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How Can Custom Trays Protect Health Workers and Patients?

Custom procedure trays are designed to offer sterile medical packages that are assembled according to a user’s needs. The package should contain all products required for each procedure which will later be disposed of safely. The procedure trays can be tailor made for each specialism or designated for an entire range of surgical procedures. The advantages of such a concept can be clearly seen, however, this method of providing medical tools not only plays a functional role but also a safety role, both to the patient and to the clinical staff. This makes adopting the custom procedure trays a necessity for any health institution that cares for the safety of all those involved in both major and minor medical operations. Below are some of the ways in which patients and medical staff’s safety is protected by this tools.

Saves time and lives

The time taken to prepare a regular procedure tray can be up to 60% more than that taken to prepare the custom procedure trays. Considering that a hospital may require doing multiple medical operations a day, this results in a cumulative wastage of time when regular procedure trays are used. When lives are hanging in the balance, every second counts. When the time used to operate a patient is reduced, it means that the hospital has a bigger capacity to handle even more patients, therefore saving more lives. Health workers are also beneficiaries since their time can be used more productively. We Know health workers can be overworked at times, it is, therefore, crucial that custom procedure trays can reduce the time they need to work on preparing for operations and this time can be used for rest.

Fit for any need

When a patient commissions custom procedure trays for surgery, they can be made and shipped out in bulk, having included any idiosyncrasies the surgeon may have asked for. Once the medical facility has the trays, the patient can have the operation at any given time or for any number of times without the inconvenience of spending a lot of time and money with the on-site preparation. Sterilization can now be relegated as a secondary procedure rather than a primary procedure and as a result reducing the chances of the patient getting infections due to inadequate sterilization of the procedure equipment. Custom procedure trays can be available on standby for any sort of emergency.

Quality control

Custom procedure trays are notorious for matching the order that developed them. This means that every time you go for a procedure, you can be at peace that your physician has all the right tools for the job. This reduces errors and increases the chances of a successful procedure.