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CPT Medical

How Do Custom Trays Increase Operational Efficiency?

A great deal of the surgical procedures waste precious time on equipment preparation. There’s acquisition, sterilization, arrangement and finally the actual handing over of the surgical trays during the operation. This translates to more employees, less operations per unit time and eventually a strain on both the operational costs and patient’s life.

The solution? A custom tray that unifies all your needs onto one single procedure tray. Also known as CPTs, these trays are not only wieldy but also a great improvement that has profound efficiency impacts on any surgical procedures.

Less Time Wasted Preparing the Custom Tray

By sticking to custom trays that bundle the work of tens into one, you not only cut down on the number of man hours needed to prepare and hand over the equipment but also reduce the cleaning up times. This will translate into more successful operations per unit time without any direct impact on quality. The increased throughput improves on profits and increases the number of lifesaving operations your theater can handle in a day.

Less Room for Error

Reducing the number of trays exchanged during a procedure, you are cutting down on those crucial minutes spent swapping the wrong tray for the right one. Even though the most effective coordination in the theater might weed such confusion out, there’s still the chance of messing things up and disrupting the overall flow and efficiency of the procedure as opposed to what you get with a custom tray.

Prepackaged and Pre-Sterilized

If you are dealing with single use pre-sterilized custom tray, you actually won’t spend any time or amenities sterilizing equipment for the next use. In most cases, prepackaged custom tray vendors will also have a disposal plan somewhere in the contract meaning that your facility can focus on doing more efficient operations as the third party handles all the low level but important cleanups.

The custom tray, in this case, increases the operation room’s credibility while letting you market yourself as a safe and ecofriendly facility. This is ultimately good for your business.

Less Component Stocks

The traditional approach to stocking a theater focused on hoarding surgical supplies and repurposing them for each procedure on the rooster. With a custom tray plan, you can stock what you need for a week plus a few general use kits for emergencies.

Moreover, with most suppliers available on short call, you can always replenish your stock in minutes. The result is less cash held up in inventory hence cutting you the slack you need to make strategic investments on the overall customer experience and facility capabilities.

Reduced Costs on Waste Disposal

Normally, you would have to pay a waste disposal agency to handle your custom tray surgical waste or build a state of the art incinerator and get a landfill to get rid of the surgical waste. This introduces overhead costs that clamp down on operational costs hence forcing you to either push the medical bills up or reduce the number of procedures you can handle in week.

Custom trays are compact meaning you won’t use extra clinical waste bags. This means that you will have less overall waste count leading to cheaper disposal if you are hiring a third party to handle it.

By increasing efficiency, a custom tray will save time and money. The saved time can translate to more surgical procedures per unit time hence making more money. The profits can either go to improving the facility or alleviating the medical bills hence giving back to the society in a way.