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CPT Medical


Medical offices, dental offices, outpatient therapy facilities and urgent care offices all utilize a variety of tools to complete some very simple procedures as well as more intricate and involved procedures. This can be as simple as a needle used to stitch up a wound or it can be more involved like sutures and stents used to repair a torn artery in the brain. Custom surgical trays are products that can be used in a number of these situations to help streamline the procedure being done. Packed with sterilized tools of a professional’s choosing, custom surgical trays are convenient and highly functional in the healthcare field. Not to mention that they are becoming more and more preferred by medical professionals all across the country.


Custom Items

There are a number of different companies available that will create customized medical trays that include specifically selected items. Everything is sterilized and ready to go once the procedure is underway and for the team of nurses and assistants that are setting up the room, they can easily grab a certain doctor’s tray and move quickly from there. Sometimes you are dealing with a procedure that is planned out and other times things must occur quickly because of an emergency situation. These customized trays are compact with packaged tools that are clearly labeled. In addition to commonly used items, doctors can include other tools that they specifically use while completing their job. Different doctors can have different custom trays that include everything they feel they need.

Different Procedures

Some of the various procedures that can utilize custom trays include:

-Wound cleaning

-Wound stitching

-ENT examination


-Basic first aid

-Basin sets

-Cysto packs

-Open heart surgery


-Cardiac ablation

-Bone repair

-Biopsy procedure

The Ordering Process

The initial setup for ordering custom surgical trays may take a few extra minutes but this is only in order to set the order up properly and ensure that all of the proper tools are being included in the packs before they are shipped out. In the future, the ordering process is very simple and another order can be placed when necessary. Different doctors may go through their custom trays quicker than others and that is fine; trays can be ordered separately and whenever need be.


Custom trays are a convenient and cost effective tool to keep on hand in a number of different medical environments. It is important to keep in mind that yes, tools are needs for things like surgery, but there are also everyday occurrences when specific tools need to be used and they must be clean and sterilized for every instance. Finding a custom surgical tray provider that has everything your facility needs is important as is a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service staff. These custom trays may be but one, small aspect of your medical facility but in the long run, the increased efficiency and ease of job that you will find occurs with these custom trays makes all the difference.