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How to Reduce the Preparation Time?

Reducing the preparation time is possible with the use of custom procedure trays. If you are a doctor or a nurse, you are probably familiar with the surgical tool’s you usually put in a tray every now and then. Your only problem is you want to skip that preparation and wish that everything you keep on preparing has already been prepared for you.

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what to bundle or include in them. You can order and include some forceps and the like depending on your need.

Moreover, you don’t have to order in bulk. You can order only what you need, thus we call them custom procedure trays. Ordering custom procedure trays is like preparing what you need in the operating room or emergency room ahead of time without compromising much time.

What About Maintaining Them?

Perhaps, you may wonder how you can clean and store custom procedure trays, and how much time it would take to do so. It would take much time as their size and shapes can also be customized and optimized for the process of disinfecting and sanitizing them. They can be stored together with the surgical tools, so they can be reused without preparing them again on the spot.