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How to Implement Custom Procedure Trays Into Your Practice

The use of a custom procedure tray can provide medical professionals with the option of using a number of sterile and safe items for optimal patient care. These pre-made packages can be created for all types of medical procedures such as stitching of a wound, cleaning a wound, performing emergency surgery, doing a C-section, implanting a loop recorder onto the heart or implanting a pacemaker among many other things. Better managing the inventory of a medical facility will improve not only the ability to perform one’s job but also to improve overall patient care being provided. The type of items that are optional can include so many different things such as simple surgical drapes, tubing for equipment, cannulas and more. All of these items are sterile and safe for patient care. If you are wondering how you can implement custom procedure trays into your practice, let’s take a more detailed look:

Increase Sterilization

Anyone who works in a medical environment knows how important it is to keep things sterile and safe no matter what the procedure or purpose is. All medical facilities must have a code of practice in place which details how they are going to prevent and control infections. This plan must be utilized each and every day on a consistent basis. When you utilize custom procedure trays this becomes part of your care plan since all of these items are sterile and unused items. They are then properly packaged in a sterile environment and then safely delivered to your facility.

Improve Your Efficiency

There are so many ways that you can use custom procedure trays to save time and focus on what is most important, which is the patients that walk in your door each day. Think about all of the time lost when you need to have nurses and medical assistants unwrapping surgical tools or sterilizing them. Just taking the time to find all of these individual items can be so time consuming. You can save as much as thirty percent of your time each day when you utilize custom procedure trays at your facility. Not only are you saving time but you are also taking mundane and frustrating tasks away from your staff so they can also focus on the patient more. You may even be able to schedule more patients or procedures in one day as there won’t be so much waiting involved.

Think About Your Budget

Every business is looking to save money no matter what field you are in and the healthcare field is no different. With one customized tray included everything that you need, you will save time and money. You don’t have to contact individual suppliers, you don’t have to invest as much time in reordering everything that you need and once you come up with the tray options that you are going to use, it is incredibly simple to reorder. You even safe money on waste. Each pack will only include what you need and you won’t be discarding unused items.

When it comes to the field of healthcare, it is important to think about the patients first. If you work in a trauma facility then you know firsthand how valuable your time is. If you work in a general practitioner’s office then you know how time consuming it can be and how much time is wasted when you need to find what you are looking for. Ultimately, you want to serve as many patients as possible per day and have the time needed to focus on each patient’s needs so they can walk away healthy and happy with the care that they received. Implementing custom procedure trays into your practice is just one of the ways you can improve patient care and make your location more efficient.