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Different Components Of A Custom Surgery Tray


A custom surgery tray is a set of single-use medical devices, which are essential when doctors are carrying out medical procedures. Custom trays are ideal for various medical facilities, including surgical centers, hospitals, ambulatory centers, health systems, and medical offices.

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  • Scalp vein-type needles
  • Stitch Cutter
  • Forceps
  • Towels
  • Personal protection materials
  • Some custom trays contain specialized components such as:

    • Cardiac Catheter: This is a tube used during catheterization, which is a procedure for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular issues.
    • Surgical Skin Stapler: This specialized stapler is used in surgical procedures to close skin wounds. It can also be used to connect or eliminate parts of the lungs or bowels.
    • Nasal Oxygen Catheter: This specialized tube is used to uniformly distribute oxygen. It has perforations known as lateral eyes, which evenly diffuse oxygen.
    • Aortic Punch: This device is primarily used in a bypass grafting surgery. Heart surgeons use it to make a hole in the aorta wall to attach another blood vessel.
    • Ligation Clip: This is a small V-shaped clip used to ligate bleeding vessels. A ligation clip normally serves both as a remover and an applicator. It is made of stainless steel or disposable material.

    What Should You Consider When Choosing Custom Trays?

    The good thing about custom trays is that you can choose every component that goes into your tray. Hence, if there is a component that is normally not used for a certain procedure, but you would like to incorporate it, you can do so. Before acquiring custom trays, however, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

    • What kind of surgeries is the tray for?
    • What kinds of tools do you need?
    • What is your budget?
    • What sterilization measures are required?
    • How comfortable is the custom tray? Can it delay important action?

    Final Thoughts

    Custom trays have been used in surgical procedures for quite a while now. They are sets of essential operation tools that can be purchased in bulk, already-sterilized, and ready for use. Custom trays are effective in saving time and energy in surgery preparation and performance. They promote speedy operations that could save lives. In the end, they save overall operational costs. It is imperative that you understand the tools you need for your surgical procedures, so you can get custom trays with the right components.