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How Do Custom Surgery Trays Decrease Risk of Infections?

Being told by your doctor you need surgery brings forth all kinds of worries as it is. The last thing you need to have on your mind is worrying if their surgical trays with the medical tools and equipment necessary to operate on you cause an infection. After all, you are there with a team of medical doctors having the surgical procedure so you end up feeling better.

How can you make sure your surgeon is using a custom procedure tray?

One of the ways you can make sure the odds of you catching an infection from surgical trays is by making sure your doctors in the operating room will be using custom procedure trays. You do this by simply asking your doctor before the surgery even takes place.

How do custom procedure trays lead to decrease infections?

Custom procedure trays lead to decrease infections by providing only the instruments necessary within the kit to do the particular surgical procedure needed on a patient. This helps to minimize the amount of tools being handled and waste being created during the medical procedure, which also minimizes the risk of infection. Another reason the custom kits decrease the risk of infection is by the simple fact that they are made in Medline owned sterilization facilities. This ensure they do not come in contact with contaminates such as harmful bacteria, fungi and other harmful substances or organisms that could potentially cause infection. In addition, all kits leave Medline facilities in airtight packaging so not even air can contaminate the medical supplies. This ensures that the medical tools being used on you during surgery do not cause any kind of serious infection at all. With that said, medical professionals preparing the kits for use in the medical rooms do need to take precautions.

Why do medical professionals performing the surgery need to take precaution when preparing custom procedure trays for use during surgery?

Medical professionals performing surgery on a patient need to take precaution when preparing custom procedure trays for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being if any of the instruments inside the kit are exposed to the air too long after being opened, they can become contaminated. This means the kits should only be opened right as the surgery is about to happen. Another is, its important for the one in charge of opening the kit in the surgical room to make sure their medical team mates and themselves have washed and sterilized their hands and arms thoroughly before handling any of the tools within the kit. If the washing of the hands and arms do not happen, any bacteria and fungus that may be on a medical team mate can contaminate the tools, which puts a patient at risk for infection. These reasons alone are not the only reasons custom procedure trays needed to be handled with care. Doctors and nurses that are sick should never touch custom procedure trays or patients. doing so could lead to serous infection of a patient. In fact, medical members that do become sick should stay at home to get well and prevent the spread of their infection.

What are some end thoughts to keep in mind for custom procedure trays?

If your surgeon or doctor isn’t using custom procedure trays on you during your operation it is wise to visit another surgeon or doctor for the surgical procedure. Once again, surgery alone is enough to go through, worrying about getting an infection from medical instruments should be weighing on your mind. All you should be focusing on is recovering.