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Custom Procedure Trays Reduce Costs


Opportunity Cost

A hidden cost many practitioners fail to notice comes in the lost opportunity which comes from on-site preparation. Custom trays are prepared in a professional facility without any time lost on the part of any staff within a given medical practice. Trays prepared on site require hours of sterilization, acquisition, and arrangement. How much is an hour worth to one of your staff? At the very least, it’s ten dollars; but if there are qualified employees working the clinic, that cost could jump to twenty dollars or more–and that just in the RN department. Sometimes nurses and aids won’t be requisite to the task of tray preparation, though, meaning a surgeon will have to prepare his or her own trays. This is surely intolerable, and a problem which custom trays fix instantaneously. The bottom line is that custom trays save time, money, and lives.

Packaging Items To Save

Oftentimes bulk purchases save money. If you buy 100 scalpels in bulk, you’re more likely to save money than if you buy each scalpel individually. But even if you buy scalpels in bulk or individually, should they not come pre-sterilized in the motif provided by custom trays, you’re still going to regularly absorb the cost of local sterilization via utilities and maintenance. Additionally, depending on your state, there could be regulations which prevent certain workers from handling equipment even though they’re more than capable of doing so. Such workers draw their own pay, and may yet be necessary even with the advent of custom trays. Yet if their services are only required in an emergency, then the perpetual cost declines. All that to say this: going the bulk route is a great way to shave costs from necessary surgical equipment. Going the bulk route with custom trays saves the buyer in more ways than one, because it offers discounted equipment which has already been sterilized by the company in production of it.

Customize Trays To Your Needs

Not all surgical practices will be precisely the same, and the value of modern custom trays is they can be directly commissioned per practice. It’s all in the name: “custom” implies a high degree of client personalization, which is an exceedingly necessary component of the operating room. Certain clinics may specialize in only one kind of procedure, but that procedure may not be offered anywhere else. The costs they’ll absorb preparing trays for surgery on-site is going to have two components working to increase it: time, and expense. Purchasing the equipment and arranging it into local trays isn’t something that happens over night, and that doesn’t include the time it takes for sterilization.

The Value Of Previously Prepared Surgical Equipment

While it doesn’t always take a long time to sterilize equipment, even relatively short amounts of time can be integral to the survival of a patient. Additionally, the cost of inspection which necessarily comes from primarily using localized sterilization equipment is redacted. While it is always advisable to have secondary and tertiary means of sterilization available, using custom trays can help you through retention of time and energy, as well as convenience. Custom trays are immediately available for use whenever the need arises, and can be ordered in advance. They come pre-sterilized. Additionally, if there is already some means of sterilization at the medical facility in question, custom trays can in some cases be reused, meaning the buyer saves twice. They save on the cost of heat or steam sterilization, and they save on equipment. But more importantly: the buyer may be able to save more lives through conveniently-arranged operation equipment readily available.