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How to Reduce Ordering and Administration Costs on Custom Procedure Packs

Surgical Packs Save Lives

A surgical pack that has been custom-designed for specific surgeries can save time and money. Advantages of the custom made surgical pack include administrative savings, increased response times in emergencies, and the establishment of greater staff utility through increased availability.

Buying In Bulk

Bulk orders are usually going to net you some type of discount. Consider that you may need enough packs to last for your clinic’s regular operations cycle. Then accordingly, you need a line of backups in the event operations become more expansive than initial projections. Reasons increased purchases become necessary can be linked to:

  • Pandemics
  • Medical Trends
  • Legal Necessity
  • Declining Societal Health

In times of economic decline, health tends to wane among the population as a whole. In order to save money, people will often to allow their varying conditions to snowball until they’ve got no recourse but to seek medical attention. In such cases, a professionally prepared surgical pack could very well be the difference between life and death. So you’ll need two groups of surgical packs as a base-line measure of operational security and community health. It makes sense to purchase a tertiary group of these packs as well, in the event some shortage makes itself evident. Generally, the larger your surgical pack order, the less you’re going to pay.

Establish A Regular Procedure Of Purchasing

If your practice is going to remain viable, it must continuously serve the community. The surgical pack is a core element of operations, and so should be purchased on a cyclical basis. Establish what your needs are in a month, then triple that number for unseen exigencies. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the three generations of surgical pack previously discussed. Then, when it comes time to replenish your supply, you’ve only got to replenish the primary “generation”–i.e., the packs that are commonly used in practice. You’ve already established several other tertiary pack families, so if demand gets high, your practice won’t be in the lurch. Once you know your numbers, define an automated purchase. Every month at scheduled a time, an automated order goes through the internet airwaves, reaching the group who sends out the packs. They send the next month’s supply, and you’ve always got options.

Ensure That Your Surgical Packs Are As Ordered

Another reason to order several iterations of surgical pack has to do with ensuring quality. 99.9999% of the time, you’re going to get exactly what you ordered. But human error and Murphy’s Law certainly play a part in the .0001% of the time you don’t. If you’ve always got backup packs, then should an order be shipped to the wrong clinic, no patients will be put at risk.

Fully Streamlining Operations

Between buying in bulk, establishing a regular purchasing procedure, and ensuring that the right surgical pack has been sent en masse to your establishment, you reduce expenses involved in the ordering and administration costs which concern custom procedure packs.