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Benefits of Standard Packs


The 21st Century
There are more people on the planet than in recorded history, and medicine is ostensibly at a zenith of effectivity. Increasing that effectivity requires innovation and progress. One of the most progressive, innovative new ways practices around the world are becoming more effective and efficient is through utilization of custom procedure trays, or standard packs. Custom procedure trays and such packs save a lot of time and effort, and can be exceptional benefits when there’s a massive influx of patients. Following are five prime advantages of this new innovation.

Efficiency Increase
With standard packs, you’re going to have an up-spike in efficiency. Custom procedure trays, also provide operation-ready equipment that’s been pre-sterilized and is immediately available. This means quicker operations and more effective use of time.

Exceptional Cost Savings
Custom procedure trays diminish time loss. If it takes even five minutes to make a tray ready for surgery, and there are a hundred needs for such a tray in a month, that’s 500 minutes a month, or eight hours and twenty minutes. At the end of a year’s time, a hundred hours have been spent on trays. If the employee time involved is $20 an hour, that comes to $2,000. Meanwhile, custom and standard procedure trays literally eliminates the majority of that cost.

The Value Of Product Standardization
Customized procedure trays feature products that have been standardized, and are subject to the rigors of that process. They will include only vetted tools and their hygienic decontamination will be subject to the highest scrutiny. Additionally, this ensures that the finest brands have a vested interest in ensuring you receive your custom procedure trays without incident.

Supply Consolidation Made Simple
With customized and standard procedure trays, you can keep all your ready-for-surgery equipment in a single place, and know that it will be safe. It makes sense to order several series of trays, this way you’ve got a backup in the event there’s some substantial emergency that requires it, and you’ve also got insurance against a misplaced order from the agency.

Inventory Management That’s Manageable
Custom procedure trays, beyond consolidating supplies, makes cataloguing them much less difficult. It’s going to take time to chase down where certain implements are, and if trays are constructed on-site, these could end up being spread just about anywhere. But you can cut down on such instances by knowing all necessary equipment is in a bevy of pre-prepared trays which are just awaiting to be used.

An Eminently Recommendable Option
With custom and standard procedure trays, the bottom line is saving and improving the healthcare of patients, in the most economical way.

  • Manageable Management of Inventory
  • Proper Supply Consolidation
  • Valuable Product Consolidation
  • Exceptional Savings
  • Increased Efficiency

There are a lot of reasons to make this switch, not least of them the security of knowing that a given clinic is ready to render the finest possible support at an unexpected notice. While it makes sense to have some kind of hygienic decontamination procedure on-site, the time it takes to use such measures on a regular basis makes the method less than ideal. With custom and standard procedure trays, there can also be the savings of the evaluation of antiquated hygienic methods.