medical tool used during the surgery is sterile. Each tool on the tray is professionally sterilized before placing it. The tray is then securely wrapped to eliminate the risk of de-sterilization over time.

  1. Decreased Costs

Another major benefit is the cost savings CPT custom trays provide. This reduction of costs to the medical facility is then passed down to the patient to help keep their medical costs as low as possible.

The truth is that many patients may not even realize the great benefits CPT custom trays provide. However, they will know the quality of the services provided by the medical team and CPT trays will help to improve the quality of services your team can provide. Learn more about how CPT custom trays can benefit not just your medical practice, but your patients as well.