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Keeping Pack Cost Low for Custom Trays


Custom Procedure Trays Include Components for Wide Medical Services

Today’s custom procedure trays in the surgery and regular medical services are representing a revolution of time and cost savings by providing large, professional custom procedure trays and kits for all of the following procedures:

  • Endovenous,
  • Ophthalmic procedures,
  • Oral treatments and procedures,
  • Tissue reserve banks
  • Plastic procedures,
  • OB/GYN,
  • and many other medical needs, such as:
    • smaller kits for wound care/dressing change,
    • IV start,
    • suture removal,
    • catheter/irrigation procedure,
    • emergency and regular trach care,

Staff care is included more efficiently and therefore more cost effective in each procedure named above, and you are able to provide customers with a more extensive and proactive procedure of solutions for virtually every procedure performed within your facility.

How Cost is Cut With Custom Procedure Trays and Components

Your custom procedure trays have precisely manufactured components that are purchased and assembled into your unique tray requests, thereby keeping your pack costs lower. If you prefer other brand components you merely select the brands of your choice. There are many thousand components available to meet every one of your facility’s health care needs.

  • Sterilization
  • Custom procedure trays arrive fully sterilized in professional sterilization facilities operated by experienced sterilization professionals to ensure high quality.
  • Perioperative Specialists
  • Custom surgical trays supplying companies give you the time and resources to enable yo your staff to concentrate 100% on taking care of patients. Professional specialists assess and reveal innovative ways to reduce waste while upping efficiency and financial savings.
  • Utilization Reviews
  • Maximizing surgical pack performance should be the understood pack company priority, with every tray reviewed for the optimum utilization for your practice.This guarantees your medical facility greater efficiency, cost savings and satisfied patients.

Vascular Access Enabled

Your custom surgical packs for vascular intervention includes everything you need for fluid management in your heart catheterization lab. You will have manifold kits and enhanced custom procedure tray packs and the consults of vascular specialists working with you so that you can tailor unique procedural efficiency.

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