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Here’s What Comes in a Procedure Packs

Low angle view of four surgeons bending over the patient during operation

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As doctors and surgeons know that having the right tools is critical, particularly when going into an operation. Many times, staff may sterilize equipment before surgery as this is needed. The surgical pack takes the hassle out of dealing with equipment that needs to be sterilized because it comes prepackaged like this. However, both doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals that perform surgeries are always curious to see what is included in the basic surgical pack in order for them to ensure they have all the correct tools for the procedure they will be providing. Today, we will look what’s inside the surgical pack. Let’s get started!

What’s included in the Procedural Packs

Procedural Packs generally contain the medical equipment that is needed for one procedure and then can be disposed of. There are a variety of procedural packs available for a variety of uses based on the type of surgery procedure you will need it for.

The general procedure packs can cover a wide range of surgeries from rhinoplasty and face lists, to tracheotomy and varicose vein removal. The general procedure pack includes the following:

  • Absorbent Towels
  • Table Covers
  • #10 & #15 Blades
  • Bulb Syringes
  • Cautery Pencil Holster
  • Drape Flats
  • Drape Lapotromy
  • Drape Utility with Tape
  • Electric Needle
  • Gauze
  • Gowns
  • Lap Sponge
  • Mayo Stand Cover
  • Medicine Cups
  • Needle Counter
  • Magnets
  • Ring Basin
  • Skin Marker with Ruler
  • Specimen Cups
  • Sponge Bowl
  • Suction Tubing
  • Suture Bag
  • Syringe 10cc L/L & 20cc L/L
  • Yankauer Bulb tip, Non-Vented

Other Surgical Pack Options Available

When you go into surgery, you might need something a bit more specific than what’s in the general procedure packs. When you look at the surgical pack, they offer specifics such as the following options:

  • Labor and Delivery
  • Cystoscopy TUR
  • Nose and Throat
  • Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Extremity Podiatry
  • C-Section
  • Knee Arthroscopy
  • Vaginal Delivery
  • Otolaryngology

How Does the Surgical Pack Save Time & Reduce Costs?

Surgical procedures may be carried out in a number of different facilities and in all these scenarios, a sterile environment is needed. The concept of supply standardization is applied to a variety of organizations and as a result gives each location cost-reduction principle. Standardization saves time, which contributes to saving money as well.

Each one of the procedural packs is designed for the specific procedure you will be performing. Both doctors and nurses have been using these items for years to keep clinical accuracy at its peak. All packs are latex free to minimize patient and staff allergic reactions and are packaged sterile.


It’s not hard to see why so many doctors, surgeons and nurses use procedural packs when they are about to undergo a procedure. Not only does the surgical pack provided a safer procedure, it saves time, and money as well. Typically if you can’t find the right procedural kit you’re looking for, companies can customize a kit for you according to your request.