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CPT Medical


Customer surgical trays offer your practice a number of cost-saving benefits. While surgical trays may seem simple, they are anything but. These custom trays are wonderful solutions for any medical practice. They’re delivered in bulk, they save your staff prep time, and they reduce waste.

No Hidden Costs

When you choose custom surgical trays, you practice avoids the hidden costs of on-site tray preparation. Since custom trays are prepared off-site, in a professional facility, your medical practice loses no time on-site, preparing their trays. While tray preparation typically requires hours of sterilization and arrangement, by purchasing custom trays, you won’t lose time or money. And, if you purchase your surgical trays in bulk, you’ll see additional discounts.

Bulk Ordering

When you choose to order in bulk, your custom surgical trays will be delivered according to what is needed as opposed to generic surgical trays. Generic trays are purchased and delivered through multiple orders. With generic trays, you will wind up with items you don’t need, creating waste. These generic trays also need additional time from staff, as they have to put the trays in correct order.

However, custom surgical trays are predetermined by your needs. This means you can choose just what you need. You can ask for unnecessary items to be removed or for specific items to be included. This will keep your costs lower.

Plus, you can choose to have your trays customized by size, which will help you avoid wasted space in the trays and will keep trays from taking up too much room in your practice.

Reduction in Labor Costs

Since your custom trays are immediately available for use whenever you need them, they come pre-sterilized. This means there is no prep time for your staff.

And, with custom surgical trays, items are ready to use based on your preferences. This means there will be no need to organize the trays after unpacking. The only task for your staff to do is unpack the trays, saving time in an emergency situation.

Reduction of Waste

Generic surgical trays still need to be sterilized when they are unpacked, since they are not delivered to your specific certifications. These extra items are not needed, and both time and money are wasted.

When you choose to order customer surgical trays, no sterilization is necessary.

When you choose to order custom surgical trays, you’ll reduce costs for your practice, and you may be able to reduce the costs of your services, too, passing those savings onto your patients.