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How are custom trays utilized in healthcare marketing?

Healthcare marketing is a large field of work that encompasses many different facilities and markets. Including locations such as hospitals, medical offices, surgical suites, dental offices and therapy facilities, marketing certain products and services can help a location find great success. Custom trays are just one of the focuses utilized in healthcare marketing as a way to set a facility or professional apart from the rest. The custom tray options include small packs that are safe and sterilized; including everything needed for both minor and more involved procedures. Convenient and highly useful, custom trays in the healthcare field are becoming a much preferred item to have on hand.


Numerous surgical tray companies are alive and well in the medical market and they provide facilities and medical professionals with the option of customizing various trays. These trays can be used from a marketing perspective as customized trays help save time. Everything a doctor needs is right in front of them, and they can focus on helping their patients rather than stressing about where a certain tool is that they need. Customization includes:
-A compact package that layers tools by need.
-Custom labeling making for a much easier process.
-If there is a tool that a medical professional likes to use that isn’t a traditional item for a certain procedure, it can be included anyway.
-Different providers can have their own custom tray options created; tailoring each procedure to the professional.

Surgical Custom Trays

Not just convenient but also cost effective and sterilized, surgical trays can be utilized by specialty facilities as well as more general, or urgent care locations. Marketing the fact that these custom trays on hand shows potential clientele that this facility is ready for any and all medical needs. Including but not limited to:
-Cardiovascular trays
-Emergency C-section trays
-ENT trays
-Basic first aid trays
-Cysto packs
-Wound cleaning packs
-Biopsy procedure trays
-Basin set
-Open heart surgical pack

Custom medical trays are useful in so many different aspects of a medical facility. Finding a great custom tray provider will ensure not only an affordable option but also great customer service that will allow facilities to acquire exactly what they need. Also, reordering and selection products becomes easier overall. This is just a small portion of marketing a healthcare facility or provider properly. However, custom procedure trays make a big difference and will help with an overall level of success.