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How does using a custom tray reduce operating room time?


In the medical world everything is changing. The procedures that were done in previous years with manual medical equipment was not up to the standards as of today. Imagine how stressful medical procedures would be, with chaotic, stuffy and disorganized operation rooms? Since the inception of custom trays in the operation rooms, healthcare providers have appreciated their great contribution to the healthcare industry. Not only have custom trays improved efficiency in the offering of medical services and enhancing professionalism among the clinicians, they have also reduced operating room time.

The contribution of custom trays in health care

  • Increase in the quality of care given to patients: By reducing the in-house staff hassle caused by assembling the surgical equipment, custom trays ensures that caregivers have the time to concentrate on one patient at at time and overall improves the services offered.
  • Minimal contamination: Custom surgery trays are meticulously packaged into one sterile package, reducing the rate at which tools get contaminated.
  • Minimal component stock: With the introduction of custom operation trays, there has been an improvement in the stocking approach in hospitals. With these trays, stocking is easy.
  • Quality control improvements: Custom operation trays have ensured that providers are able to provide quality custom trays that contain the required contents with minimal confusion.

How custom surgical trays reduce operating room time

Custom trays are every clinician’s favorite because they help in ensuring work is done more efficiently. Hospitals and medical facilities have come to appreciate the use of custom trays after noticing a great improvement in their medical service delivery. A great number of patients’ lives have been saved and the general medical environment has accepted a more professional and efficient atmosphere. How these trays have reduced room time is further outlined below:

  • Task-specific tools

Manufacturers have designed custom surgery trays to be task specific. By doing this, there is reduced wastage of time trying to assemble or look for the required tool for a particular procedure. For instance, those medical tools required for dental surgery have been customized and put into one tray different from those for muscle-related surgeries.

Custom trays have been designed to contain specific tools to suit all the medical atmosphere ranging from emergency surgery rooms, emergency ambulances, podiatrists, dentists and eye clinics.

  • Use of sterile procure packs

Each emergency requires a unique set of surgical tools and equipment which will be used to meet the situation at hand. The medical tools are easily sterilized to reduce the time taken to attend to patients. This is more efficient than the traditional sterilization procedure, autoclaving, which was hectic and costly. These custom operation trays come with a single sterile pack, which is what makes these so efficient. Medical professionals cannot afford to spend a lot of time hunting for required tools. In emergency surgeries, time is of the essence.

  • All types of emergencies are timely attended to

Most emergencies are life-threatening, and therefore time is the most essential factor. With custom trays, the clinicians are able to use the minimum time possible to attend to clients in the emergency rooms, and those who need care will receive it promptly.

With the combined efforts of medical professional and manufacturers, surgical trays have all the required tools to meet the surgical needs of both the clinicians and the patients.