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Surgeon with surgical tool on tray in operation room at hospital

Difference Between Custom Trays and Ordinary Trays

In a hospital set up, the operating room is one of the areas that is most cost intensive in the whole health center. Besides, it is the place where you will find some of the most expensive equipment used for operational purposes. Among the instruments found in the operation room includes custom procedure trays as well as ordinary procedure trays. Even though they perform virtually the same functions, they have some slight differences both structural ad functional. Here are some few differences between the custom procedure trays and the ordinary surgical tray.

  • The time taken to prepare for a procedure

Studies have revealed a significant difference in the time taken while preparing for a surgery when using a custom surgical tray and an ordinary surgical tray. The custom procedure trays, as the word suggests are customized to suit the kind of operation it is meant for. This means that the instrument has features that make it easy to position the various surgical instruments while preparing to carry out a procedure. This translates into shorter time taken during the preselection of the surgical products. This efficiency gain will mean that a significant amount of the nurse’s time is spent taking care of more urgent and critical issues. Conversely, the ordinary procedure tray, unlike the custom procedure trays, does not have the features that make it easy to position equipment in a way that helps to reduce the time wasted. The nurse will, therefore, take a longer time doing the preparation of a procedure instead of using the time to attend to more urgent issues.

  • Efficiency

The custom tray, as already discussed above, ensures that the medical personnel takes a shorter time preparing and more time on the work itself. What this implies is that, if the medical center where the procedure was being undertaken is a busy one i.e. receives a large number of patients who may need to be operated on, then there will be more operations carried out in cases where custom procedure trays are used. This is because it takes a shorter turnaround time to set up the custom procedure trays, unlike their ordinary trays counterparts. The significant difference here, therefore, shows up when it comes to efficiency and reduction of the waiting time.

  • Structure

There is a considerable difference in the structure of the custom procedure trays and the ordinary trays. The custom procedure trays are in a pack which contains a variety of components. Conversely, the ordinary procedure trays will come in different packs that have to work together to perform the duty of one custom procedure tray. This translates into financial savings in the case of using a custom procedure tray as procurement will be done for a single tray unlike the many packs in an ordinary tray.

From the above comparison, it is evident that the two procedure trays have not only distinct features but also functions. This makes each of them suitable for specific purposes within the operation room.