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Cost Benefits of Custom Surgery Trays


Good custom procedure trays give clinicians and everyone in a operation setting a single sterile consumables specifically geared towards the procedure in question. The custom procedure trays contained a variety of packaged instruments on a single tray that is not only convenient but also an excellent way to save you on in-house sterilization.

Typical custom procedure trays will have anything from tubing, surgical drapes, scalpels, cannulas and even stitching gut if you need it in the procedure. While most practitioners see convenience, managers and business owners who work on a budget to procure supplies see impressive ways to cut down on costs without watering down quality of service or putting patients at risk.

Makes It Easier to Meet HCAI Standards

The 2006 Health Act demands that all health care providers have in place some code of practice geared towards preventing and controlling any health care related infections. These infections could be due to operations and surgical procedures using contaminated equipment. Dubbed the HCAI directive, any practitioner who contravenes the directive stands to lose a lot in reputation and potential lawsuits. Using custom procedure trays is a sure way to ensure that each and every tool you use for a surgical procedure is sterile and safe.

Saving Time Means More Procedures

Normally, nurses or practitioners using traditional surgical tools will spend some time unwrapping and sterilizing the equipment they need. This means that they not only have to spend time going through elaborate sterilization procedures but also have to invest in the right equipment to handle the sterilization. Using custom procedure trays eliminates the need for sterilization

Improved Efficiency Reduces Malpractices and Boosts Reputation

In all cases, you will find the custom tray arranged for maximum efficiency depending on the operation procedure in mind. The preparation team stacks the tools and equipment up depending on the order and the frequency the clinicians might need it during the operation procedures. This means that a practitioner can almost blindly reach to custom procedure trays and come up with the tool he or she needed without having to turn an eye.

No Holding Up Funds in Stocks

Stocking is no longer an issue since the custom surgery trays are designed in a compact easy to rack way. This not only means that you can order your custom surgery trays just when you need them but also ensure that you don’t place bulk orders on something you don’t really need.

Each of the custom procedure trays come in a balance structure that contains all the equipment needed for a specific procedure. This balances out the money you spend on stocking your storage area hence affording you more money to invest in other important aspects of the business.

Less Wastage

Before surgical trays came around, there was an estimated 30 percent more time wastage in preparation and a considerable wastage in storage space. Couple this with the fact that health institutions had to invest in dedicated storage rooms maintained sterile and super clean meant that there were more wasted resources in each institution.

Apart from this, non custom procedure trays equipment easily loses its sterility hence prompting many institutions to name many batches contaminated long before they could use them. The wastage always put an extra strain on the inventory.

Custom procedure trays will give clinical officers a chance to increase efficiency and cut down on costs. Trying them out will not only cut down on expenses but also potentially improve on the number of successful procedures you can carry in a day without compromising on the quality.