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How Does CPT Generate Significant Savings in Time?

Custom procedure trays have been around for quite some time already. As time goes by, they continue to become more and more popular for hospitals and dental clinics. This is because of the many advantages they offer, and the most significant of which is that custom procedure trays are time saving. In every hospital setup, time is of the essence, so this benefit is what makes custom procedure trays the most preferred.

You may be wondering how custom procedure trays can save significant time as there are many ways to do it but usually with the help of technology. Custom procedure trays may not be the kind of technology that can be comparable with electronic devices or equipment with high-tech features. However, custom procedure trays are not just ordinary trays. Let’s find out how they can help you save time.

Surgical Preparation

The busiest areas in hospitals are the emergency room and the operating room. They are the places where surgical operations are done. During an operation doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals must always have the needed surgical tools at hand, especially in some delicate and sensitive operations.

To save lives hospital workers must be quick enough to prepare the needed tools such as forceps and the like. The challenge is the preparation stage.

Normally, hospital workers open a pack of surgical trays. Along with the trays, hospital workers will also unpack the tools and rush to select the specific tools to put in a tray. This is because all such items are delivered in batch, so the workers will have to organize them at the time they need them badly. This is not something that can help them increase their speed in preparation.

On the other hand, custom procedure trays are delivered according to the preferences and needs of the hospitals or dental clinics that ordered them. If you are the one assigned to make such purchases, you will be allowed to customize your orders depending on your need.

Because of this, custom procedure trays are delivered to you based on your daily needs. During emergency or surgical operation, you won’t have to prepare the trays on the spot as custom procedure trays are prearranged upon your order based on your preferences.

Therefore, all you have to do is to open a pack of one tray and pick it up along with the surgical tools that are already bundled with it. This will save you much time as you are now able to skip the preparation process.

Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is simple. The trays do not require any special process of disinfection or sanitation, which usually takes time, especially when a particular tool is too sensitive.

Although these trays must be maintained carefully, simple sanitation process is enough to make the trays free from contaminants. What is important is you disinfect and sanitize them right after using them. Some trays are metals. Others are plastic or vinyl. Based on the materials they are made of, you easily determine which type of sanitation fits them.


Custom procedure trays are usually small, so they may not consume much space. Conventional ones require larger space, even if they are empty, so you will have to consume much time organizing them.


Custom procedure trays are designed to help you save time and money. Moreover, they offer convenience for hospital workers and safety for patients because you are able to reduce the time opening and preparing them, so there is less risk of prolonged exposure to air contaminants.