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How to Save Time with Customized Procedure Trays

When it comes to surgical procedures, there is normally a lot of time lost in equipment preparation, which include acquisition, sterilization, and arrangement of surgical trays. This time lost could translate to higher operational costs, and even loss of lives.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution for this, which is to unify all the issues in a single solution in the name of a customized procedure tray, otherwise known as CPT. In this article, we look at how you can save time using customized surgical trays:

How to Save Time with Customized Surgical Trays

Every medical practitioner requires solutions that assure sterility, minimize risk of error during medical procedures, and minimize waste, while saving as much time as possible, so that no life hangs in the balance. The ideal way to achieve this is through the implementation of customized procedure trays, surgical trays in this case.

The concept of custom surgical trays is to bring together all the instruments and supplies that you need to perform the procedure, in most cases without the assistance of an aide or a nurse. The components are normally packaged in order of use, to allow you to progress efficiently through the surgical procedure.

Custom surgical tray sets reduce the overall need for singular component packaging by bringing together all the prerequisite elements in one kit. You can store this kit in a single location, thereby lowering storage demands as a result of elimination of unnecessary packaging. Consequently, hunting and gathering of equipment and supplies from multiple locations are eliminated. This saves time and also lowers the chance of human error in the collection process.

Given the fact that custom surgical trays are pre-packaged and sterilized, your staff don’t need to assemble. This improves infection prevention, thanks to fewer touch points.

Other Benefits of Custom Procedure Trays

Besides saving time, there are other benefits that come from the implementation of custom surgical trays. They include:

  • Improved Efficiency

With increased efficiency, you can perform more procedures in a day, since the time for preparation is substantial. Moreover, the waiting time for patients can be significantly reduced, and their procedures performed earlier.

  • Reduced Cost of Procurement and Administration

Since one custom surgical tray contains all the equipment you need you’ll save the money that would otherwise be spent on contacting many suppliers, as you can get the surgical kit from one supplier.

  • Reduced Wastage

The use of custom surgical trays can reduce the number of clinical waste bags by about 50% since only the necessary instruments are provided.

  • Funds tied up in component stocks are released.

Before the introduction of custom procedure trays, a theatre used to store up a massive supply of surgical equipment. Today, with procedure trays being delivered just-in-time, you can utilize the storage space in your theatre for other purposes.

Customized surgical trays save time and money, and because of these two factors, they can also save lives. This translates to more time for a surgical procedure and more money for equipment and training. This in turn leads to successful operations, which build your reputation as a medical practitioner. However, you need to always use top-notch medical equipment, and hence you have to ensure that your customized procedure trays are from a supplier with a responsible repute.