FSS # V797P-4462B | Medassets Contract # MS02526 | Premier Contract # PP-OR-1380

CPT Medical


Why CPT Medical, Inc.?

We know the procedure tray business and the importance of providing the healthcare industry with quality cGMP products.

How are we different?

• We deliver your custom trays in the most efficient manner to reduce your delivery cost.

• We support the clinical staff in the efficiency of use with experienced clinical help with NO sales incentives.

• We will constantly strive to keep you informed of market changes, new product offerings, and regulation changes.

• We have NO proprietary, financial or business incentives with component manufacturers.

• We consistently furnish your approved components of choice.

• We will maintain a sufficient inventory to ensure no backorders.

• We respond to tray changes instantly to meet your needs.

• We help you control and protect your inventory to prevent outages, overstock and underused components in your packs, kits, and trays.

• We can provide sterile and non-sterile “clean” kits

• We perform our operations in a conditioned work area designed specifically for the production of custom trays.

• We are compliant with both FDA regulations and ISO 9002 quality system standards.

• We conform all sterilization activities to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AMI) and are performed in an ISO 9002 certified facility.