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How to reduce cost on custom surgical trays


How to Reduce Cost with Custom Surgical Trays

In the eyes of ordinary patients, surgical trays are simple pieces of metal that hold and carry some items needed for a specific medical preparation such as surgical operation. Little did they know that most surgical trays are delivered in bulk along with other medical equipment.

The problems with generic surgical trays can be summarized into one major problem, which is cost. This is why a lot of medical practitioners are shifting to custom surgical trays in order to reduce costs.

Bulk Orders for Custom Surgical Trays

Bulk orders for custom surgical trays are delivered according to what is only needed as opposed to generic surgical trays in which they are purchased and delivered through multiple orders. It’s like ordering boxes of coffee whereas you only need is just to a cup of coffee for your morning breakfast.

Meanwhile, custom surgical trays are predetermined by clients. This means that clients can ask for the removal of unnecessary items or for the reduction of the number of items to be included. They can also ask for specific sizes thereby avoiding larger trays that are not necessary to be large in their own clinical setup.

Reduction of Waste

Generic surgical trays have fixed and uniform packaging with required minimum orders. When they are unpacked, it’s necessary for the unused items to be sterilized for a while but not for long. Sooner or later, there may be contamination that will require them to be put into waste. In big hospitals, this could mean huge costs.

Generic packs may contain items that are unnecessary for a certain clinic or hospital. With custom surgical trays, there is an option whether to add only the items needed or to order in bulk but with variations in packaging.

Reduction in Labor Cost

Usually, unpacking generic trays in emergency situation is not only daunting. but it also takes time. Because of this, some clinics and hospitals hire people whose task is only to unpack, sterilize, and store such items. This is a labor cost that is not necessary.

With custom surgical trays, items are ready to use based on preferences made by clients. Because of this, there is no more need to segregate and organize the trays after unpacking. The only task to be done is to unpack them and that will not consume much time in emergency situation.

The Domino Effect of Cost Reduction through Custom Trays

Companies that offer custom surgical trays can maximize their sales instead of losing certain clients simply because they don’t want to purchase beyond their need. On the other hand, hospitals and clinics that are able to reduce costs may also be able to reduce the cost of their service, too, so that their patients can also save some money for their medical expenses.

Some hospitals and clinics are even more aggressive in raising the salaries of their clinical staff when they find opportunities to reduce operational costs. Apparently, any cost-saving measure can give them more benefits.

Generic surgical trays are not actually costly if they are too short for the need of clients such as big hospitals. However, not all clients can afford to order what is beyond their need, so they purchase only what is necessary. In a nutshell, there is no need for manufacturers or distributors to offer uniform packages since clients can even make bulk orders in varied items.

Product diversification such as customization is now a trend that must be followed. The health care industry is not an exemption. Therefore, custom surgical trays are now gaining momentum.