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Equipment on a Surgical Tray


The Flexibility of Custom Trays

Any kind of medical operation, be it closing a minor wound or doing a major kidney transplant, needs a sterile environment. That is why theaters, surgeons and other practicing medical experts spend hours trying to sterilize equipment and the entire operating room.

Creating a sterile environment consumes time, and so does cleaning and disinfecting any equipment you use for in any procedure. The invention of custom surgical trays changes the playing ground, giving medical practitioners the opportunity to reach out to a sterile and ready to go pack of equipment on demand.

How do Custom Surgical Trays Work?

Custom surgical trays give you a complete set of equipment relevant to a specific procedure. The equipment on a surgical tray comes sterilized and ready for use hence you don’t have to spend extra time preparing your tools for the job.

Types of Custom Surgical Trays

Since the whole idea behind surgical trays is to provide versatile and ready to use equipment on demand, the market is awash with a wide variety of kits each of which addresses a specific need.

Single Use Surgical Trays

If you are a paramedic or someone who is ever out on the field, you’ll appreciate the convenience of custom trays you can use once and dispose them once you’re done. Single use surgical trays give you all the emergency equipment you need arranged in a neat easy to carry case that doubles up as the safe disposal unit once you are done. They make your procedures easier and reduce the time you spend handling responsible waste disposal.

Surgical Trays with Stands

If you are going to operate in an actual operating room, you will definitely have some even ground next to the operation table. Instead of having an orderly organizing and passing the equipment, a well-organized custom tray with stands might be all you need by your side. The surgical tray with stands is not only convenient but a perfect way to reduce the staff needed per operation procedure hence cutting down on staff redundancy and improving on the number of safe procedures your institution can handle in a day.

Coverable and Stackable Trays – Perfect for Storage

Most hospitals and health facilities like having a decent stack of equipment lying around to ensure smooth operation. Having an easily accessible stockpile of surgical equipment is not only good for your daily activities but also great at saving costs.

If you are walking down this path, you will have to order covered and stackable custom trays that are strong and durable. The structural strength comes in handy when protecting the surgical equipment from contamination. Their frames also form an inbuilt stacking mechanism that lets you store more equipment in a given location at a go.

Stackable custom trays will reduce the number of contaminated equipment and also cut down on the costs you incur maintaining a perfectly sterile environment for conventional operation equipment.

Custom surgical trays are making operation procedures in the theater or out in the field more convenient. They are doing away with the extra sterilization procedures conventional equipment requires and even doing away with confusion by creating a conventional equipment-on-tray organization that any surgeon, paramedic, doctor or any practicing expert can learn to expect when using a specific tray. This has led to safer and faster operations that are a good way to save lives while improving on clinical productivity.