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CPT Medical

How Does CPT Generate Shorter Patient Turnaround Time?


Every medical facility, doctor’s office, dental office, clinic, nursing homes, rehabilitation facility, home health agency, and probably more will at one time need to use a unique custom procedure tray, depending upon the medical procedure scheduled. Doctors of every dimension and nurses across the globe make use of customized procedure trays.

Autoclaving in Medical Facilities

The way in which custom procedure trays once were packaged is a thing of the past. Custom procedure trays remain in high demand. Neither the doctor nor the nurse has an ability to perform specific procedures without the use of a custom procedure tray.

The creation of digital technologies drastically changed the way in which the processing of custom procedure trays for the medical arena is done.

There always will be medical procedures performed by skilled medical professionals, so the demand for highly correct custom procedure trays remains a vital element of the medical industry. No longer must institutions rely on the hiring and training of specialized staff for autoclaving purposes.

Higher Technology Affects Custom Procedure Trays

The request for custom procedure trays continues an ever-increasing high-tech world promises medical establishments the following.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased waste of doctor’s and staff time
  • Eliminates staff frustrations
  • Reduces waste of money
  • Improves quality of care for you, the patient
  • Offers shorter patient turnaround

Medical procedures are done in every realm of medicine. There is a demand for the use of continued supplies of custom procedure trays in medical facilities across America.

Custom packaging companies have long been on the rise due to the need and demand that medical services far and wide have for accuracy in creating these sterilized and non sterile custom procedure trays.

CPT Offers Significant Benefits to the Patient 

Since medical facilities now farm out the autoclaving process to custom packaging companies, these institutions are reaping overwhelming advantages for the staff, the service, and you the patient.

The rate of errors made by facility generated custom procedure tray dramatically decreased when custom packaging companies offered these services. Profession staff, doctors, and nurses find this a time-saving element.

Medical facilities find an enormous cost-saving factor because more money was needed to package custom procedure trays on site.

Since custom packaging companies came into existence medical professionals, find fewer errors in the packaging of medical tools and supplies needed for assigned procedures. The doctor and nurse conclude that it is rare to find a missing medical device or accessory.

When staff needed to leave a procedure location to find a missing element of the custom procedure tray, this slowed down the doctor or nurses’ work, and turnaround for you the patient.

Custom procedure trays assembled and autoclaved for medical facilities by custom packaging companies allow less time for the professional carrying out the procedure. The reason for this is as follows,

  • Wasted time spent sending a staff member from the procedure site to hunt for and locate a missing instrument or medical supply not contained in the custom procedure tray may negatively affect your procedure outcome.
  • You do not have to wait longer for a procedure than expected
  • The doctor or nurse has all they need on one tray to do the procedure without interruption, which in turn shortens the turnaround time for you the patient with pre-packaged custom procedure trays.

In Conclusion

Custom procedure trays help cut time spent in the emergency room, doctor’s office, clinic, at the patient bedside, operating room, and more.

Nurse Managers can schedule more critical patient procedures in one day than ever before because procedures are done in a faster time, which increases the turnaround time for scheduled patient procedures.