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cpt_advantage_procedureImproving Efficiency with a Custom Surgical Tray

The operations room is among the most delicate places in any health care facilities. Lives can be saved or futures ruined depending on surgery room efficiency and cleanliness. Over time, surgeons, health care administrators and researchers have spent a fortune trying to figure out the best way to keep the theater sterile in an affordable way. The result of this hard work points to one innovation – the custom surgical tray.

A custom surgical tray is a sterile set of equipment that has virtually all the tools a health expert needs to perform a specific surgical procedure. The custom tray is built with the needs of the end user in mind, meaning that it will only have the tools needed for a specific procedure. The surgical tray also comes sterilized and sealed making it ready for use at any time.

There are many benefits that come with deploying custom surgical trays across a health facility.

No Time Wasted Preparing Trays

Regular operations room needs an orderly to keep track of all the surgical equipment and ensure that it is sterile before and after an operation. This means that management has to hire extra staff dedicated to keeping all equipment ready for an operation. Apart from just hiring extra manpower, the extra work translates into extra resources in terms of electricity or unrelated equipment needed to sterilize. A custom tray means that there’s no spending extra time or resources preparing the tools needed to handle an operation.

Reduced Room for Error

If you purchase the right custom trays, you will give your staff the right amenities for any procedure hence reducing the minutes wasted waiting for an assistant to pass the right tool. A surgeon or the physician doing the operation can learn a custom tray’s orientation, know the tools to expect and where to get them whenever he or she reaches out.

This consistency minimizes the room for error hence saving you costly malpractice law suits and upholding your facility’s good reputation.

Less Resource Wastage

Buying unpackaged surgical equipment is quite the gamble. It is hard to tell if you have enough or if you have overstocked. Custom surgical trays solve this problem by giving a good estimate of what kind and amount of equipment you need to handle a given procedure.

For instance, you will get the right equipment needed for a C-Section if you purchase the right custom tray as opposed to buying each bit of equipment independently and trying to come up with your own sterile contraption.

Couple this with the fact that it is easier to store the neatly packed custom trays and you find saving on both space and resources.

Streamlined Waste Disposal

Once you are done with the custom trays, you can always use their packaging to prepare them for disposal. Getting rid of hazardous medical waste can be expensive. Packaging it right to ensure that it won’t be a biohazard takes a lot of time and resources. Custom trays try to eliminate the hassle by giving you reusable packaging that doubles up as the disposal containers.

If you are lucky, you can sign a contract with your supplier and have them handle all the used tray disposal at subsidized costs.

Custom surgical trays are synonymous with efficiency and safety. They are a great way to cut down on the time and resources you use when preparing for any given operation or cleaning up after a procedure. They will help you improve your throughput without watering down the quality of service rendered.