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Benefits to a custom surgical pack

A custom surgical pack presents clinicians with an opportunity to use a onetime selection of sterile, surgical consumable items that are presented in a pre-configured pack for all sorts of surgical procedures. The packaged instruments negate the need for you to stock individual components in bulk and these results in better inventory management are consequently improving the quality of service to your clients by making it flexible. The trays provided can have components such as cannulas, tubing, surgical drapes, equipment covers, and formed trays all to your specifications. Below are some of the benefits that you rip from having a custom surgical pack.

Prevention of HCAI in standardized procedures

According to the Health Act of 2006, it is a legal requirement for all health care providers to implement the Code of Practice for Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections. This means that the control of HCAI is made into an everyday practice and applied to everyone consistently.

Adoption of customized a surgical pack is a step towards this objective. All similar procedures receive the same surgical pack which is packaged in a way that facilitates a consistent way of laying out the surgical pack.

Time Saving 

The time used by nurses unwrapping and sterilizing these items can be used more constructively in caring for the patients. Most studies have shown that surgical packs can save up to 30% of the time used in the preselection of the surgical pack and 36% of the time used in setting up the operating room. These time-saving benefit can uplift the nurse’s morale and give them sufficient time to care for the patient.

Improves Efficiency

The increased efficiency means that more procedures can be done in one day since the time for preparation is considerable. The waiting time for patients can be reduced, and their procedures carried out earlier.

Cost of procurement and administration is reduced

Since one tray contains all the necessary equipment, the hospital is saved the time and money of contacting many suppliers since they can get the surgical pack from one supplier.

Funds tied up in component stocks is released.

Before customized surgical packs were introduced, a theater used to store up a huge supply of surgical equipment which would cost up to $50,000. With procedure packs being delivered just-in-time, the theater can use the storage space for other things and release most of the stock value for other purposes.

Reduce wastage

The use of surgical packs can reduce the number of clinical waste bags by half since only the required instruments are provided.