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How Are Custom Procedure Trays Assembled?

Customized medical procedure trays are being used in more and more medical facilities across the country. They are convenient and they provide a new level of efficiency to these facilities and its providers. Some professionals may wonder how these custom trays are assembled though. They contain sterile tools and the packages themselves are air tight and when stored correctly, they will remain sterile for the life span of the tray (which is clearly labeled on each package). This process seems involved and it is. The intricate assembly process is what allows you to rely on the safety of these customized trays when using them on your patients each day. Let’s take a look at some of the details of a custom tray and how they come to be:

Packaging Materials

The materials used to actually package these custom trays must be sterile and must be kept sterile throughout the process of packaging. Depending on what tray manufacturer you choose, there are different seal brands that are used for custom trays as well as pouched-tool systems. Typically, you as the purchaser have the ability to choose what kind of packaging you want and what type of seal will fulfill your needs. The various pieces that go into making these procedure trays are pre-verified as being sterile regardless of the size or the system. There are some products that provide a double barrier construction in order to double up on the safety of the sterile system.

Choosing The Selections

The process of ordering custom procedure trays is much more involved than just picking the medical and surgical tools that are going into the packs. You also have the option to choose the size of the package right down to the length and height. You can choose from a variety of labeling options and truly customize your products. What you place into the packs will depend on the tools you use for each procedure that you perform. There may be something that isn’t typically used but it is something you like to have on hand and that’s fine; that can be included as well.

The Process

Once a tray company receives your order then they will begin the process of assembly. This can sometimes be done by hand or equipment can be used in order to minimize the hands that are touching the items. Until the point of assembly, these items are kept separate in a sterile and safe environment. Once everything has been assembled it will go through a rigorous quality assurance system that will confirm the product is indeed safe and sterile. From there, the items are packed into boxes that will be able to withstand the travel it takes to get to your location and when it arrives, you will be able to unpack and use the items immediately if needed at that time.

It is important to look into the company that you are going to be choosing for your custom trays. You want to make sure they are reputable and highly recommended by other medical companies in the country. You should inquire about where their supplies come from, why they use the products they use and what their process is for keeping things sterile and safe during the packaging process and on the way to your facility.