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How Does CPT Reflect Cost Reduction Strategy?

There’s no medical facility in the entire world that likes to spend more than necessary on expenses. Sometimes, however, operating costs can just hit the roof. What strategies can you adopt in order to reduce the cost of running your clinic or theatre suite?

You can start using custom procedure trays as one of the cost reduction strategies. Let’s look at how custom procedure trays lead to cost reduction.

Custom Procedure Trays save Time

The traditional surgical procedure tray normally takes a considerably long period of time to prepare. Don’t you think you could use that time to attend to critically ill patients, save more lives, and generate more revenue for your hospital?

Likewise, if you decide to employ someone to prepare the trays to save your time, you will still have to pay them. That means an additional expense for your business. If you invest in custom procedure trays, you’ll do away with time wastage in equipment preparation. You’ll also eliminate the extra costs of paying someone to prepare the trays. All these translate to reduced operating costs.

Bulk Order for Custom Procedure Trays Costs Less

When you order the right custom procedure trays with everything you need in it, you make significant savings on costs. Namely, the entire upfront order is less costly. This is unlike generic surgical trays, which may require you to make multiple orders because you got trays that didn’t have some of the things you needed.

With multiple orders, you will have to spend more on shipping and transport. Moreover, you will incur extra expenses on the unnecessary items in the generic trays you ordered in the first place. Conversely, with custom procedure trays, you can ask for the exclusion of unnecessary items. When you make an order, you get exactly what you need. This saves you from incurring more expenses than necessary.

Custom Procedure Trays Reduce Wastage

A custom procedure tray contains only what you need to use. This significantly lowers the chances of wastage. Generic procedure trays, on the other hand, normally contain unnecessary items that you don’t need. These unneeded items will end up being a waste in spite of the fact that you spent money on them.

Custom Procedure Trays Reduce Labor Cost

Unpacking the regular procedure trays in an emergency situation can be overwhelming. It is time-consuming as well. As a result, you may need to hire people who are only tasked with unpacking, sterilizing, and storing such stuff. This is an unnecessary labor cost.

With CPTs, items are ready to use based on your preferences. For that reason, you don’t need to sort out and organize the trays after unpacking. All you have to do is unpacking them. This won’t take ages during an emergency situation.

Custom Procedure Trays save Costs for the Patients

Custom procedure trays can promote efficiency in your hospital. This means that you’ll be able to attend to many patients, and they’ll get well quickly. As a result, they will spend less on medical costs. Namely, they will spend less on admission as well as medication as they’ve been discharged quickly, thanks to their accelerated recovery. With satisfied and happy clients, your hospital’s reputation will grow and more customers will come your way. Who doesn’t love efficient medical service?


There are several ways to reduce operating costs in a medical institution. Implementation of custom procedure trays is, without a doubt, one of the excellent strategies. In fact, many medical professionals have attested to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of CPTs as opposed to regular procedure trays.