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Custom Trays Benefit in the Healthcare Market


Used for many different procedures and purposes, surgical trays can be customized and used by all medical care facilities. The sterilized instruments in these trays remain clean and in tact until they are ready to be used. With a variety of different custom tray options available, a facility can keep on hand what they will need. This convenient product can be very beneficial in the healthcare market and it is also typically very cost effective.


A custom tray can be ordered from most surgical tray manufacturers. Each tray will contain specific tools that are used for a specific procedure and these items can be chosen by each individual client. Just a few custom tray packs include items for the following:

  • Saline flush
  • C-section
  • Angiography
  • Laparoscopy
  • Pacemaker battery replacement
  • Tracheotomy


Depending on the medical setting, many times a surgical pack is needed in a very short amount of time. Someone’s life may be at risk and it would take precious seconds to stop and find specific tools that would be needed in order to complete some sort of procedure. With a custom tray, everything you need is in one location, sanitized, sterilized and ready to be used. You simply grab the pack and go.

Cost Effective

The cost for custom medical trays is of course, a bit higher than a standard pack. However, it is important to make sure you have all the right tools needed to get the job done. Some clients opt to purchase standard packs for common, non-life threatening procedures and then custom trays can be purchased for other, more intricate procedures.

Date of Use

Each tray pack comes with a shelf life date that recommends when the item should be discarded and replaced. This date often has to do with the sterile nature of the items inside and it is in best interest of the facility and the patients to adhere to this date. Luckily, these packs usually last for quite a long time.

Custom surgical and medical trays are important for many different medical facilities and locations. Whether it be for a hospital, ambulatory center, surgical center, medical office, dental office, etc. It is far more convenient to not have to order separate products and try to keep them organized within a facility. Not to mention, keeping them accessible and nearby. These trays free up more time so that staff can focus more on what is important, and that is the patients.