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How to Manage Custom Trays


Custom procedure trays provide an allowance for you to design your own tray to make sure it’s filled with surgical supplies and equipment you will require throughout your medical operations. Custom procedure trays are necessary since surgery methods may differ in particular scenarios. However, custom procedure trays are instruments that pose a danger not only to humans but also to the environment because they are not biodegradable. You must, therefore, be careful how you manage custom procedure trays s they can turn out to be detrimental to the patients, health facility staff and the hospital environment at large.

Custom procedure trays, like other hospital equipment, if not properly managed, can be highly infectious and hazardous for human health through their ability to spread diseases. Nevertheless, this infectious attribute of custom procedure trays can always be prevented through indulging carefully in hospital waste management. Here is a brief overview of how custom procedure trays can be effectively managed.

• Microwave treatment

Microwave treatment is one of the numerous medical waste disposal techniques that could result in achieving the best possible results in matters regarding proper management of custom trays. This method uses heat to decontaminate waste such as an old custom procedure tray before disposal. The waste management system can only work with custom procedure trays and other solid medical equipment since the moisture in the microwave works wonders in ensuring deep penetration. Therefore, most types of waste required to be managed in this manner, including custom trays, should be shredded and mixed with water so as to achieve the best results.

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