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CPT Medical


A custom procedure tray (CPT) is a set of medical instruments and devices designed to provide medical personnel with all items necessary for surgical intervention. The items are usually disposable and packed together. They are presented in a single pack. The custom procedure trays combine procedure-specific surgical supplies in the order and amount they are often used.

Since the invention of custom procedure trays, hospitals and clinics have been able to reduce costs, increase the quality of care treatment and save emergency time. The innovation assures patients of the highest safety when it comes to their treatment.

One of the concerns in treatment is patients getting infections especially those who have undergone surgery. Different parties have been looking for ways to reduce the risk of infection, and one solution is through the use of custom procedure trays.

Custom procedure trays help reduce the risk of infection through the following ways.

  • It saves on time taken to prepare a procedure tray. Time is an important factor when it comes to treating patients. A minute spent preparing a procedure tray could be the difference between life and death for a patient. Patients can get treated fast to reduce the spreading of infections or patients getting new infections.
  • Custom procedure trays are made using disposable items that are thrown away once they are used. It ensures that surgical items are not mixed. The risk of getting infections through used items is eliminated.
  • The custom procedure trays come in sterile packs ensuring the patient does not get infected when undergoing treatment.
  • The sterile packs eliminate remote sterilization. Initially, medical tools were remotely sterilized, and this increased the risk of having some of the tools not properly cleaned. The tools in the onetime packs are all sterile, and clinics and hospitals can stop worrying about patients getting infections from unsterile items.
  • The time taken to perform a surgery has been reduced. Custom procedure trays make it possible for surgeons to perform their surgery faster which is important when it comes to operating on patients who need urgent care.
  • When nurses are caring for the patients, they need to have the tools needed close. The trays ensure nurses can always have access to all the items they need in and out of the theater.
  • Using the custom procedure trays will ensure there is no shortage of surgical tools in different theaters. Patients will be able to get the best care before, during, and after surgeries. Having all the necessary tools reduces the risk of getting infections due to lack of enough resources.

Hospitals and clinics are incorporating the use of custom procedure trays in their theaters since they know the benefits. They increase efficiency, and this leads to better patient care. The risk of developing post-surgery infections has greatly reduced since the introduction of these trays. Hospitals and clinics are advised to use them since they also reduce the amount of medical waste and are cost-effective. Mortality levels have greatly reduced since the innovation started being used and patient care is expected to improve.