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How Does the Surgical Pack Reduce Costs

Qualified experts in cost management for Operating Rooms agree that the most cost effective innovation within the medical arena that has also been most productive in increasing quality of treatments plus eliminating waste is the implementation of surgical custom trays. Waste reduction is achieved by reducing overstocking, a custom trays improvement that also saves in personnel duties. The consequent reduction of medical hazard waste helps minimize our carbon footprint while simultaneously increasing the treatment success for individual procedures and the more complicated surgical procedures.

Full Service and Procedure Enhancing

Custom trays or procedure packs are full-service custom trays that are delivered fully assembled and efficiently combine specific surgical supplies in the number and order they are most often required. This innovation ensures patients the highest safety and professional delivery, along with the hospital’s efficient disposal of OR medical waste and other logistics favoring options.

Operating Room Improvements

Improvements of custom trays in the OR include:

  • Efficiency

Supplies being well stocked and at hand with safety correct procedures reduce administrative costs, time and stress endured by professional personnel.

  • Pre-Op Requirements

It is vitally important for you and your Operating Room staff to have purpose-fit custom products in the pre-op theater that are always immediately available so your staff can quickly prepare for any surgery procedure safely and without error.

  • Timely Operating Room Schedules

Surgical procedures providing Operating Room procedure custom trays are able to begin and end as scheduled, due to having products supporting all aspects of safe efficient surgery immediately at hand. This is due to the entire sterile surgical work up being professionally provided on prepared customized surgical trays in utilizing hospitals, giving Operating Room professionals immediate access to tools your medical skills require for each Operating Room procedure that is undertaken.

  • Single Use Products

Sterile materials which are required for single use are packed in efficiency boosting single use individual custom trays. Compact custom trays save time and prevent unnecessary waste in performing those specific single use Operating Room procedures, and the custom trays are also quickly available for any repetitive procedures performed.

Summary of Custom Tray Cost Reduction

Your facility’s carbon footprint reduction and securing sustainable environmental practices without undermining any and all safety factors represents both a local and global importance. Custom surgical tray implementation always will drastically reduce the amount of packaging material and waste issues when compared to the use of individually packed and arranged instruments for your procedures. Packaging material weight due to the Operating Room’s implementation of custom trays alone is reduced by 58%, usually resulting in one less waste bag in the Operating Room’s larger medical procedures. That reduction of one waste bag results in a reduction of the hospital’s global carbon footprint as well as your facility’s operating costs.

The combined and assessed impact of custom trays’ utilization in reducing excess procurement stocking while effectively diminishing the carbon impact of medical waste can only be estimated, but the estimation suggests that the green earth improvement caused by this one professional innovation of custom trays in the Operating Room is of monumental global importance.