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CPT Medical


Keeping your Lab Organized and Sterile

Working in a medical lab or facility of some sort can be a very rewarding and fast paced career. Each day you encounter new people and different medical cases that you get to learn about and assist with. When it comes to the daily duties that you perform, there is likely a variety of tools and items that you use to accomplish certain things whether it be drawing blood from a patient or culturing a sample. Utilizing a variety of techniques and products to help keep your lab organized and sterile can help keep things moving and help you with getting work done in a timely manner without having to waste time on unnecessary duties like finding a specific tool in a room full of disorganized items. This not only makes your job more difficult but it also can affect the quality of care that you are providing to patients.

Custom Trays

One way that you can keep your lab organized and sterile is to utilize custom medical trays that contain new but disposable items of all sorts. These trays can include something that is as simple as a blood draw needle or something much more complex like the items needed to do a culture for a bacterial or viral illness. Having all of the items that you need for any given procedure, right at your fingertips can save you a lot of time and you may even be saving money in the long run by not purchasing pieces that you will never use but just get thrown away.

Specifically Tailored

Each medical professional in your facility has the ability to customize their own trays how they see fit. Certain doctors, nurses and technicians like to tweak their jobs every so slightly by using something that is specific to them. That’s fine, and customizing a tray means you can add whatever you want to the mix. Each item is sterile and ready to use whenever needed. Specifically labeled, these items are easily distinguishable.


This is important for any business but when it comes to a medical lab or facility, items are usually needed quickly. When you have custom trays that are labeled clearly, this provides a whole new level of organization. You can group trays according to who needs them, the type of procedure or test being done, etc. Hopefully, your work each day is straightforward and you know what to expect. But in the instance of an emergency, you will be ready to go and get the job done right.

Keeping your lab organized and sterile is beneficial for you as a medical professional and this also equates to better patient care. The ultimate goal of a medical facility is to provide a high level of care to patients and utilizing custom trays is just one way to do this. The initial ordering process is simple but future re-order are even simpler once you have established a set of custom trays that include what everyone at your facility needs for their job.