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Benefits of custom trays for the patient

A custom procedure tray (CPT) is a set of all the necessary tools a surgeon requires for a specific type of medical procedure. The trays are beneficial in many ways not only to medical practitioners but also to patients. For this reason, custom trays have become increasingly popular in healthcare centers. Custom trays are usually custom-made and therefore each medical center can decide what medical apparatus they need to be included on their trays and how the tools in the pack should be arranged to suit what the surgeon needs for a particular operation.

Whereas medical facilities and healthcare professionals have greatly benefited from the use of custom trays through such conveniences as cost and time efficiency, it’s also important to note the many advantages that the trays bring to patients as well. The major benefits of custom trays for patients include the following:

  • Quality of surgery

An operating room can tend to be stressful and chaotic since there is a life on the line. Such an environment tends to increase the risk of human error. For instance, a minor error like missing a medical equipment could cost a life. The process could frighten the patient. Custom trays give patients a peace of mind since all tools required for the surgery are placed in one customized location. The trays also help minimize the risk of human error since they’re well organized according to the surgeon’s needs and are thoroughly sterilized to avoid contamination.

  • Decreased Costs

Cost savings is also a major advantage of custom trays to patients. Since custom trays help medical facilities cut on costs, the reduction in costs is passed down to patients thus their medical costs are greatly reduced.

  • Reduced surgical time

Custom trays can save both prep and procedural time for patients in need of surgeries. Since the required medical equipment are prepared ahead of time, the surgical team will not have to waste valuable time in the operating room to ensure every essential tool is in place. Convenience is brought about such that the process on the operating day is as easy as grabbing the right tray and placing it in the operating room. Custom trays may be designed or packed differently but their sole purpose is to help to save the surgeons time during the operation because they will know exactly where each tool is located on the tray.

  • Lower risk of infection

when it comes to a successful surgery, sterilization is crucial, and that is common knowledge to any medical professional. Sterilization is extremely vital since a patient’s immune system often lowers immediately after surgery. That means that the patient becomes more susceptible to infection. Professionals indicate that even tiny bacteria can lead to major complications both during and after surgery. Custom trays ensure that they lower the risk of infection by making sure that every single medical tool used in the operating room is sterilized. Each medical apparatus on the tray is decontaminated before being placed there. The surgical tray is then wrapped securely to minimize the risk of contamination over time.

Unfortunately, many patients are not aware of the great benefits that custom trays provide. However, most are quick to notice the quality of services provided by health professionals at an institution. Worth noting is that custom trays also help improve the quality of services provided by a medical team. People should know that custom trays benefit the whole society ranging from patients to medical practices.