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CPT Products and Services

While the large custom procedure kit, tray, and pack companies place their emphasis on the procedure and surgical packs, our flexible corporate model allows us to provide large custom procedure packs and trays as well as the small “clean kits” with the minimum of one case and flexible shipping schedules.

  • I.V. Start
  • Central Line Dressing
  • Prep Trays/Kits
  • Laceration Kits
  • Blood Collection Kits
  • C.T. Biopsy Kits


CPT Medical, Inc. delivers procedure-specific packs and trays for all areas of healthcare. We will gladly cross-reference any of our standard packs and trays with our competitor’s products and then provide you with a quote with no obligation.

  • Our representatives will work with you and your staff on customizing packs you are currently utilizing. Let us assist you in analyzing the components in your packs.
  • If the end-users have changed, and the packs/trays have not been updated, you could discover unnecessary items contained in your packs/kits. This can cause your facility to lose dollars on unnecessary component purchases and defeat the major objectives of implementing packs to your facility: ease of use, the simplification of inventory management, ease of billing, and reduction of waste.


Providers are welcome to configure their packs, trays, and kits based on their current staff’s preferences.

    Some of the areas of use:

  • Operating Rooms
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Surgical Centers
  • Admissions
  • Patient Care
  • Neonatal Care
  • Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

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