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CPT Medical

Key to Optimizing CPT


Custom procedure trays have now become widely used in hospitals and dental offices. This is due to the fact that they provide convenience to medical professionals, especially when used in emergency rooms and operating rooms. When dealing with several cases of surgical operations, it’s necessary to have a tray that can carry some special surgical tools with ease and convenience, so as not to compromise the safety of patients against contaminants.

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at to deliver unless you state your case clearly in order to avoid wrong orders or future complaints.

Sales staff may also suggest some customization options. Be sure to check if the options are optimum. Your budget may also be a factor, so it is best if you ask the sales staff to help you calculate the cost before completing your order.

Check Your Storage Areas

While waiting for the items to be delivered, you should check your storage areas, whether or not they are ready when the trays have arrived. Make sure the space is enough to accommodate the volume of your orders.

It is recommended that the trays are directly brought to the storage areas in order to avoid exposing the items to air contaminants. Furthermore, never forget to disinfect and sanitize the storage areas, so that the trays will immediately be placed in a clean and germ-free area.

Disinfect and Sanitize Your Custom Procedure Trays After Use

It is actually a general practice to disinfect and sanitize surgical trays and tools after use, so this practice must also be observed with these trays. After using them, disinfect them with running regular cleaning chemicals. Then, sanitize them with whatever sanitation method you are currently using.


The key to optimizing your custom procedure trays is to organize your process and make the trays fit that process instead of the other way around. When there are some changes in the way you work with surgical tools along the way, you can adjust your orders and customize the trays again based in your new routine. Therefore, only order what you need to avoid excess items in case of sudden changes.